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Eric Bischoff Reacts To Mick Foley's Firing On Last Week's WWE Raw

Posted By: Kenny Williams on Mar 27, 2017

Eric Bischoff Reacts To Mick Foley's Firing On Last Week's WWE Raw

On the most recent edition of his "Bischoff on Wrestling" podcast, Eric Bischoff took the opportunity to react to the storyline firing of WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley by Stephanie McMahon on last Monday night's edition of WWE Raw as the show's General Manager.

Below is what Bischoff had to say:

"I was sad to see it because I’ve gotten to know Mick pretty well over the last couple of years. I’ve spent some time talking to him. Mick is such a passionate guy and he’s got a very clear vision of what he hopes to be able to contribute at this stage in his career to this industry and the talent in the industry. I know he probably came up short. I don’t think he was able to fulfill a lot of his own goals. We all know that he is going to have some hip surgery. I’m sure the stress of that and the stress of being a General Manager of RAW and what that takes out of you. With the travel and living up to the expectations and just doing the job. It’s a very draining thing and a challenge. Who knows? Maybe we haven’t heard the last of Mick Foley but we wish him the best. I hope he gets through this surgery great. I am sure he will. He’s lost a lot of weight. He’s gotten himself in shape. That’s probably going to go a long way to making his rehab a lot easier and therefore quicker. I’d like to see him come back to RAW with a little bit of energy, a whole new outlook and some decent wheels under him."

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