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NXT TAKEOVER: Brooklyn: III Results (8/19)

Posted By: Divyan Mehta on Aug 19, 2017

NXT TAKEOVER: Brooklyn: III Results (8/19)


By Divyan Mehta

Pre Show

We see a promo for the tag-team championship match between SAnitY and The Authors of Pain. Big E from the New Day joins the panel. He says it’s a beautiful thing to be here. Big E says that he would rather face AOP rather than SAnitY. Big E puts his feet up on the table. They go to a break and we see a promo of the main matches on the card. 

We are back from the break and we see Renee Young interview, Shinsuke Nakamura. Shinsuke says he loves the NXT vibe and says that he's ready for his match with Mahal tomorrow. Renee wishes him the best of luck in his match with Mahal tomorrow. Back at the panel, Neville has joined and says he's not thrilled to be in Brooklyn. Nevile says that Corey can expect domination from him at SummerSlam. Neville says that it's hard to look back on NXT without resentment. Sam says that Neville was an NXT heavyweight champion to which Neville said he's proud of what he's achieved in NXT. Corey asks for Neville's insight into the match between Aleister Black and Hideo Itami. 

Neville says that black is a proficient striker and Corey asks Neville's opinion on Gargano and Andrade's match. Neville said that Gargano needs to bounce back and that he shouldn't trust anyone. 

We see a shot of the crowd as Charly hypes the event. We see a promo for the women's title match between Asuka and Ember Moon. 

We are back to the panel and they are joined by Carmella, Sasha Banks, and Lita. They say that it feels great to be back and Lita talks about the pressure that was going through their minds at the first NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn two years ago. They talk about the match between Ember Moon and Asuka for the Women's title to which Lita says ending Asuka's winning streak will put Ember on the map. Sasha says Asuka is a beast but they both predict Ember Moon for the win. 

