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WWE Smackdown Results (4/18) *LIVE COVERAGE*

WWE Smackdown Results (4/18) *LIVE COVERAGE*

Welcome to Smackdown Live, coming to you from the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, KY. We kick things off with Charlotte Flair making her way to the ring. She says it's been seven days yet she's wondering what's taking so long without getting a shot at the Smackdown Women's Title. She becomes furious and insults the GM and Commissioner before Naomi makes her way to the ring to answer her call. She says that on Smackdown live there is no queen, just champions. Naomi says she's been watching Flair for a while, and is saddened to see her out begging for a shot. However, Naomi says she'll give her what she wants because she isn't scared before clocking her in the face. Flair tries to get in the ring to retaliate but is caught by a ref. Commissioner Shane McMahon comes out to make a match for Charlotte against Naomi, but not for the championship. If she wins, she will get a shot next week. Shane goes to the back, but Flair gets a few more shots in and takes the championship. Naomi gets back in the ring and beats Flair down to take back her championship. She stands tall in the ring before we head to break.

BACKSTAGE: Natalya is shown arguing with Shane that she should have a shot and not Charlotte, who just showed up. Shane says she should've asked before Carmella joins the discussion followed by Tamina. They all are frustrated with the Charlotte situation, and Natala convinces them all to set aside their differences and come to a conclusion together.

6 PACK CHALLENGE FOR #1 CONTENDER TO THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: Eric Rowan vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Mojo Rawley vs. Luke Harper vs. Sami Zayn

They all brawl with each other early with Ziggler on Jinder, Luke on Mojo, and Eric on Sami. They all shift their focuses to different people. Mojo is thrown to the outside by Jinder and Luke and Ziggler are left alone in the ring. Luke pants Ziggler with a boot for a near fall and is then attacked by Rowan. He whips Harper to the corner and charges but eats an elbow and a splash. Sami tries to charge Luke but takes a Michonku Driver for a nearfall as we head to break.

We return to three corners being occupied for super plexes. Dolph and Rowan get hit but Sami goes for a sunset flip on Mahal instead. Sami is the first one up and goes for Ziggler. He fights Zayn o and almost hits the Zig Zag and but gets countered. Ziggler superkicks Sami and Harper but Harper rebounds into a lariat for a nearfall. Rowan comes in a cleans house until Mahal clotheslines him hard for a nearfall. Mahal is greeted by a big pounce from Mojo. Sami takes out Mojo over the ropes and Luke does the same to Zayn. Harper dives through the ropes once and then does it again but receives a superkick when he tries to re-enter the ring. ziggler goes for a dive but is caught by a huge boot from Rowan for a nearfall. Rowan powerbombs Ziggler over the ropes onto the other wrestlers. Rowan pulls in Zayn for a nearfall and Luke gets into the ring as we head to break.

We return with Mojo and  Ziggler in the ring alone with Ziggler in control. He grounds Mojo with strikes and goes fr a neckbreaker but is whipped into the ropes and shoulder blocked by Mojo. He charges Ziggler in the corner but catches an elbow. Ziggler tries to take advantage but eats a big back body drop. He then connects a big forearm to Ziggler and is shoved out by Jinder who goes for a nearfall stopped by Sami. The two brawl until Eric and Luke enter the ring. The two are left alone and Luke goes to the top turnbuckle. Eric catches him but is blindsided by a Zig Zag for a nearfall. This leaves Harper and Ziggler in the ring as Luke is caught by a big dropkick. Dolph charges Luke but is lifted up for a big sit down powerbomb for a nearfall. He calls for a spinning lariat but is pulled out by Jinder. He gets into the ring but is caught by Sami who then dives otver the rope onto Luke. Eric tries to attack Sami but is shoved hard by Mojo. Sami gets into the ring with Jinder who almost hits the Helluva Kick but is stopped by two unknown people who appear to be The Bollywood Boys. Jinder is allowed to hit a cobra clutch slam for the win. Jinder Mahal is the new #1 contender for the WWE Championship.


Jinder tells the audience they have no choice but to accept him as their next WWE Champion, and that he doesn't care he doesn't fit their stereotypes. Randy Orton comes out to confront Jinder. He congratulates him for winning a prize, but tells him it isn't his title: it's an RKO. He says before he deals with him he needs to deal with Bray Wyatt first. He tells him if it's anything like the last house he was brought to he'll burn it down as well. Bray Wyatt shows up on the screen and tells Orton he wants him to feel his suffering. He says if he walks in he will never walk out.

VIDEO: A package plays introducing everyone to Shinsuke Nakamura and his work in NXT.

BACKSTAGE: AJ Styles is being interviewed as asked who he'd rather verse, Jericho or Owens, to which he says it doesn't matter. Baron Corbin comes in and asks what the question was, asking why AJ is being interviewed. Corbin said he approached Owens first and AJ stuck his nose in his business. AJ says he'll verse him tonight  as an encore from last week to which he accepts.

BACKSTAGE: Charlotte is walking backstage and is confronted by Carmella Natalya and Tamina who mock her. Charlotte tries to walk past but gets a shoulder from Natalya.


