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Eric Bischoff Reveals How Vince Mcmahon Convinced Him To Join WWE

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Apr 26, 2017

Eric Bischoff Reveals How Vince Mcmahon Convinced Him To Join WWE

Eric Bischoff recently joined AfterBuzz TV’s Lilian Garcia: Making Their Way to the Ring and opened up about his father who was paralyzed, that the WWE called him one year before Vince and why he turned them down, the funniest segment he ever did in the WCW and WWE, why he didn’t want his son to wrestle, his biggest contributions to WWE, how bullying was a part of his life and he ended it, his last interaction with Rosey and more. 

On His Last Interaction With Rosey: 

“The last time I saw Matt was about I think about a year and a half ago he and I were on a, we made a personal appearance together, small little signing somewhere on the east coast, and we rode together in a car and it had been the first time I had seen him in a long time probably five to seven years, and we didn’t talk about wrestling, we didn’t talk about our experiences in the WWE—although they were all good ones and positive ones, we just talked about family and food because we both loved to eat, and we talked about our families and I think that that’s to me what I’ll remember, yes he was in the WWE, he was a superstar, he comes from a long, you know lineage of phenomenal talent in our industry but the guy was a family guy that just loved his spare time spend time with his family and cooking and enjoying life.”

Eric Reveals The Funniest Segment He Ever Did In WCW And WWE:

“Without question the most fun scene segment I’ve ever done in all of my years of doing things in the ring whether it was WCW or WWE was the Chuck and Billy Ceremony that involved Rosey and Jamal.”

Eric Speaks About His Biggest Contributions To Wrestling:

“The overall contribution I like to think I made was changing the way the business worked, we wouldn’t be watching three hours of Monday Night Raw live if it wouldn’t have been for the stuff I did when I was at WCW, we wouldn’t have had the attitude if it weren't for some of those things I did in WCW that kind of created the need for that kind of content, there’s so many, we wouldn’t be watching Cruiserweights right now on 205 Live if it wasn’t for some of the things that I brought to the table back in the 90s so I think there were a lot of contributions that I made not directly to WWE but indirectly that we still enjoy very much to this day and has led to some of their success.”

Eric Reveals Why He Turned Down WWE's First Attempt At Bringing Him In:

“They had called about a year before and people don’t know this ya they called me about a year before you know Vince called me in whatever it was 2002. In 2001 I was in Wyoming in the summer and I got a call from JR, and JR wasn’t exactly excited to call me at the time you know he still had a chip on his shoulder a little bit and he called me and said, “hey you wanna come in and work a program?” and I said, “well, whats the program?” and he said, “well we’re working on it” and I said, “well sure, when would you want me to start?” “you gotta be here Monday” well this is like Friday and I had a house full of people, it was over the 4th of July, I had like twenty five or thirty people, friends and relatives that had driven in from all over the country for a family reunion and I’m thinking ya I’m not just gonna pick up go up there for a Monday Night Raw to participate in something what they’re not really sure what it is quite yet, it wasn’t right you know, so I politely passed and when I did I thought well that will be the last time they call me.”

How Vince Mcmahon Convinced Eric To Join The WWE:

“We got on the phone and the first thing he said to me, and I'm paraphrasing this okay so it’s not exact words, but he basically said right out of the shoot he goes you know Eric I would like to think that if the situation would have turned out differently and you would’ve come out on top, that you would reach out to me for an opportunity to step back in…what a gracious, elegant, classy, humble thing to say.”

The Question Vince Mcmahon Asked Eric When He Called Him: 

“The one thing he did ask me, he said, well is there anything you won’t do? I said, ya I won’t move to Connecticut, other than that I’m your guy and I guess that’s all he wanted to hear is that I didn’t, I wasn’t bringing any stipulations, I wasn’t coming in with a list of things I would and wouldn’t do."

Why Eric Didn’t Want His Son To Wrestle:

“I didn’t want him to get into professional wrestling…I tried hard to talk him out of it…because I knew the hand writing on the wall, I knew that the business was becoming more and more difficult, there were less and less opportunities than there were you know, there’s really only one company to work for and it was the WWE and unfortunately for my son you know his last name is Bischoff and that comes with a certain amount of baggage, it comes with a certain amount of opportunity too don’t get me wrong, but you know when you’re the second generation of a wrestling personality even though I’m not a wrestler, the name is kind of there.”

Eric Reveals That His Father Was Paralyzed:

“He literally couldn’t dress himself my mother had to dress him, he couldn’t brush his own teeth but he went out there and he functioned in a highly functional way you know very competitive environment and he was very good at what he did and he progressed you know and progressed and progressed to the point where he was in senior management until the day he died at seventy years old.”

How His Fathers Paralysis Affected The Family:

“For my dad who was so limited, he couldn’t do the physical, you know he used to go out hunting and fishing—he was a physical guy probably like I was or am, but, couldn’t do any of those things anymore, he was emasculated, and that created a lot of hurt and a lot of resentment inside of him and that unfortunately manifested itself to my mother, to me, to my brother and my sister—we all ended up on the receiving end of that when we were young.”

Eric Discusses What Would Happen When He Wasn't Able To Do What His Father Needed:

“I never told anybody this but you know because my dad wanted so badly to be able to do certain things and he tried to do them through me and at sometimes at some point I was just too young and incapable of doing it—what he was asking me to do, and that frustration would come out in a way that was pretty harmful."

Eric Opens Up About The Mistakes He Has Made:

“Certain people have, especially in the industry have a perception of me and they think they know how I think and how I'm going to react and I’ve gone into meetings before with other wrestling organizations I’ll leave unnamed and groups of people that I won’t name and they’re expecting me to tell them what I think they should do based on my success because I’ve had some success, and the first thing I tell them is look I am worth way more to you as consultant or as an executive producer not because of the successes I’ve had, but because of the mistakes I’ve made. I’ve learned I’m way way way more valuable because of the depth and breath of failures and mistakes than I am from my successes.”

Eric Says He Is Not Financially Independent Right Now:

“To be honest right now I’m not financially independent, I don’t have the ability to take care of my kids the way I would like to take care of my kids so that they don’t ever have to worry about some of the things that we all have to worry about from a financial point of view, um I haven’t reached that level of success yet and that’s kind of my goal, my goal is not, ya know, I’m happy driving a 1995 Ford pick up truck you know I don't need things anymore I’ve had all the things that I ever wanted to have and then some for now, success to me now is just being completely independent whatever that means.”

Eric Speaks About Being Bullied As A Child And How He Put An End To It:

“This was like my second or third day of school so I didn’t have any friends, nobody really sat next to me just the new thing kid going on, so he dinged me in the head right as the bus came to a stop and everybody laughed and I got up I turned around and I blasted him right in the mouth and the look of shock on his face and then of course I kicked him in the groin and I mean he was the tough guy in school and he went down and the bus driver got up pulled me out I got thrown off the bus I couldn’t ride the bus for the rest of the year and the next day in school you know he called me out I said sure why not I’ve been through this about 300 times before…it’s just what I do I show up I get beat up and then I go home, it’s alright, so I showed up and there are like twenty five thirty kids showed up at this big fight right and I just beat the piss out of him because he just the kind of bullying and the degree to which they really fought at that little school outside of Pittsburg was way different than what I was used to. I was playing at an A game they were really pretending at a C game, and my scronny little butt at an A game outperformed his big old butt you know at a C game and from that point on I never got into another fight, that was it.”

Eric And His Wife Loree Are Writing A Movie:

“We’re both writing a movie together right now.”

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