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WWE SmackDown Live Results (5/16)

WWE SmackDown Live Results (5/16)

WWE SmackDown Live Intro

Welcome to WWE SmackDown Live and we kick things off with The Face Of America, United States Champion Kevin Owens in the ring conducting his own version of Highlight Reel. 

Owens says he is taking over as host of The Highlight Reel because its original host will never ever be seen again as the announcers throw to footage of Kevin Owens regaining the United States Championship from Jericho

Owens says Jericho was obsessed with scarves, gifts and lists but the only list he is on now is the injured list because of him and that's just the start because that is what will happen to AJ Styles on Sunday

Owens then goes to introduce his first guest in french however AJ Styles interruptes and says he watched OWens steal Jericho's thunder for over a year but didn't think he'd stoop as low as to steal Jericho's show. Owens says he didn't steal anything. Everything Jericho does Owens can do better and asks what Styles is doing here because he would never invite Styles onto his show

Styles apologizes and says he didnt do well in french class so tells Owens in english that Sunday he's bringing the championship back to the good old US of A but says they don't need to wait for tonight

Jinder Mahal comes out and says Styles shouldn't be out here. Mahal is Owens' guest on the Highlight Reel. Mahal says what will happen at Backlash is exactly what happened last week as he throws to footage from last week's SmackDown and Mahal says everyone will bow down to the Maharajah's feet when he becomes WWE Champion. Styles tells Jinder he should focus on tonight or he may not make it to Sunday

Mahal then quotes Ghandi and says 'in order to find yourself, you need to lose yourself' and tonight Styles will lose. Owens agrees and says Styles will lose tonight just like he's going to lose to Owens on Sunday

Styles enters the ring as Owens flees to the outside. Styles tells Mahal to get in the ring and they can start the AJ Styles Highlight Reel right now



Side headlock by Styles. Irish whip and Mahal stuns Styles. Leap frog over Mahal and AJ connects with a dropkick. Mahal quickly regains control with a shot to the throat and throws Styles into the corner.

Mahal brings a series of kneedrops on Styles' head as the referee warns Jinder to get Styles out of the corner. The crowd with an 'AJ Styles' chant. Another kick to Styles as The Singh Brothers look on from ringside.

Suplex by Jinder is blocked by Styles who connects with a shot to the midsection. Styles from the apron connects with a forearm. Right hands and kicks to Mahal by Styles. AJ picks Jinder up and lands right hands. Styles has Jinder ont he ropes. The Singh Brothers with the distraction as Mahal connects with a knee to the jaw on our way out to break


Back from break and Jinder is in compleete control as he connects with a dropkick to Styles for a nearfall. Right hand to AJ and Mahal with a chinlock on Styles. Styles with a jawbreaker but runs into an elbow.

Stomp by Mahal onto Styles. Mahal with an irish whip hard into the steel turnbuckle. Mahal picks Styles and seats him on the top rope. Mahal has Styles on the top rope. Superplex attempt countered by Styles who ducks under Mahal. Styles runs into a boot.

Mahal off the top rope gets caught mid-air with a dropkick and both Styles and Mahal are down. Mahal misses with a right hand and it's Styles who takes over taking out Mahal's knee. Forearm to Mahal and a nearfall for Styles

Suplex countered by Mahal who drives his shoulders into the midsection. Styles picks Mahal up on his shoulders but Jinder counters with a boot to the jaw. Pele kick by Styles and the forearm in the corner. Oshigoroshi by Styles to Mahal.

Mahal to the outside to re-group and Styles with a baseball slide as he throws Mahal back into the ring. Phenomenal Forearm coming up but distraction on the opposite side from Sunil Singh and Owens drills Styles in the knee with his title. Mahal with the Coloss to Styles for the three count

The winner of the match: Jinder Mahal

Tonight: Randy Orton vs Baron Corbin

Tonight: Contract signing for six woman tag match on Sunday


Vignette: Lana coming soon

Fashion Files segment

Backstage: Randy Orton is walking and Renee asks Orton for his thoughts on Mahal. Orton says Jinder thinks people don't like him because of ignorance and intolerance but the truth is people don't like Jinder Mahal because he's an ass



Colons in control of the match witht he double team on Breeze. Breeze gets sent shoulder first into the ring post. Epico picks Breeze up and tags Primo

Nearfall on Breeze by PRimo and Primo going to work on the arm. Fandango in the corner wanting the tag as Breeze tries to create some separation but Primo throws him back to the mat.

Primo bounces Breeze's head off the turnbuckle. Irish whip across the ring and a clothesline connects. Second clothesline misses as Breeze reaches for the tag. Fandango in control as he unloads with clothesliness. Spinning back kick and Breeze is sent to the outside. Fandango with the Falcon Arrow for the three count as Breezango pick up the victory

The winners of the match: Breezango

Post Match: The Usos come out and cut a promo on this Sunday's Backlash



Shane McMahon comes out and says SmackDown Live is the premier brand and one of the reasons is the Women's Division and this Sunday there will be a six Woman Tag Match and introduces the first team that has been dubbed 'The Welcome Committee' followed by the team of Charlotte Flair, Naomi and Becky Lynch.

Natalya says it's so funny to see Charlotte, Naomi and Becky pretending to be BFF's and calls them pathetic. Becky had her chance to join the Welcoming Committee but blew that chance and this Sunday they will probe just who is The Best There Is, Was and Ever Will Be.

