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Ryback Comments on Hardy to the WWE Rumors, Kevin Owens Conditioning and More

Posted By: Mario Anderson on Mar 07, 2017

Ryback Comments on Hardy to the WWE Rumors, Kevin Owens Conditioning and More

Former WWE superstar Ryback posted his latest episode of his podcast, Conversations with The Big Guy podcast and covered many topics.

On the Hardys returning to WWE: “I get it, I totally get it for them, especially if the money is right for them at this stage of their life, especially on the Independence. I know they are doing extremely well, but if they’re at that later stage in their career, I can totally see that. When Jeff was Jeff Hardy, he was running hot in WWE for a long time; there I say, Jeff was always the more popular one, up until #Broken Matt Hardy, which now Matt has surpassed Jeff, that is awesome, because that usually doesn’t happen, and you can tell they are not only brothers but they are real friends."

On Kevin Owens’ conditioning:  "I guarantee you from what Vince has said, he doesn’t have the ideal wrestler’s body, you never watch him and say, ‘ah man’ like he’s blown up, he’s so out of shape, it’s not an issue as far as professional wrestling, so these guys on the Independent level who don’t take care of their bodies cannot rely on the fact that Kevin Owens doesn’t work out and say, oh, this guy is paving the way for all of us because I bet you they don’t know how to work and their conditioning is not on par with Kevin Owens.”

Listen to Ryback's podcast in it's entirety by clicking here

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