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Kurt Angle Gives Praise To Nigel McGuiness And Also Speaks About His Own Time In NJPW

Kurt Angle Gives Praise To Nigel McGuiness And Also Speaks About His Own Time In NJPW

Kurt Angle recently made an appearance on  Marc Madison of The Wrestling News Hub Magazine podcast show. He spoke about how Nigel McGuiness was the greatest wrestler to never work for WWE. 

"I believe so. I think he was really gifted. I really thought that he was better than I had expected him to be. Nigel was a very special talent. He had some great technique, he was one of the best technical wrestlers that I've wrestled. He was so good that he forgot how to be a heel. I remember when we would work he was literally out wrestling me as a heel. (laughs) I had to tone him down and make him understand 'Listen, I'm the good guy, you're the bad guy, I'm supposed to out wrestle you.' There were certain holds and locks that he put me in that I couldn't escape them.

Now, in a shoot I could have, but in a pro wrestling sense I couldn't. I had to teach Desmond how to give and take. Desmond could eat you alive if he wanted to, that's how much technique he had. He knows a lot of stuff and is very good at what he does. However, once he got that concept of being a heel, he became good at the give and take. He became a better heel because of it, and he became a better wrestler. However, when I first met him he wrestled like a babyface all the time. The reason being he was so damn good at it that he dominated every opponent he wrestled. Once I got him to tone down, he became even better of a wrestler. I think that he is the best wrestler that never went to WWE, and I think he could have gone if he didn't have the medical issues, and he would have had an incredible career."

 He also speaks about his time in NJPW as well: 

"...They have a lot of great wrestlers and a lot of great wrestlers from the west are going over there. There is a good mix of them. It is just amazing how far that company has come because it was big for a long time, but then it calmed down and now it is making its comeback. I am very happy. I think that pro wrestling right now, or sports entertainment, there is a lot to choose from. WWE is a monster, there is no question, and it always will be, but it's nice to see other promotions doing fairly well."


Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Mar 17, 2017 Source: The Wrestling News Hub Magazine, Wrestling Inc Transcript Tags: #wwe #kurt angle

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