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WWE Payback 2017 Results (4/30)

Posted By: Jacob Wilkins on Apr 30, 2017

WWE Payback 2017 Results (4/30)

Welcome to WWE Payback, coming to you live from the SAP Center in San Jose, CA. There's a great show in store tonight including the Kingslayer Seth Rollins taking Samoa Joe, the House of Horrors match between Bray Wyatt and the WWE Champion Randy Orton, and the long awaited showdown between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. Stay tuned here to keep up with the festivities and be sure to refresh every 5 minutes for all your live coverage needs!


The Boss Sasha Banks makes an appearance on the Kickoff Show panel and is asked about Alexa Bliss coming to Raw. She says she's beaten her before so she doesn't feel she is Women's Championship material. She says she has the hometown advantage and is not worried at all. Sam Roberts asks if she will have Bayleys back, and Sasha replies in a very annoyed matter that she won't cheat for her to win.

TAG TEAM MATCH: Enzo and Big Cass vs. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

Enzo ad Karl start off with Enzo taking down Karl fast with a beatdown. He then strikes him hard with a rib kick and corners him with shoulder block. Karl sneaks in a shot and quickly takes control. He tags in Gallows who rings Enzo's arm on the ropes before tagging in Karl who wrenches the same arm. Karl tries for a back suplex but Enzo flips over into a sunset flip. Karl tags in Gallows behind Enzo's back who delivers a big boot to Enzo as we go to break.

We return with Enzo in an armlock by Gallows. Enzo tries to fight out but is kicked to the ground. Gallows goes for a powerslam but gets countered into a tornado DDT. He almost makes the tag but is caught at the last second by Karl making the save with a tag. Enzo strikes Karl and  tries again but Gallows takes Cass off the apron this time. Enzo tries for a third time going through the legs finally making the tag to Cass who delivers his signature offense to the Club. He does three big splashes to Karl but is saved by Gallows at the end. Enzo makes the tag while they deal with Cass but quickly shift their focus to Enzo. They attempt the Magic Killer but Cass boots the team allowing Enzo to win with a rollup.


BACKSTAGE: The Hardy Boyz are shown talking to the Golden Truth who said they will issue a challenge to the winner of this match. Matt replies in his "Broken" persona how he finds them entertaining and accepts the challenge if they win.

Cesaro and Sheamus are in the social media lounge to answer questions on Twitter. They are asked about their strategy to which Cesaro cheekily replies "winning", and then asked about how they feel about the Hardy Boyz being more experienced to which the reply it doesn't matter, and that nostalgia will not help them tonight. They are then asked which one of them is the better athlete and the two bicker a bit but concede that both of them are the two best athletes on the roster. 

MIZ TV: Special Guest Finn Balor

Miz and Maryse make their way to the ring and the Miz gives a generous introduction to Finn Balor who makes his way to the ring as well. Balor doesn't take a seat and instead glares at Miz for a moment before finally taking a seat. Miz complains that his entrance was way too long but the crowd cheers loud for it. Miz asks what "this" is, to which Finn replies "The Balor Club". Miz asks if he can be in the Balor club sarcastically, to which the crowd gives a resounding no. The Miz  moves on and starts to praise Balor for his ability to be a star wherever he went. He then asks with how this year panned out does he feel like a failure, and Finn says he still became champion with all his injuries.

Miz responds by saying it was for a full day, and says the crowd relates because they are all failures as well. He says he was making Smackdown must see while he was nursing his injury, and asks what's next. Finn says he'll get his title back, to which Miz finds hilarious and reminds him that the current champion is Brock Lesnar. Finn says he's been facing bigger men his whole life and asks him if he wants to join the "Balor Kicked My Ass Club" before The Miz puts Maryse in the way. Finn says he'll be the bigger man because he isn't worth it, which makes the Miz attack instead. Finn quickly counters with a slingblade and drop kick in the corner, and leaves with his head held high.


U.S. CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH- Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens (c)

Owens rolls immediately out of the ring but Jericho gives chase with a beatdown before rolling him into the ring. Owens uses the brief opening to get a strike in on Jericho but is returned with a flurry of Jerichos own ending with a spinning elbow from the turnbuckle for a nearfall. Jericho corners Owens and lands some strikes before whipping him to the other corner. Owens reverses with his own but is caught by a bulldog. Jericho takes to the top again but Owens takes his feet out from under him and sends him to the outside. Owens throws him into the barricade and then delivers a cannonball for a near countout. As Jericho re-enters the ring Owens hits a senton and locks in a headlock.

