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Drew McIntyre Discusses His Return to WWE and More!

Posted By: Mario Anderson on Apr 15, 2017

Drew McIntyre Discusses His Return to WWE and More!

WWE.com recently interviewed "The Chosen One" Drew McIntyre about his return to the company and he had a lot to say.

McIntyre on the the night he appeared on NXT Takeover: "I was very tired because I had the craziest week of my life. On that day, I had been on the move since 8 a.m., and I actually was at the EVOLVE Wrestling show 45 minutes before I appeared on-screen at TakeOver. Once I got through the traffic, my mindset was, “Wow, this is really happening.”

How is the Drew McIntyre of 2017 different than the Drew McIntyre of 2014?:  "I was 21 years old when I first signed with WWE. I finished my university degree and came straight to America. I grew up in America and became a man in WWE. I went through ups and downs in this business and in life, and when I was released by WWE in 2014, I knew I had a wealth of knowledge and an opportunity.

I’ve wrestled since I was 15 years old, and it’s the one thing that I know I do very well. I knew that I could go around the world and, in this age of social media, allow the fans to come with me on the journey as I rebuilt myself and created a new image, a new reputation.

I put myself out there and people responded. Promoters believed in me and gave me a platform, and then the fans started believing in me. It went from me trying to show the fans what I was all about to growing companies around the world. I got to be the face of so many companies, like EVOLVE and Insane Championship Wrestling in Scotland. I became a reliable franchise player in those companies. That’s my legacy worldwide now."

Read the full interview in it's entirety here.


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