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WWE Raw Results (3/20)

WWE Raw Results (3/20)

Welcome to WWE Raw, coming to you from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. We have a monstrous main event between Roman Reigns and the man who blind sided him after a heated promo with Shawn Michaels, Braun Strowman. Which man will leave victorious, but more importantly...will the Undertaker make a rare appearance to confront his Wrestlemania 33 opponent? Also, Raw closed last week with Triple H getting the upper hand on a seemingly healed Seth Rollins. What condition is he in after this brutal attack at the hands of The Game? Speaking of which, Triple H gave a verbal beatdown to GM Mick Foley, who openly deified Commissioner Stephanie McMahon after being ordered to fire one of Raw's superstars. What ramifications is he facing tonight, and could the person being fired be himself? All this plus: Will Finn Balor make a return to Raw two weeks before the big show? Will things begin to heat up between the Women's Champion Bayley and challenger Sasha Banks? What does Jericho have in store on a special edition of The Highlight Reel? How will fans react to Xavier Woods after a big sex tape scandal rocked the internet community? Be sure to tune in to get answers to all these questions, and don't forget to refresh here every 5 minutes for all your live coverage needs!

We open Raw with a recap of the closing segment of last weeks episode, which involved Mick Foley choosing Stephanie McMahon as the person to fire. Triple H then came out and threatened him, demeaning him in brutal fashion. Foley then fought back, put The Game in the Mandible Claw before taking a low blow from Steph. Seth Rollings then comes out to confront Triple H, revealing he is fully healed. However, that may have been short lived, because The Game then proceeded to wail on the injured knee with the same crutch Seth threw away after the reveal. After the recap, Foley makes his way to the ring. He takes out a note and begins reading. He says he is standing before them a humble man, before thanking Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for the opportunity they gave him. He says he apologizes for his actions last week, and doesn't want to distract from Wrestlemania. He then announces he is taking a leave of absence. He immediately rips the cards, and begins to yell at Triple H in the back. Before he can get any words out his mic is cut. Steph makes her way out (looking really good if I do say so myself) and she looks MAD. She grabs a mic and begins to berate Foley, but is met with a wave of boos. She said she gave him index cards because he screws up everything, and that the only thing he cares about is being liked, not the superstars or Mania. She says she has two words for him :YOU"RE FIRED. She then demands him to leave the ring, but shockingly is interrupted by Sami Zayn. He tells Stephanie what she's doing is wrong. He says no one has had the guts to tell her to her face, as he does just that. Steph thanks him for his grand standing but tells him to leave, while Mick Foley leaves timidly. Sami get's in the rings and tells Steph that Foley showed more class then she ever has, and that she should be ashamed. Steph says he isn't on the level to even speak to her, and that he need to go to the back and figure out how to make it up to her. Sami contemplates leaving, but returns for some more words. He says he wants to do the right things, but is interrupted by Samoa Joe. Steph holds off Joe. She tells Foley to leave, and then announces Joe and Sami right now. Before the match can even starts he immediately dives over the ropes onto Joe as we head to break.

SINGLES MATCH: Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe

We come back from break with Joe unloading on Sami with strikes. Sami attempts to gain momentum with strikes of his own but its short lived as Joe goes back on the attack with more strikes. He whips Sami to the ropes which he reverses with a big leg scissors. He put Joe in the corner and connects punches. He attempts a Blue Thunder Bomb but Joe reverses with a takedown and huge elbow drop for a near fall. Joe once again pummels Sami with strikes, and takes him down with a head smash to the turnbuckle. He throws Sami over the top rope but is reversed, allowing Sami to take advantage with some offense. He charges Joe but is met with a snap powerslam. Joe whips Sami to the corner hard, taking Sami to the ground. Joe waves him up, but Sami connects a hard right. He's met with Joes own right. The two trade strikes until Joe tries for a Muscle Buster. Sami reverses and eats a spin kick which takes Sami to the outside. Joe then connects a suicide dive before we go to break.

