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NXT Coverage & Results (4/26) Almas vs McIntyre, Reeves vs Black, Bate vs Gallagher

Posted By: Anthony Saviano on Apr 26, 2017

NXT Coverage & Results (4/26) Almas vs McIntyre, Reeves vs Black, Bate vs Gallagher

This week's NXT show is taking place in Full Sail University as usual. Tom Phillips, Percy Watson and Nigel McGuinness are at the announce table tonight.

Opening segment:

Show opens with Nikki Cross on her hands and knees in the center of the ring. Cross begins to call "Ruby" through the microphone, still in Dasha Fuentes' hands at ringside. Ruby Riot comes to the ring with no music or entrance video to stare down Nikki. Ruby takes down Cross and starts swinging. They roll outside to brawl some more including Cross slamming Riot's face into the steel steps. Officials are out to separate the two but to no avail. Nikki Cross jumps on to the officials holding Ruby and takes them down. Officials and security are finally able to separate the two to open the show.

Announcers promote Drew McIntyre and Aleister Black both in action tonight for later on. These will be separate matches.

Backstage interview with Bobby Roode. States that Hideo Itami has been gone and a lot has changed in NXT. He claims that Itami will need to earn his shot at the NXT Championship.

First Match

Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Drew McIntyre

Andrade Almas is out first for his match with Drew McIntyre. Crowd clapped along with Almas' theme during his entrance. Drew is out next for his second match since returning to WWE. Andrade starts off rolling into his "Tranquilo" pose. When Drew throws Almas into the ropes, Almas does his pose in between the ropes and is met with a heavy boot from McIntyre. Drew unleashes chops on the outside before Almas drops him face first on the steps. Back in the ring, Almas releases a chop of his own and then hits a reverse backbreaker. Almas goes for the double knees in the corner, hops and slaps the taste out of Drew's mouth. McIntyre fires up after the slap, dragging Almas into the corner and hitting strikes on him before a running forearm. He goes to the top and hits Almas with a diving forearm. After Almas escapes the Fireman's Carry position, they have a strong chop exchange. Drew gets the upper hand and catches Almas mid air for a powerslam. Drew then sets up in the corner and nails Almas with his flying boot finisher. Referee counts to three and that's a wrap.

WINNER: Drew McIntyre by pinfall

William Regal announces Nikki Cross vs Ruby Riot announced for later tonight after the opening segment. Announcers hype the UK Title match tonight between Jack Gallagher and Tyler Bate. Announced up next: "Who is Roderick Strong? Part one mini documentary.

Who is Roderick Strong Part 1

Snippets of commentary throughout of Corey Graves and Tom Phillips about Roddy. Many pictures from his time on the Independents shown. Strong says that he feels that he hasn't had the chance to let people in enough. Pictures of his youth shown. Speaks on his parents' struggle raising him and the rough upbringing that he had. Tells the story that his mother shot his father and put him in the hospital after having alcohol and drug problems. Roddy gets a bit emotional in the video. It then gets more positive when Roddy brings us into his mothers home and shows us the memorabilia that his mother keeps of him, including a plaque from one of his NXT Takeover appearances. He then shows us the space where he had his first wrestling ring and informs us that his dad was trained by Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. Strong says that he credits Neidhart for helping training him as well. More pictures of Roddy's youth in a wrestling ring and his early teenage years in a ring. Part one ends with Roddy saying "I'm going to be one of the best to ever do this". Part two announced for next week.

Second Match

Kona Reeves vs Aleister Black

Reeves is out first for the matchup. Aleister Black is out next with his full, captivating entrance. "Black's gonna kill you" chants stir up a little from the Full Sail crowd before the bell rings. Reeves charges as soon as the bell sounds. Black then responds with strong kicks to the chest and forearms. Reeves gains control by giving Black a shot in his eye and then starts clubbing Aleister in the back. Black blocks a turnbuckle smash and counters with hard kicks and a hard spinning back fist. After a front kick and a high kick to the head, Black sits down as Reeves falls to the mat. Claps of appreciation throughout the crowd. Black guides Kona up with his foot and then hits his Black Mass spinning back kick for the 3 count. Black sits in the ring in the dark to close the segment

WINNER: Aleister Black by pinfall

Backstage promo with Ruby Riot. Riot says that SAnitY wants everyone to conform to their ways and she will not conform. Ruby then states that once Nikki Cross is out her way, she can set her eyes on the NXT Women's Championship.

Camera cuts to outside of Full Sail as Dasha Fuentes is chasing down Andrade Almas asking him about his match with Drew McIntyre tonight. Almas has a woman on his arm and is greeted by 4 other women who he pulls away from the arena with in a truck. Almas blows off the question from Fuentes.

Match 3

Ruby Riot vs Nikki Cross

Riot comes out first and is attacked by Cross from behind. Cross throws Riot to the ground and then rams her into the ring apron. She then drags Riot to the side of the stage and rams Ruby's head into the stage. Riot gets control and suplexes Cross on the entrance ramp. Riot continues her attack as both women are throwing strikes. Officials come out to separate the two again. Riot jumps off of the stage on to Cross and security. Referees and officials needed to physically carry Nikki Cross into the back as she screams frantically.

William Regal announces Number One Contender's Battle Royal to decide Asuka's next challenger at NXT Takeover Chicago. Asuka scoffs and walks away.

Main Event

WWE United Kingdom Championship match

Tyler Bate (c) vs Jack Gallagher

Gentleman Jack is out first to a nice pop. Champion Tyler Bate out next to a nice pop as well. Traditional in ring introductions with the spotlight was utilized here. Melodic Tyler Bate chant starts through the crowd. Both men shake hands before bout. Match starts with Bate using a wrist lock on Jack. Gallagher reverses it into a wrist lock of his own. Bate locks in a headlock until Jack Gallagher handstands his way out of the headlock. Jack locks in a Full Nelson and Tyler gets out of the submission by using an old Johnny Saint technique. Jack then works Bate to the ground and locks an Omoplata type hold in. Hold turns into a pinning situation where Tyler kicks out at two. Both competitors exchange pin attempts including backslides, small packages and bridges. Jack goes for a cross body but is caught by Bate. Jack escapes Bate's clutches and rolls out to a stand off between the two. Cuts back from commercial as Bate is down with Jack a hold of his arm. Jack hits a hard stomp on the hand of Bate. Tyler tries to get out of the wrist lock with a Monkey Flip but Jack holds on. Jack does another crazy looking arm lock into a pin but Tyler kicks out at two. Both guys lock in a knuckle hold and will not let go, wrestling each other to the ground and even flipping off of one another until both men land into a bridge. Bate takes a dropkick but when he gets back up, he nails Jack with a straight left hand. Bate grabs Jack for a hesitation, high angle German Suplex for a two count. Tyler goes for the vertical suplex and Jack locks in the Jim Breaks Special. Bate powers out and hits the vertical suplex for a two count. Bate knocks Jack off of the apron with a forearm and goes for a dive. Jack meets him at the ropes with a headbutt before Tyler leaves his feet. Jack hits another headbutt and pins Bate but Tyler kicks out at two. Two big uppercuts by Jack knocks Tyler down until Gallagher irish whips Bate and gets an overhead rolling kick for his efforts. Bate then hits his Tyler Driver 97 for the win over Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

WINNER: Tyler Bate via pinfall to retain his United Kingdom Championship

Camera cuts to Wolfgang, Trent Seven, Mark Andrews and Pete Dunne. Announcers plug the new weekly show featuring the UK talent but do not confirm when it will air.



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