Lita talks about the Mae Young tournament and Lita says that the tournament is not to be missed. They promote the bracketology for the Mae Young Classic as Sasha and Carmella leave. We go to Renee Young who has Bayley and Becky Lynch and they say that it's amazing how the brand has grown. Becky said that Asuka has been dominant and Bayley predicts Asuka will retain her title as we go to break. We see Baron Corbin on the panel and Graves asks him about the first takeover. Corbin said that the first takeover was awesome. He said that his war with Joe was a physical battle. Corbin said that he owes Cena a beating at SummerSlam tomorrow and then talks about thw main event between Roode and Drew. Baron picks Roode to emerge victorious and that Bobby will live and die by his sword. He says that Bobby does things his way while Charly directs people to the WWE Network as the show begins. 
NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III event 
We see a rock band playing as the event begins in addition to promos of the matches on the video screen. Mauro Ranalllo introduces us to the show as the first match begins. 
Jonny Gargano vs Andrade Almas
Almas makes his way to the ring as Gargano awaits. Almas has a headlock on Gargano who takes control by taking down Almas. Gargano has a face lock on Almas before Andrade counters. Gargano nails Almas with chops to the chest. Almas quickly takes control by planting Gargano with a knee strike, followed by an attempted pin. Almas has targeted the arm of Gargano and continues to wear him down by applying the pressure to the arm. Gargano needs to reverse the pressure and hits a drop toe hold on Almas.
Both men hit clotheslines and are down in the center of the ring. Garganp gains the advantage with a roundhouse kick. He hits a spear but gets a two count. Gargano dives through the ropes and takes Almas out. Back in the ring, Gargano hits a DDT but got a two count, following a cover. Almas hits a thunderous DDT but couldn't get the three count but Almas has control at this point in the match. Almas goes for a suplex but Gargano blocks it. Almas hits an elbow and a series of high impact moves follow from both men. Almas uses his strength to hit a buckle bomb and a running knee in the corner but doesn't get the three count following a cover. Almas goes back to the arm of Gargano but is struck with two kicks to the face. Gargano drives Almas into the turnbuckle. After a distraction, Almas hits a DDT and emerges victorious over Gargano. 
Winner: Andrade Almas 
We see a shot of the skybox where Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle are sitting. We see a shot of Drew McIntyre as he prepares for his match. We then see a promo for the tag title match between SAnitY.
The Authors of Pain vs SAnitY for the tag team championship
Corey Graves is introduced as the special guest commentator for this match. He joins the announce team for this match. SAnitY have dominated NXT since they appeared and tonight, they look to become tag team champions as they face a seemingly unstoppable team in AOP. AOP make their way to the ring and the match begins with the two teams brawling. AOP have something to prove in this match as Eric Young grabs a table. The bell has not rang to start the match. Akam and Alexander Wolfe are the legal men.
AOP are in control at the start of the match but Akam runs into the ring post. Eric Young comes in and goes on the attack of Akam. However, he's quickly sent into the crowd. Eric Young and Akam are brawling in the crowd. Young and Akam are back in the ring as AOP slam Young on the mat and gets a two count. 
AOP hit a double team move and gets a two count on Young following a cover. They continue to wear Eric down as Rezar is now legal. He has a submission hold on Young, who escapes. Rezar is using his power to neutralize Young, which is proving effective. Rezar uis choking Young before he slams him back first on the canvas. Rezar went for an elbow drop but didn't hit Young. Eric needs to tag in Wolfe and he does so. Wolfe kicks Rezar in the face with a boot and hits a suplex on Rezar. AOP hit a double team move but Wolfe refuses to stay down. Wolfe counters and sends Akam to the outside. He makes a tag to Young and he is now on the turnbuckles. Rezar stops his momentum. Wolfe dives out the ring and takes out AOP. After a huge double team move, SAnitY become the tag team champions. 
Winner: SAnitY
Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Riley have arrived and are taking out SAnitY and AOP. These two men have made a huge statement on the grand stage of TakeOver: Brooklyn. 
We see a shot of Neville sitting in the crowd in addition to Nakamura and Kalisto. We then see a shot of Bobby Roode as he prepares for his match with Drew. Coming up next, Hideo Itami faces Aleister Black. Jim Ross joins the announce table. 
Aleister Black vs Hideo Itami
Hideo Itami is a changed man ever since he came up short in his NXT title match against Bobby Roode at TakeOver: Chicago. Aleister Black is a man that has been undefeated in NXT and is more dangerous than ever before. The match is underway as both men go for lethal kicks on each other. Black kicks Itami in the chest and then sits in the ring. Black hits a knee to Itami's head, which results in a two count. Itami has control and hangs Black up on the ropes and knees him in the back of the head. Now we are seeing a vicious side of Itami. Hideo has a submission hold on Black and wears him down. Itami kicks Aleister in the spine and goes back to the submission hold. Itami shows some arrogance as he taunts Black and connects with a DDT, followed by a two count. 