The two tie up hard from the start as Flair corners Naomi landing some big kicks. She taunts Naomi and throws her across the rings for a nearfall. She locks the head and grounds Naomi who tries to fight out. She reverses it into an armlock and the two neutralize on their feet. The two trade tieups and Naomi back slides Flair for a nearfall. Naomi locks the wrist but Flair cartwheels out for a takedown and nearfall. She applies a figure 4 headlock to Naomi while driving her face into the mat. She somersaults Naomi a pair of times planting her hard on her back before breaking the hold. Naomi escapes to the corner and Flair taunts the crowd before getting caught with a roll up for a nearfall. Flair gets back in control briefly but Naomi gets a head of steam with some signature offense. Flair responds with her signature chops, to which Naomi replies with her fast side kicks for a nearfall. Naomi goes for a hurricanrana but Charlotte blocks her. The two are sent over the ropes form the momentum as we head to break.

We're back with Charlotte in control with a dragon sleeper. Naomi almost spins out but Flair drops the leg for a nearfall. Flair delivers a big back suplex  for another nearfall. She grounds Naomi with hard knees to the jaw but she fights to her feet. Flair rams her hard into the corner and goes for another back suplex but is countered into a springboard sunset flip. Charlotte catches her at the last second with a slam for a nearfall. Charlotte goes to drop a knee but misses. Naomi gains momentum and fights off Charlotte with strikes and a roll up for a 2 count. She lands several shots on Flair and hits a leg scissors to take control. She grounds Charlotte with a stunner and then charges her in the corner. Flair dumps her over the rope but Naomi catches her with a jaw breaker. She hits a crossbody for a nearfall and goes for a GTS style kick but is dodged. Charlotte runs the ropes and almost runs into a Rear View but stops herself, and uses the distance to ground Naomi and hit her with the Natural Selection for the win. Charlotte becomes #1 contender.


BACKSTAGE: Charlotte approaches the three women with a smirk on her face and a "WHOO!"

TAG TEAM MATCH: Primo and Epico vs. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan

Primo and Gable start things off with Gable grounding Primo easily. He tags in Jordan who axe handles primo and delivers a big body drop. Gable tags in and takes control with a suplex for a pin but Epico distract the ref. They use the distraction to hit Gable from behind into the steel post. Epico takes control with a suspended underhook piledriver and then applies a headlock. Gables rolls Epico away but is caught by a clothesline. Epico puts Gable on the turnbuckle and slaps him causing Gable to armbar him over the ropes. Gable re-enters and tags Jordan who unloads on both Primo and Epico Gable tries to deal with Primo but gets swatted of, and helps Epico roll up Jordan for the pinfall victory.


BACKSTAGE: Tye Dillinger says he's happy to be on Smackdown, and they show a video package showcasing his work on NXT.


Kevin Owens enters the ring and tells the announcer to get out so he can announce himself. He mocks the crowd as he emphasizes the fact that he's from Canada. The wrestler in the ring announces himself as Gary Gandy and a hometown boy before promptly being pummeled with strikes and a pop up powerbomb for the win.


Owens says as long as he's champ he will be the face of America and not Jericho nor Styles will change that. He announces he will be on commentary for the main event.

SINGLES MATCH: AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin

Baron goes right for Styles but Styles slips away using his speed. He goes for a kick but Baron throws him down and tries to stomp him but misses wildly. Styles dares Baron to punch him to which he misses and lands a kick on Corbin. Corbin overpowers AJ briefly and the two stand off. Styles climbs Corbin and applies a sleeper but Corbin rams his back into the corner to break him off. He throws Styles who slides out of the ring. Corbin gives chase and AJ slides back into the ring but gets caught. Corbin plants him hard on the table face first as we head to break.

We come back with Corbin in control of Styles with a modified headlock. Styles fights out but takes a knee. He is caught by Corbin and thrown hard through the bottom rope, hitting the steel pole in the process. Corbin follow him to the outside and rams him into the apron. He brings AJ back into the ring and stomps him into the corner but AJ gets some strikes in. Baron charges him in the Corner but eats a boot. He charges again with Aj dodging, but Corbin slides under the rope and re-enters to try again. This time Styles dodges with Corbin ramming into the steel post. AJ gains control with a Pele Kick and a forearm to the corner. He chops Corbin down and hits a flying forearm for a nearfall. AJ calls for the Styles Clash but gets reversed into a chokeslam backbreaker for a nearfall. Styles gets to the corner and is charged by Corbin who runs into a calf crusher. Corbin fights to the ropes and manages to break the hold, Styles goes right for the leg. Corbin fights him off and Styles runs the ropes, but takes a huge Deep 6 for a nearfall. They both struggle to their feet as Corbin wildly charges AJ who dumps him over the ropes. He hits him with a knee on the apron and tries for a Styles Clash on the outside. Corbin dumps him right onto Owens at commentary, but gains control of the match with a big kick and a forearm. He manages to win the match by making it back in the ring before the count of 10.


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