We come back from break with Sami in a deep arm lock. Sami makes it to his feet  and flips out of hte lock while kicking Joe to the corner. Sami unloads strikes and whips Joe, but is reversed and hit with another spin kick. The two go to the outside and Joe slams Sami into the corner. Joe connects another kick before getting into the ring. Sami barely makes the count, and manages to reverse Joe's immediate offense with a massive clothesline. Sami chops Joe hard and whips him to the corner. Reversed but kicks Joe and takes to the skies with a crossbody for a near fall. Joe rolls out of the ring for a breath. Sami gives chase and Joe tries for another slam into the post but gets reversed. Sami gets a running start while Joe is dazed and dives through the corner ropes for a tornado DDT. They both make it back into the ring with Joe going to the corner. Sami goes for the Heluva Kick but is counters with an arm slam. Joe then locks in the Kokida Clutch for the submission win. 


VIDEO: They play video of Braun Strowman attacking Roman at this years Royl Rumble. They hype up tonight's main event between the two.

Seth Rollins will also get an injury update later tonight.

BACKSTAGE: Foley is shown thaniking Sami for his kindness, but does admit it was stupid. Sami is sad that he's leaving, and that he's glad to have met him. Foley starts to leave and is met by hugs from Cesaro and Sheamus, who thank him for his crazy idea of making them a tag team. He shakes hands with some of the cruiserweights and stops to give Bayley one last hug. Foley turns around to see Triple H with a big smile on his face. Foley then finally walks out the exit.

The announcers interview Rollin's doctor Kevin Wilk. He says that Rollins is doing better than he thought he would, but that he's doubtful that he will be ready for Wrestlemania. They say that they will interview a response from Triple H later tonight. 

Charlotte makes her way to the ring for a singles match against Dan Brooke.

SINGLES MATCH: Charlotte Flair vs. Dana Brooke

The two lock up with Dana taking her to the ground with a waist takedown. She shoulder blocks her in the corner and delivers some shots. She delivers several takedowns to Charlotte before she escapes to the outside for a breather. The ref keeps Dana from going tot he outside and Charlotte tried to take advantage but Dana catches her with a big right. She regains momentum with a full nelson lock. Charlotte fight s wildly to get out of it, but Dana slams her to the ground before she can. Flair gets up but is met with a clothesline. Flair gets in some strikes in but misses a boot, Dana counters and goes for multiple pinfalls. Charlotte knees Dana and whips her to the corner, Dana reverses with a run to the ropes. Flair counters with a big boot and covers her for the win.


 Steph is shown backstage approaching Bayley, and asks her if she needs a hug. She says she doesn't want to hug Steph, and that it makes her sad because she used to respect her. However, she's seen her do nothing but use her power to manipulate people. Steph says she worries she isn't worthy of being champion, and that she needs to earn it every night. She will have a match tonight against Nia Jax with No DQ. If Nia wins, she will be added to the match at Wrestlemania 33. 

Jericho makes his way to the ring for The Highlight Reel, with The List in tow. Big Y2J chants break out as he welcomes the audience to the show tonight, and says his guest tonight is the "real" Kevin Owens. He says he doesn't need Owens as a friend because he has plenty. He shows a picture of Kevin Owens as a teen, posing in a Y2J shirt with a Jericho poster and a busty woman in the background. He then shows a picture of a text conversation where Owens asked for advice. Jericho says that he'd like the hours he wasted helping Owens retain the Universal Championship. He says the face he'd like to see at Mania is the one he made when Jericho interrupted his match with  Goldberg. He says he was never his friend, but he was definitely Owens's hero, and that when he hears Jericho's music at Mania he's going to realize what he's gotten himself into. He asks Owens if he knows what happens when you betray Chris Jericho, and before he can put him on the list Samoa Joe walks out. This distracts Jericho long enough for Owens to attack him from behind. Owens beats down Jericho and then delivers a pop up powerbomb before grabbing the list. He takes the pen and throws it out of the rings. He then takes the papers out of the clipboard and rips them all in half, eating one piece and spitting it onto Jericho. Owens leaves Jericho in a heap in the middle of the ring.

