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Eric Bischoff Defends How Impact Wrestling Handled The Contracts Of Matt And Jeff Hardy

Posted By: Kenny Williams on Mar 02, 2017

Eric Bischoff Defends How Impact Wrestling Handled The Contracts Of Matt And Jeff Hardy

During the most recent edition of his "Bischoff On Wrestling" podcast, Eric Bischoff took the opportunity to discuss the recent departure of Matt and Jeff Hardy from Impact Wrestling. He also responded to a report from Ryan Satin of ProWrestling.net, in which it was stated that The Hardys "felt disrespected" by the company officials during contract negotiations. Bischoff further stated that he felt that the "Broken Hardy" gimmick didn't really do much to increase ratings for the company, and also came to Impact Wrestling's defense on how they handled The Hardys' contracts.

Below is what Bischoff had to say:

"Perception isn’t always reality, unfortunately. Most times it is. When it comes down to a financial decision… if you look at the last fifty-two weeks of Impact ratings… I think you’d be hard pressed to assign any momentary or spurt that they’ve had in ratings. Or growth they’ve had in ratings in any given week or two week period. It would be hard to assign that to any particular talent. I know that the 'Broken' Hardy thing is really popular on the internet. I’ve been to events. Signings and independent events where Matt or Jeff Hardy have been. Usually Matt and I see the kind of response it gets. It’s great on the internet. It’s great in the peripheral wrestling community. If you just look at the television numbers and how those numbers equate to real revenue, not perceived revenue, I think it would be hard for anybody on the roster over the last twelve or eighteen months to say, ‘Hey! I did that!’…That’s a decision. If you are going to ask for more money or are going to ask to be treated differently financially you have to have a justification for it and there is none."

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