Jericho fights out but is hit with a neckbreaker and put into another headlock. He fights out again with chops and a whip but is countered with a big clothesline. Owens chokes Jericho on the middle rope and delivers some more strikes. Jericho fights back briefly with strikes but gets caught with a big DDT for a nearfall. Owens puts in another tight headlock to which Jericho fights out of with strikes. Owens whips him to the corner and  charges but eats an elbow. Jericho whips Owens and charges but is dodged, causing him to fall to the outside for another near countout.

Jericho re-enters and the two exchange blows with Jericho getting the better of Owens with an axe handle from the top. He goes for the Walls of Jericho but Owens fights out. Owens get caught with an enziguri and chopped hard in the corner before getting whipped to the opposite corner and charged. Owens counters the charge with a massive superkick for a nearfall. Owens whips Jericho who nearly counters with a Codebreaker but pushes off. Jericho hits Owens to the ground and goes for a Lionsault but gets caught by knees. He escapes to the corner and takes a cannnonball.

Owens picks up Jericho for the pop up powerbomb and almost delivers but is countered with a hurricanrana into a Walls of Jericho. Owens fights to break the hold and manages to finally do so with a finger. Jericho takes out his frustration on Owens' hand with kicks and slamming it between the steel steps. Jericho goes to do more as they re-enter the ring but the ref stops him. Owens uses the distraction to attempt a pop up powerbomb but can't finish due to his hurt hand. Jericho then takes down Owens and locks in the Walls of Jericho for the submission win.


CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Austin Aries vs. Neville (c)

The two stare each other down before a hard tie up. Neville rams Aries to the corner but is reversed by Aries who releases. The two tie up again with Aries hitting a big arm drag after a whip. Neville kicks things up and  locks in a hard wristlock but is countered into a fireman's carry and a nearfall. Neville manages to get a few strikes in but Aries hits some more arm drags and a headstanding dropkick on the ground. Aries goes for Neville in the corner but the ref keeps him off. Aries lounges in the corner and Neville charges but eats a kick. He then does a flipping swanton onto Neville who escapes to the outside before taking a crossbody over the top. The two re-enter the ring and Neville uses the distance to hang Aries up on the ropes to gain control. He whips Aries hard into the corner grounding him and puts in a headlock.

Aries fights out but is whipped to the ground hard. Neville takes to the top and hits a dropkick for a nearfall. He keeps Aries on the ground with stomps all the while mocking the crowd. Aries uses this to take advantage by dumping Neville over the top rope to the outside. Neville climbs the apron and the two exchange strikes. Aries tries to suplex Neville but he reverses. Neville tries to keep the advantage but Aries hits with huge chops and an STO. He then hits a spinning elbow from the middle rope for a nearfall before going for a tie up. Aries whips Neville but he reverses, taking Neville to the outside and hitting him with a suicide dive for another nearfall.

Aries attempts the Last Chancery but Neville squirms out. Aries tries for the Discuss Five Arm but Neville counters with a kick. He then tries for a enziguri but Aries counters with a forearm. Aries goes to the turnbuckle to which Neville tries to counter but fights Neville off with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb into a Last  Chancery. He almost gets the win but Neville throws the ref onto Aries with one arm, triggering a DQ win for Aries.


TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Sheamus and Cesaro vs. The Hardy Boyz

Matt and Cesaro start things out with Matt cornering Cesaro before letting off. The two tie up with Cesaro putting in a roll up before returning the favor to Matt in the corner. The two tie up again with Matt getting a tag to Jeff who takes over the wristlock. He tags in Matt and Jeff hits the Poetry in Motion before Matt rolls up Cesaro for a nearfall. Cesaro sneaks in an uppercut before tagging in Sheamus. The two pick apart Matt with elbows and uppercuts.

Sheamus attempts the White Noise but Matt gets out to get the tag to Jeff. Jeff takes it to Sheamus and hits a groin leg drop before locking in a wrist lock. Sheamus uses all his strength to throw Jeff through the ropes, and tags in Cesaro who throws Jeff in and gut wrenches him for a nearfall. Sheamus and Cesaro trade tags and deliver hard offense to Jeff, with a boot from Sheamus seemingly making Jeff lose a tooth. Sheamus puts in a headlock and tags in Cesaro for another double team but Jeff fights out and hits a Whisper in the Wind to even the odds.