Becky says she was given the chance but there's no chance in hell she'd ever join Natalya and her goon squad. Naomi says instead of focusing on the past they should be focusing on Sunday Glow, Flair and Fire are going to snatch the Welcoming Committee bald.

Charlotte says the Welcoming Committee's had a problem with her since she got here and tells them this Sunday, to bring everything to the table. Because this Sunday they'll solve the Welcoming Committee's problem and after that's done the Queen is coming for her crown. James Ellsworth cuts his promo and the two teams then need to be kept apart but Shane says since they have pent up energy then tonight it'll be Naomi vs Carmella and that match is next



Naomi goes after Carmella but runs to the safety of the ropes. Naomi unloads on Carmella as she seeks the safey of the ropes. Takedown by Naomi and she unloads with right hands.

Carmella in the corner gets nailed with a forearm. Naomi bounces Carmella's head off the turnbuckle and dropkick. Naomi works over the arm Side headlock by Naomi and back to work on the arm.

Slam countered by Carmella who goes after the lleft leg. Carmella picks Naomi up who connects with a kick to the midsection. spinning kick misses as Carmella slides to the outside and the referee ejects James Ellsworth from ringside.


Back from break, Naomi with kicks to Carmella. Carmella fires back but Naomi keeps getting the best of her. Dropkick to Carmella. and Carmella back to the outside. Kick connects laying out Naomi and Carmella back in the ring as the referee administers the 10 count

Naomi back in and Carmella unloads on her. Naomi's head is bounced off Carmella's boot and a Bronco Buster. Chinlock on Naomi. Naomi gets back to her feet breaking the hold. Elbow to Carmella and a kick. Naomi with series of kicks to Carmella dropping her. Kick to the head from the apron and Naomi goes airborne but catches Tamina with the distraction

The referee ejects Tamina and Natalya and they go to walk up the ramp but a brawl breaks out and Carmella rolls Naomi up for the three count off the distraction

The winner of the match: Carmella


Vignette: New Day Coming To Smackdown

Backstage: Dolph Ziggler says he never understood the hype over Shinsuke Nakamura. He called him a nobody and a fraud last week. Dolph says he did his homework and research. He will show all of the remarkable things Nakamura has done here.

He shows a video that says 'Footage Not Found'. Dolph says he has done nothing in WWE while Dolph says he has done everything.

We see a video package for Dolph.

He says everyone is looking forward to Nakamura's match at Backlash. Dolph says he is looking forward to spitting in the faces of the hypocrites when he beats Nakamura.

Backstage: Sami Zayn says he has gotten his match against Baron Corbin at Backlash. Sami says he did not know why Corbin has targeted him. He says Corbin is afraid of him because Sami says he is a constant reminder that Corbin is not dominant. What happens when he faces someone that Corbin cannot keep down. That is a threat to his ego.

Corbin hits Zayn from behind and he tells Sami he should stay down. He tells Sami if he shows up on Sunday, Sami will be put down permanently.


They lock up and go to stalemate. They push each other and lock up. Orton with a side head lock and take down. Corbin with a side head lock and Orton escapes. They do it a few more times and they push each other. Orton goes for the RKO but Corbin pushes him away. Orton with a side head lock but Corbin with a palm thrust to the throat. Corbin with a shoulder tackle and Orton with a leap frog but Corbin with an elbow. Orton sends Corbin to the mat. Orton with the Garvin Stomp. Orton goes to the turnbuckles and he flies with a double sledge to the head.

Orton with European uppercuts and punches. Orton with an Irish whip but Corbin slides to the floor and hits a clothesline when he returns to the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Orton misses a knee drop. Corbin kicks Orton in the corner. Corbin chokes Orton in the ropes. Orton with a kick and head butt. Orton with punches but Corbin with a knee. Corbin with an Irish whip and Corbin kicks Orton in the corner. Corbin punches Orton. Corbin with a Cobra Clutch but Orton with punches and a head butt. Orton with an Irish whip and Corbin tries to slide back in and Orton avoids the clothesline. Corbin with a boot to the head for a near fall.

Corbin with a punch to the head and Orton goes down. Corbin yells at Orton and kicks him in the ribs. Orton with punches but Corbin with a forearm and punches. Corbin grabs Orton by the throat but Orton with an elbow. Corbin with a knee and then he charges into the corner but Orton moves and Corbin hits the ring post. Orton with two clotheslines and he ducks a clothesline by Corbin. Orton with a power slam but Corbin rolls to the apron. Orton sets for the IEDDT and hits it. Orton looks around and he twists to the mat to set up the RKO.

Orton goes for the RKO but Corbin pushes him away. Orton with an elbow. Corbin with Deep Six for a near fall. Corbin with a forearm and Corbin slides to the floor again and Orton hits an RKO as Corbin returns to the ring for the three count.

The winner of the match: Randy Orton

Post Match: Jinder Mahal comes out and he tells Randy to relish his victory and savor his time with the title. On Sunday, he destroys his pride, his body, and his future.

The Singhs attack Orton but Orton takes care of them and then Orton knocks Mahal off the apron. Orton sets for a double IEDDT on the Singhs, but Mahal hits Orton from behind.



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