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Are the 'Woken Hardys' Ready to Debut?

Posted By: Mario Anderson on Aug 05, 2017

Are the 'Woken Hardys' Ready to Debut?

The multi-month saga of will or won't Matt and Jeff Hardy reprise their "Broken Hardys" personas in the WWE has generated lots of interest from wrestling fans, especially after the Hardys parted ways with Impact Wrestling, now Global Force Wrestling. GFW, allegedly even started sending out cease and desist letters trying to prevent Matt and Jeff from using the gimmick. Both sides have been fighting over the rights to the gimmick for months, but so far little to no progress has been made.

Earlier this week on Raw, Michael Cole noted that something had “awoken” in The Hardys.

In a Raw Fallout interview Matt Hardy commented that he felt “woken” and said, “there’s an awakening that’s happening inside my brother, and myself.”

Now Matt Hardy went to Twitter to tease that the “AWAKENING of ENLIGHTENMENT” has begun and he’s telling fans to "get woke."

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