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WWE Elimination Chamber LIVE COVERAGE & RESULTS (02/12/2017)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Feb 12, 2017

WWE Elimination Chamber LIVE COVERAGE & RESULTS (02/12/2017)

1. "The Irish Lass-Kicker" Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James

They lock up and the veteran James takes Becky down. They stay in the collar-and-elbow tie-up to the outside of the ring. Becky may have been looking for the Dis-Arm-Her but Mickie got to the ropes. Becky kicks Mickie off of the ring apron and attacks her outside the ring and throws her back in. Mickie suckered her in and takes control now. Mickie continues to attack Becky's arm. Mickie has been dominating most of this match so far. Mickie kicked Becky in the shoulder and then threw her shoulder-first into the post. Mickie gives Becky a Hurricanrana out of the corner. After an exchange of strikes, Becky Lynch takes control. BeckSploder Suplex. A Flapjack and a kippup by Mickie. Lou Thesz Press off the top rope by Mickie but Becky kicks out. Missile Dropkick by Becky. Becky went for a Pumphandle Slam but Mickie hit her with the Mick Kick. Becky kicks out. Mickie went for the DDT but Becky countered and went for the Dis-Arm-Her. Mickie gets out of it but Becky rolls up Mickie for the 3-count. Becky Lynch defeats the legendary Mickie James.

2. Two-on-One Handicap Match: Apollo Crews & Kalisto vs. "The Show-Off" Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler attacked Kalisto from behind in the entrance way. Ziggler threw Kalisto into the entrance screen. It appears as though this will now be a one-on-one match. Crews is attacking Ziggler right off the bat. It's all Crews right now. Ziggler has turned things around now. He gives Crews a Neckbreaker between the top and middle rope. Another Neckbreaker now but Crews kicks out. Ziggler has Crews in a Rear Chinlock now. Ziggler uses some of his amateur wrestling skills to take Crews down and apply the Rear Chinlock once again. Ziggler hits a third Neckbreaker on Crews. Kalisto is trying to come down to the ring now. Crews hits a huge Enzuigiri on Ziggler and now they're both down. Kalisto came in on fire and was able to stun Ziggler enough to allow Crews to make the tag and come in and give Ziggler the Spin-Out Sitdown Powerbomb. Apollo Crews and Kalisto defeat Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler attacked them both after the match. He puts Apollo's ankle in a steel chair and stomped on the chair, seemingly breaking his ankle. Ziggler then did it again to make sure Crews was injured.

3. Tag Team Turmoil Match For SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship: American Alpha vs. The Usos vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno vs. Breezango vs. The Ascension vs. The Vaudevillains

It's Slater and Rhyno vs. Breezango to start things out. Slater and Rhyno are doing well so far. Fandango trips Slater from outside the ring and now Breezango are in control. Slater tags Rhyno and Fandango didn't see it. Fandango rolled up Slater but the ref wouldn't count because Slater wasn't legal. Fandango turns around into a Gore from Rhyno. Breezango are eliminated and here come The Vaudevillains. Gotch and English are in control of Slater right now. Rhyno Gores Gotch and then Slater gives English an Inverted DDT and The Vaudevillains are eliminated. Here come The Usos. Jey Uso hit a Samoan Drop on Slater but Rhyno broke up the pin. Jimmy Uso Superkicks Slater and they have eliminated Heath Slater and Rhyno. Here come Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. The Usos meet them in the entrance way and now they're brawling. Gable hit a Flying Crossbody on Jey Uso but he kicked out. Jimmy kicked Gable in the back of the head when Gable went into the ropes and now The Usos are double-teaming Chad Gable. The Usos are keeping Gable in their corner and tagging in and out. Gable and Uso Clothesline each other and they were both down. The tags are made and now Jason Jordan is cleaning house. A quick tag by Gable and he rolls up one of The Usos for the elimination. But The Usos continue to attack after the elimination. The Usos are destroying American Alpha. Here come Konnor and Viktor: The Ascension. They give Jordan the Fall of Man but Gable broke up the pin. They continue to work over Jordan but Jordan kicks out again. Jordan tags in Gable and they manage to hit the Grand Amplitude on Viktor out of nowhere and American Alpha retain the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship.

4. Nikki Bella vs. Natalya Neidhart

Natalya does the "You Can't See Me" and then slaps Nikki and takes control early on. Nikki catches her in a Cross Armbreaker. Nikki then slaps Natalya and Nattie takes her down and starts pounding on her. Natalya then takes Nikki down again and starts kicking her. Nikki has Nattie in a Kneebar now. They go outside the ring after Nikki hits Nattie with a Flying Clothesline and then Nattie shoves Nikki into the post. Back in the ring now, Natalya is in control once again. Snapmare and a Dropkick to the spine of Nikki Bella. Natalya gave Nikki the Spinning Toehold and then did the "You Can't See Me" again. Nikki got her in the STF but Nattie got to the rope. Nattie hits the Michinoku Driver but Nikki kicks out. Nikki hit a huge forearm to the face of Nattie but Nattie kicked out. Spinebuster by Nikki but Nattie kicks out. Springboard Enzuigiri by Nikki but Natalya kicks out. Superplex by Natalya and they're both down now. Natalya has the Sharpshooter locked in now. Nikki rolls out and counters into the STF. Nattie got to the rope and now they're fighting outside. Both Superstars have been counted out. Natalya continues to assault Nikki Bella after the match. Nikki then Speared Natalya on the entrance ramp before the referee was able to break up the fight. Natalya ran backstage and now Nikki's music is playing.

