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Christopher Daniels On AJ Styles Thriving In The WWE

Posted By: Randy V. Jean on Mar 29, 2017

Christopher Daniels On AJ Styles Thriving In The WWE

Christopher Daniels was recently a guest on Eric Bischoff's podcast where he touched on many things, including the development of AJ Styles in the WWE. Here's Daniel's thought on AJ Styles:


can’t even quantify how proud I am to see AJ succeed. I always said, “If he had the opportunity and was given that fair shot…” Fair shot is hard to sort of define in the WWE. You never know what’s going to happen. Things change from day to day. I always said if he got that fair chance that he was going to shine and certainly excel and thrive in that environment. To see him debut at the Rumble a year ago and then by the summer become the WWE Champion. It’s insane how quickly he adapted and started to thrive. Match after match after match. Whether it was with Roman or John Cena or Dean Ambrose he showed them that he was one of the hardest workers in the world and just a top level wrestler. Top to bottom.


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