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Eric Bischoff Discusses The Narrative Regarding His Reputation

Posted By: Kenny Williams on Jun 12, 2017

Eric Bischoff Discusses The Narrative Regarding His Reputation

During a recent appearance on the "Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard" podcast, Eric Bischoff took the opportunity to discuss his reputation. Bischoff was also asked if he felt that WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon would have given away the results for WCW broadcasts on WWE programming if he had the chance to do so, to which Bischoff responded by saying the following:

"Of course he would."

Bischoff continued by stating the following:

"There is the bullsh*t narrative out there of the evil Eric Bischoff and big, bad, billionaire Ted Turner beat up on poor little Vince McMahon and his family business. There’s so much bullsh*t there. Ted Turner didn’t do anything, that was me. I didn’t sit down with Ted Turner and say, 'Hey, do you think we should give away his finishes?' Or, 'Hey Ted, should we bring in Lex Luger when we think he’s under contract?' None of that ever happened. All of that crap was on me. They won’t admit that Eric Bischoff got the upper hand. They’ll say Ted Turner got the upper hand because he engaged in all this underhanded stuff that was just beneath everybody. It was disgusting. Vince McMahon did the same damn thing. He raided territories and offered boatloads of money to guys who they wanted who were committed to smaller territories. He bought out markets and blackballed people. He did all the same stuff that I did, no, he did more than I did. It’s just the narrative. When Vince needed to be the underdog he needed his loyalist fan base. Remember, WWF is three generations old, Vince didn’t start the WWF, it wasn’t a start-up he acquired it from his father who acquired it through his father. Vince McMahon didn’t start it. WWF was not a start-up company and Vince was doing everything he could to protect it. That’s something I admire and respect, by the way, I am not diminishing it or being negative about it at all. That narrative was a false narrative. Vince McMahon did everything I’ve done and then some and would have done everything I did if he had been able to think of it first."

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