Jeff tries for the tag and makes it, allowing Matt to take it to the legal man, Cesaro. Matt hits head smashes in the corner and a bulldog for a nearfall, and then hits a Side Effect for another nearfall. Jeff and Seamus brawl on the outside while Matt Hardy tries for a moonsault but misses, allowing Cesaro to hit a springboard uppercut. He then does the Swing into a sharpshooter, but Jeff pushes the rope allowing Matt to break the hold. Sheamus shoves Jeff into the barricade and the tags himself in, picking up Matt and hitting a White Noise from the top. Jeff breaks up the pin to which Cesaro fights Jeff out of the ring. The two brawl as Sheamus and Matt  exchange offense. Jeff sneaks in a tag while Sheamus takes out Matt, and while he is pinning Matt Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb for the pinfall victory.


The two teams shake hands and Sheamus and Cesaro leave the ring so the Hardys and celebrate. As they raise the belts Sheamus and Cesaro attack the team from behind, taking out Jeff hard with a brogue kick to the back. They then turn their attention to Matt and deliver a Brogue to him as well before posing with the belts. They leave the ring with both Hardys in a heap.


The two tie up  with Alexa escaping to the corner. The two tie up again with Alexa escaping once more to the ropes. She does it again in the corner but uses the distraction to shove Bayley and  get some offense in. Bayley counters Alexa with a slam and keeps control. She delivers more offense and slams Alexa head first into the turnbuckle. Bayley tries to keep control with a charge but gets caught by a big forearm.

This allows Alexa to gain control, and she keeps her grounded with a headlock. Alexa then throws Bayley hard on the ropes when she escapes and regains control. She chokes Bayley on the ropes and then delivers a kick to the neck for a nearfall. She steps on the hair and wrenches the neck, and then pulls Bayley directly by the hair to wrack the body. Bayley fights back briefly but Alexa regains the advantage with strikes before throwing her to the outside. The two re-enter the ring and this gives Bayley an opening to take advantage with signature offense. She ends her combination with a back suplex for a nearfall, and then hits a spinning elbow from the top for a nearfall. She ties up Alexa but eats a turnbuckle.

Alexa takes to the top but Bayley catches her and tries for a Belly to Bayley from the top rope. Alexa counters into a sunset flip powerbomb for a nearfall. Alexa then keeps her grounded briefly with knees but Bayley fights out, hitting a big clothesline and a Macho Elbow for a nearfall. Bayley tries to corner Alexa but almost gets a sunset flip pin. Bayley counters into her own pin but with Alexa's kickout she eats the post. This dazes Bayley enough for Alexa to hit a DDT for the pinfall win.


HOUSE OF HORRORS MATCH: Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

Randy arrives in a limo to the house, where a tractor without a driver is seen driving itself. He looks in the window to see Bray making eye contact. He then enters to find Bray but is nowhere to be seen. Bray attacks him from behind and throws him into all kinds of furniture. Bray says welcome to Hell as he continues to beat on Randy. Orton hits him back once but Bray disappears before he can take advantage. Randy goes to find Bray down a hallway until he gets choked through the wall by a hand that appears to be Wyatts. Orton continues to make his way through and enters a room full of dolls hanging on strings. Bray uses the distraction to attack Orton from behind, and he runs orton into a cradle before disappearing again.

Orton is irate and begins to flip tables before entering the kitchen. Bray goes to hit him from behind again but Orton catches him this time. He runs him into the sink and and beats him down, leaving him in a heap. Orton stands over Bray who appears to be laughing, and as he goes to attack him further he's countered by Bray with strikes of his own. He leaves Randy on the ground and tips a fridge onto him before trying to escape. He screams in pain but makes his way out the door and down the steps. Orton is nowhere to be scene as Bray drops to a knee on the lawn. The lighting of the house turns to red as Bray enters the limo with a big smile on his face. He tells the driver to take him to the arena as he sings "He's Got the Whole World". 

SINGLES MATCH: Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe tries to go on the offense but Seth remains dodgy. The two finally tie up with Joe cornering Seth. He takes the leg but Rollins hits Joe hard with strikes. Joe returns the favor and hits strikes of his own before whipping Rollins, who counters with a kick causing Joe to drop to the outside. Joe grabs Rollins and pulls him to the outside and the two brawl. Seth gets the upperhand and throws him back in, but Joe escapes to the outside on the other side. Rollins delivers two suicide dives to Joe and throws him back in, but Joe grabs Rollins' leg on the apron and DDTs it through the ropes. Rollins escapes to the outside allowing Joe to hit a suicide dive of his own. The two re-enter the ring and trade strikes to each other, with Joe getting the upperhand with a leg sweep.

