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Former NWA World Champion Ronnie Garvin Says He Doesn't Like Ric Flair's Lifestyle

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Apr 29, 2017

Former NWA World Champion Ronnie Garvin Says He Doesn't Like Ric Flair's Lifestyle

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling welcomed in a former NWA World Champion and the man with "hands of stone" as "Rugged" Ronnie Garvin comes aboard for episode 262.He had a timeless career that spanned decades, and covered all the major territories of what most fans call "the golden era" of professional wrestling. Garvin reflects on a lifetime of memories and some of his greatest moments from his wrestling career in the podcast.

"I have never seen him since 1987. I don't like being in that kind of world. It is bullsh*t. But to each his own. It is his life and you live it the way you want to. But I don't respect it because to me you are a goof. When you blow your money away and you wind up down the road broke and if you look in sports and entertainment you see folks that had everything and the last part of their life is just misery."

"Why go through that at the end of your life and go through that financially. I've heard all kinds of stories that I don't know are true or not but I wish him the best and he's never done anything to me but I respect people that are down to earth, people that are accomplishing things without having to brag about all of their feats in the world, how many women they slept with, how many drinks I can have in one night and driving the Mercedes and taking limos. I got in the ring with him, I never sat a table and had a meal with him or met him in a bar or had a long conversation or even travel with him. I never did that."

Below is the highlighted video you can watch.

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