SINGLES MATCH: TJ Perkins vs. Brian Kendrick

Kendrick charges Perkins put gets taken down with a drop toe hold. Perkins unloads kicks on Kendrick planting him on the outside. Perkins goes for a top rope move but Kendrick escapes to the ring. Perklins connects with a crossbody this time and mounts some offense but Kendrick uses a distraction by the ref to grab a hand full of hair and connect Sliced Bread for a quick win. 


Kendrick asks where Akira Tazawa is, and that now would be a perfect time to attack. He says he can't be in the country unfortunately, because he has Akira's passport. 

BACKSTAGE: Roman is interviewed about his upcoming match with The Undertaker. He says he only thinks about him when he pictures him on the mat after he defeats him.

RECAP: They play a video package of Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar, spanning since Goldbergs debut in WCW to the present.

BACKSTAGE: Steph tells Cesaro and Sheamus that they have a 2 on 4 handicap match against The Club and Enzo and Big Cass, and if they lose they also lose they're opportunity of competing at Wrestlemania. 

SINGLES MATCH: Bayley vs. Nia Jax

Nia tries to corner Bayley but she misses, with Bayley fighting back. Nia overpowers every one of Bayley's attempts at offense, even a piggy back sleeper. Nia grounds Bayley who escapes through the ring. Bayley kicks Nia but she shrugs it off and throws Bayley back in the ring. Bayley uses the distance to land a big kick through the ropes. She tries a Hurricanarana off the apron but Nia stops the rotation. Bayley tries to keep advantage by grabbing onto the ropes but Nia once again overpowers her. Nia slams Bayley into the steps as we head top break.

We return from break with Bayley in a headlock. Bayley fights her way to her feet and charges Nia but gets a huge strike. Nia continues to dismantle Bayley with strikes and throws. She puts Bayley in a chicken wing lock, who tries to fight her way out. She kicks Nia hard in the head and then slaps her hard in thye face. Nie throws Bayley out of the ring and slams her of the barricade by her head multiple times. Nia grabbed a chair which Bayley kicked into her face. She uses the opening to ricochet Nia off the ropes and take her down to the mat. She delivers multiple strikes including a spinning elbow to the back of the neck and a clothesline. She then delivers a crossbody for a near fall. Nia gets to her feet while Bayley goes to the top, Nia takes advantage by taking her feet out from under her. Nia then delivers a Samoan Drop for the pinfall victory.


Michael Cole is in the middle of the ring for his interview with Triple H. The Game makes his way to the ring. He says he's having a "nice day" and then addresses Rollins. He says he's disappointed, and that he wanted this fight. CM Punk chants start up on cue because some people hate wrestling. Triple H says it wasn't his fault he got injured, and that it was because he quit listening to the Authority and began listening to the crowd. Triple H msays he never needed them because he knows how good he is. He cites Foley as the example of relying on the crowd being detrimental to your career. He blames the audience for Foley's injuries, and tells them he did it to please them. He said that they cheered for Rollins when he could stand on his own two feet throwing his crutch to the side, until Triple H left him a crippled mess using that same crutch. They replay the footage from last week, and Triple H says he gave The Architect the blueprint. Triple H says he made it too easy for him, becoming a crutch to Rollins. He says it's ironic that the metaphriocal crutch beat him with an actual crutch. He says he's officially done with Rollins, and gives Cole tickets to Mania to give to Rollins. He goes to leave, but then turns around to ask if there is any way that they can fight at Mania. Cole says it's impossible given the information from the doctors. Triple H says he will have a non sanctioned match with Rollins. That way legally nothing will come back on him. He tells Rollins to show up next week to sign the papers, unless he's a coward. 

