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Paul Heyman Says He Believes Charlotte Flair Will Main Event A Future WWE WrestleMania

Posted By: Kenny Williams on Mar 27, 2017

Paul Heyman Says He Believes Charlotte Flair Will Main Event A Future WWE WrestleMania

During a recent appearance on the Fight Society podcast to discuss topics such as WWE WrestleMania 33, Brock Lesnar, and Ronda Rousey, Paul Heyman stated that he envisions women headlining WrestleMania one day, more specifically Charlotte Flair being the one to lead the charge.

Below is what Heyman had to say:

"I think the female to bring the women’s division to that prominence is Charlotte. No doubt in my mind. she is a true game changer not just for the women’s division, but for the industry in and of itself. When Trish Stratus and Lita broke the mold and turned up the heat on the women’s division and paved the way for this crop of athletes that have come in and truly both revolutionized and evolved the presentation of women’s wrestling, I think also Natalya does not get the credit she deserves for being at the forefront of that movement.  But Charlotte, to me, is the prototype of where women’s wrestling is going to go.

In the same way that anyone who was watching Strikeforce in the infancy of the women’s MMA explosion, and you saw Gina Carano followed by Cyborg followed by Miesha Tate and the global popularity of Ronda Rousey, I think it’s the same way in WWE. I think Trish and Lita  paved the way. I think Natalya set a standard in terms of workrate. Then came in this crop from NXT, with Sasha Banks and Bayley and everyone else, but Charlotte is in a league of her own. I can’t even tell you that I think she’s one of the best women’s wrestlers I’ve ever seen in my life. I think she’s one of the best wrestlers I’ve seen in my life. I don’t think the global audience has come to realize her potential as a worldwide attraction yet. They will and at that time, I think she has the first female in a main event of WrestleMania."

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