Itami continues to wear Black down. Aleister needs to regain control and sweeps Itami's legs and dives on Itami. That was followed by a two count as Itami refused to stay down. Itami hits a fisherman suplex and gets a two count following a cover. Black kicks Itami in the side of the head with a round house shot. Itami is on the turnbuckle and hits a unique move off the turnbuckle on Black. After a high impact move, Black refuses to stay down following a cover by Itami. Itami knees black in the gut and it appears that Black's nose may be broken. Black hits the Black Mass out of nowhere for the victory.
Winner: Aleister Black 
We see a shot of Bayley, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. We then see shots of Asuka and Ember Moon as they prepare for their match. 
Asuka vs Ember Moon for the Women's Championship 
It was Asuka who took Moon out of NXT Chicago and tonight Ember wants revenge. She has the opportunity to end perhaps the greatest championship reign in NXT history and leave Brooklyn as the champion. As Asuka makes her way to the ring, the question is who can stop the Empress of Tomorrow? The match is underway and Moon kicks Asuka in the face. Moon has control and hits a suplex and Asuka comes back with a kick but Moon returns the favour. Moon hits a cannon ball to Asuka on the outside of the ring. 
Asuka drives Ember into the steps and goes on the attack of Moon. The only way that Moon can become champion is by beating Asuka in the ring. Moon is hurt after suffering a suplex on the ramp. Back in the ring, Asuka is twisting and punishing the arm of Ember Moon. The damage of the arm will make it easier for Asuka to apply the Asuka lock later on. Asuka takes down Ember Moon on the canvas. She continues to punish the arms of Moon. Asuka has stayed on the arm of Moon most of the match but Moon slams Asuka on the mat to create separation. Ember hits a kick to the side of the head of Asuka but gets a two count. Asuka hits a german suplex and sends Ember Moon to land on the back of head. Asuka is trying to wear down Moon and end the match but Moon creates separation again. Moon hits a clothesline with her good arm, which takes down Asuka. She hits a hip attack on Moon, which results in a two count. Moon hits a suplex from the turnbuckle, which gets a two count. 
Ember knees Asuka and takes her down. Asuka comes back with kicks to the face of Moon. She slams Asuka down for another two count. Moon went to the turnbuckles but Asuka stopped her. Moon takes Asuka down from the turnbuckles and gets a two count. Moon hits The Eclipse but some how Asuka survives. I don't believe anyone has kicked out of The Eclipse but we just saw it. Asuka has Moon in the Asuka lock and Moon taps out. Asuka retains the title in an incredible match. 
Winner: Asuka
Ember Moon is getting a well deserved standing ovation. 
We see Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe sitting in the crowd. 
Bobby Roode vs Drew Mcintyre for the NXT Championship
We see the NYPD pipes and drummers out on stage as Drew Mcintyre makes his way to the ring. Drew came to NXT in April with one gold in mind and that was to win the NXT Championship. Tonight, Drew has the opportunity to achieve that goal. The one man standing in his way is Bobby Roode. Roode looks to prolong the glorious era and he needs to defend what he believes is his NXT. The match is underway Mcintyre backs Roode into the corner. Roode comes back with a chop and a side headlock to Mcintyre. Drew comes back with a shoulder block taking Roode out of the ring. Roode goes back to the chops and sends Mcintyre into the corner. Bobby went for the glorious DDT but Mcintyre escapes. 
Drew gets his feet up into the chest of Roode and kicks him in the face. Mcintyre looks to be in control at this point in the match. Mcintyre drops Roode across the barricade and Roode comes back with a kick. Drew comes back with an elbow but he gets slammed on the apron, which is the hardest part of the ring. Roode hangs Mcintyre's neck up on the second rope, which gives Roode control of the match. Roode hits a blockbuster move on Drew on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Mcintyre is in big trouble as Roode has complete control of the match at this juncture. Bobby gets a two count and is stomping down on Drew's chest. Roode hits a dropkick off the turnbuckle on Mcintyre and now has a submission hold on Drew. 
Roode is driven into the turnbuckles by Mcintryre but comes back with a kick. Drew hits a belly to belly throw, which gives him some time. Mcintyre is building momentum and hits Roode with a clothesline. Roode hits Drew with an atomic drop but Mcintyre slams Roode on the mat for a two count. Bobby hangs Drew off the top rope and then he goes to the turnbuckle but is stopped by Mcintyre. Drew is hung upside down on the turnbuckles but he comes back and takes Roode off the turnbuckle.
Roode may be out but gets a two count off a quick cover. He connects with a back stabber on Drew but got another two count. Mcintyre hits a DDT but didn't get the three count as Bobby survives. Drew is power bombed on the mat but kicked out at a two count. Both men are exchanging shots as neither man will go down. Roode kicks Drew in the side of the head. Mcintyre comes back with a huge kick. Drew would have become champion but Roode got his foot on the rope. Drew takes out Roode with a dive on the outside of the ring. Drew has got to get Bobby in the ring, where the title can be won. Roode hits a spine buster on Mcintyre who gets a sudden two count. Roode hits the glorious DDT but he didn't get the three count. Roode hits a second glorious DDT for the second time. Mcintyre comes back with a huge kick and wins the championship.
Winner: Drew Mcintyre 
Following the match, Adam Cole Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish attacked Drew Mcintyre as he was celebrating his win. Adam Cole is officially in NXT. All three stood tall in the ring to close the show.
- End show - 
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