Joe targets the knee and delivers are nasty senton to it, causing Rollins to writhe in pain. Joe corners Rollins with chops and Rollins manages to get some chops in of his own before taking an elbow and enziguri. Joe hits some more punches and corners Rollins again with chops. He charges but gets countered into a faceplant. Rollins manages to gain the upperhand here with kicks, elbows in the corner, and finishing with a neckbreaker. Rollins goes to the top but catches Rollins in mid air. Joe delivers driver like move to Rollins and then puts in a tight knee bar.

Rollins nearly taps but manages to break the hold. Rollins fights briefly to gain control but is caught in a  single crab. Rollins gets to the ropes again and escapes to the corner. Joe goes to deliver a charging boot but eats an elbow and a slingblade. Rollins takes control of the match and  delivers big strikes and a blockbuster from the top for a near fall. It seems to have hurt Rollins' knee but he tries to stay in control of the match.

Rollins takes to the top but Joe manages to stop him. Rollins sneaks out underneath and tries for a powerbomb but can't because of the weight. He is almost slammed but counters into a falcon arrow for a nearfall. Rollins takes to the skies and delivers a big frog splash for another near fall. The two get to their get to their feet with Rollins getting the upperhand briefly before Samoa Joe locks in a Kimura. Rollins escapes with strikes but takes a big clothesline and is put into an even tighter Kimura. Rollins manages to hit a fireman's carry and sneaks in a cradle for a pinfall win.


Bray finally shows up in the limo and makes his way to the ring. He gets in the ring and the lights come on to reveal Randy with a chair. He smacks Bray with it and then tosses him over the announce table. He then delivers a suspended DDT off the table and picks up the chair again to whack Bray on the back. He throws Bray back in the ring and calls for the RKO but gets attacked by the Singh Brothers. He easily over powers them but gets caught by Bray and almost takes a Sister Abigail but manages to reverse it into an RKO. Before he can pin him Jinder Mahal attacks Orton with the belt he stole from him allowing Bray to connect the Sister Abigail for the pinfall.


MAIN EVENT SINGLES MATCH: Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

Roman comes to the ring all tapes and bandaged up. Braun charges Roman but eats a boat and then tries again only to be dumped over the ropes. Roman charges and  clotheslines Braun over on the outside. Roman charges Braun again but Braun overpowers him but slamming him against the barricade. He throws him in the ring and delivers huge strikes to Roman's injuries. He then stands on Roman's bad shoulder and stalks him until he tries to get up. He then takes Roman and throws him into the ring post hard causing him to fall to the outside. 

Braun gives chase and throws him into the steel steps before tossing him in the ring. He continues to pick apart Roman and delivers a huge full body strike for a nearfall. He wracks the injured ribs to which Roman manages to fight out of and escape to the corner. Braun charges the corner that Roman's in twice missing both times. Roman starts to gain momentum and hits a big samoan drop for a nearfall. Braun kicks out with so much authority that Roman lands on his feet. The two trade strikes and spill out ot the outside. Braun takes a drive by kick from Roman and almost takes a superman punch. Strowman catches him but Roman slithers out and pushes him into the ring post.

Braun charges Roman but he dodges, causing Braun to run into the ringpost again. Braun is almost counted out but manages to make it in, but gets hit with a spear immediately afterwards. Braun kicks out barely and escapes to the corner where Roman charges but he eats a boot. Strowman picks up Roman but he slides out and delivers multiple superman punches. Roman goes for one last one one but gets caught in a triangle hold and then running powerslam for a nearfall. Braun drags roman to his feet and delivers one last running powerslam for the pinfall victory.


Braun takes the steel steps and enters the ring with it as officials try to stop him. He lifts up Roman and Snake Eyes him on it. He then takes the steps the steps and brutally smashes them on Roman's ribs. He shoves officials as Roman is left in the ring coughing up blood. Roman looks to be severely hurt and can hardly walk to the back without falling to the ground. He's put on stretcher and carted to the back as the show comes to a close.

What did you think of tonights Payback show? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

UPDATE: After the show, Braun Strowman charged Roman as he was entering the ambulance, but he manages to dodge making Braun take the entire door off. He gos to attack again but slams the other door on Strowman fighting him off.

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