2 ON 4 TAG TEAM HANDICAP MATCH FOR MANIA SPOT: Cesar and Sheamus vs. The Club and Big Cass and Enzo

The Club attack Enzo and Cass right off the bat, ramming cass into the ring pole. Anderson gets in the ring and almost gets a swing but wiggles out. He tries to tag Luke in but Cass takes out Luke from behind. Anderson is double teamed by Sheamus and Cesaro and eats a Brogue Kcik for a short win.


Enzo and Big Cass take out Gallows with a big boot and connect a big splash to Anderson.

New Day are shown on the screen with Kofi and Big E staring at Woods, asking if he wants to say anything. He talks about Mania instead (lol) and they talk about all the matches in there own New Day kind of way. 

SINGLES MATCH: Austin Aries vs. Tony Neese

Neese blindsides Aries with a forearm and plants him with the strikes in the corner. He whips Aries to the corner but Aries reverses and thunder claps Neese. Neese hits Aries with a strike combination and regains control. Aries and Neese trade strikes, Neese charges Aries who is back dropped to the outside. Aries dives to the outside onto Neese as we head to break.

We return from break with Neese racking Aries, then rolls him up for a near fall. Neese attempts a moonsault but misses as Aries escapes to the apron. Aries builds momentum with a strike combo and facebuster, followed by a spinning elbow drop. Aries delivers a rolling fireman's carry and plants Neese with a forearm into the corner and finally with the Discus 5 Arm (Graves said it, not me)


Neville comes out to confront Aries. He says Aries is beneath him, and poses no threat to his championship reign. Aries says its the most unbelievable interview segment he's ever done. He says he see a man who knows that he's stepping into the ring with someone who above his level. 

VIDEO: They hype the reintroduction of Emma, coming soon.

VIDEO: They finish off the compilation they started of Goldberg vs. Lesnar. 

BACKSTAGE: Braun says to an interviewer that he's not facing Reigns, but is going to destroy him. He says if Taker wants to face Reigns at Mania he'll need to bring a shovel because he'll have to scrape him off the mat.

SINGLES MATCH: Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

Reigns goes straight for Braun with strikes, but Braun quickly powers out. Reigns gains back control with some more strikes. He attempts a whip but Braun reverses it with a whip to the outside. Reigns re-enters the rings and strikes Braun to the outside. Roman attempts a drive by but Braun counters with a massive clothesline. Reigns is thrown back into the ring and laid out with a spinebuster. Braun delivers crossfaces to Reigns on the mat, who can't seem to catch his breath. Braun corners Reigns and delivers big shoulders and knees. He whips him hard to the opposite turnbuckle, laying him out again. He locks in a tight sleeper to Roman who is trying to break the grip of Braun. Reigns starts to lose consciousness, but fights back by getting to his feet and landing some punches. Braun throws him to the ropes but Reigns rebounds and connects many strikes to Braun followed by a nearly connected Samoan Drop, but Braun was too big. Braun counters with a big clothesline, and keeps control body strikes. Braun whips Roman to the corner and charges him, but Roman doges driving Braun into the post. He uses the opportunity to land some punches and manages to successfully land a Samoan Drop for a nearfall. Braun rolls out of the ring and Reigns hits him with a drive by kick. Braun takes advantage with a  punch, and rams Reigns into the steel steps. He throws both him and the steps into the ring. He grabs the steps and tries to hit Roman but is caught with a Superman Punch. He tries for another but misses. Braun tries for a running powerslam but Reigns slithers out, and connect a Superman Punch shortly after. He signals for the spear, but The Undertaker appears in the ring. He stairs at Roman, but then turns his focus to Braun, then back to Roman. He turns around to deliver a Chokeslam to Braun and connects, but eats a spear when Taker turns back around. Roman leaves Taker in the middle of the ring. Taker sits up as Roman goes to leave through the entrance, and draws his thumb across his throat as the show comes to a close.

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