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Austin Aries Provides Official Statement On His WWE Release

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Jul 14, 2017

Austin Aries Provides Official Statement On His WWE Release

Austin Aries has issued the following statement on his release from the company in the form of a Twitter note:

Aries had a 90-day non-compete agreement attached to his WWE contract, which ends on October 5, 2017, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Any indy dates he works between now and that date will have to be approved by WWE.

Can you bet on WWE?

For a long time people, have suggested that the WWE is a much more predictable

sport than other fight-based sports such as boxing or the UFC – with some observers

even calling into question whether there is any real element of chance to the

outcomes. However, despite this, WWE has remained enormously popular with

viewers, although even some of them are beginning to ask questions about whether

it has lost its edge.

This is a significant issue for the WWE because, in the past, it was largely non-fans

who accused it of lacking excitement and spontaneity. The fact that even those who

identify as wrestling fans are raising the issue means that the sport must take it

seriously. The major bone of contention appears to be the prestige pay-per- view – or

PPV for short – bouts that are such an eagerly anticipated feature of the WWE

calendar. Fans are complaining that many more PPV’s are available for much

smaller financial outlay thanks to the WWE Network – which allows them to watch

sizeable numbers of these bouts for under $10. They argue that making the matches

cheaper to view has also led to the WWE becoming lazier about quality, as the

smaller subscriptions and higher number of matches are seen as sufficient to attract

audiences. Furthermore, it is not just fans of the sport who are asking questions, as

one sports website took a look at the predictions of its writers for this year’s WWE

Royal Rumble, to see what percentage of correct predictions were made. The results

indicated that, out of the seven bouts that predictions were made for, all but one of

them scored above 50 percent in terms of correct predictions. Indeed, most were

mid-60s – which does tend to suggest that predictability may have become an issue

for the WWE. The overall percentage of correct predictions was 62.5 percent – with

30 accurate and 18 inaccurate. This is not an isolated example either, as the

percentage for 2016 was 61.1 percent, while it was 63.4 percent the year before. The

sheer number of websites that have emerged to predict WWE PPV feud outcomes

also tends to suggest that the task of doing so is no longer as hard as it was in the


Of course it is not quite as simple as all that, as there is compelling counter evidence

as well – not least the fact that betting companies are now cashing in on the

popularity of the WWE by offering PPV betting odds. This makes it possible to bet on

the WWE for the first time and it is very hard to see these firms risking losing large

sums by allowing people to bet on a sport where the results were completely

predictable. Although, if you still feel that it is too easy to guess the winners of these

PPV bouts to suit your gambling tastes, there are also WWE themed slots games which you can play from online casinos available in Canada that will offer a

completely random wrestling betting experience.

While it is certainly now possible to bet on the WWE, the question of whether it is too

predictable or not remains hard to answer definitively – you’ll just have to watch and

decide for yourself.

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