5. "The Viper" Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper

Harper hit a Shoulder Tackle but Orton easily kicks out. Orton goes outside the ring to regroup. Right now Harper has the advantage. Harper hits a Dropkick on Orton. Harper then climbed up to the top but Orton knocked him down to the outside of the ring. They're back outside the ring again and Orton bounces Harper's head on the announce table and then Suplexes Harper onto it. Orton throws Harper back into the ring and goes for the pin but Harper kicks out. Rear Chinlock now by Orton. Harper just did a Senton Atomico on Orton and then followed with Big Boot right to Orton's face for a near fall. Harper Catapult's Orton throat-first into the ropes. Harper hits a Suicide Dive on Orton which sends "The Viper" all the way across the announce table. Harper gives Orton his own Side Suplex onto the announce table. Orton quickly turns the tide with a Scoop Powerslam. Harper tried to Suplerplex Orton to the outside of the ring but Orton countered it into a regular Superplex on Harper into the ring. Orton with a Full Nelson Slam on Harper but Harper kicks out. Draping DDT by Orton. Orton wanted to go for the RKO but Harper caught him with TWO THUNDEROUS Superkicks. Orton barely managed to kick out of the second one. Sit-Out Powerbomb by Harper but Orton kicks out. Harper went for the Discuss Clothesline but Orton pushed him away and hits THE RKO OUT OF NOWHERE! Randy Orton defeats the very dangerous Luke Harper.

6. SmackDown Live Women's Championship Match: Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi

Alexa flipped her hair in Naomi's face and turned her back to her, which gave Naomi the chance to roll her up but Alexa kicked out. Alexa just threw Naomi into the turnbuckle extremely hard. The Champion is in control here. A series of counters leads to a big Roundhouse Kick by Naomi and a punch from Alexa and they both went down. They're back up now and Naomi has the advantage. Blockbuster by Naomi but Alexa kicks out. Naomi hit the Rear View on Alexa but Alexa kicked out. Alexa hits Insult to Injury but Naomi kicks out. Alexa with a Snap DDT but Naomi kicks out. Naomi went for the Split-Legged Moonsault but only grazed Alexa and Alexa got her in the Oklahoma Roll but the ref caught her with her feet on the ropes. Alexa goes for Twisted Bliss but Naomi gets the knees up and then hits the Split-Legged Moonsault for the win. Naomi is the new Women's Champion. Renee Young is in the ring interviewing Naomi and the crowd is chanting "You Deserve It!" at Naomi.

7. Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship: John Cena vs. "The Phenomenal" A.J. Styles vs. "The Lone Wolf" Baron Corbin vs. The Miz vs. "The Eater of Worlds" Bray Wyatt vs. "The Lunatic Fringe" Dean Ambrose

John Cena and A.J. Styles started things out. Here comes "The Lunatic Fringe" Dean Ambrose. It's Ambrose and Cena. Now Ambrose is focusing his attention on Styles. Ambrose has the advantage as both Cena and Styles tired each other out. Ambrose climbs on top of the pod and gives Cena a Flying Elbow Drop. Cena gives BOTH Ambrose and Styles a German Suplex at the same time. Lunatic Lariat on Styles. Here comes "The Eater of Worlds" Bray Wyatt. Wyatt is cleaning house. Cena and Styles both climbed the wall of the Chamber and Styles knocked Cena down. Cena hit the floor of the Chamber hard. Ambrose tried to give Bray the Flying Elbow but Bray caught him with a hard strike. Ambrose Powerbombed Bray Wyatt while Wyatt gave Styles a Belly-to-Belly Suplex at the same time. In comes Baron Corbin. It's Corbin and Ambrose and Corbin is getting the better of it. Deep Six on Ambrose. Baron Corbin is the only man standing right now. End of Days on Styles immediately followed by an STF on Corbin by Cena. Corbin gets out of it and hits End of Days on Cena. The Miz's pod has been opened up but Corbin is waiting on him. Corbin was looking at Miz and Ambrose rolled him up and eliminated him! Baron Corbin is gone! Before leaving, Corbin violently throws Ambrose through a pod. Corbin isn't done with Ambrose yet. He continues to pulverize him and gives him the End of Days. The Miz enters the ring and pins the unconscious Dean Ambrose to eliminate him. "The Lunatic Fringe" is out. Miz is doing the Daniel Bryan kicks on everybody now. Skull-Crushing Finale to Bray Wyatt outside the ropes. The Miz was dominating the Elimination Chamber Match but John Cena gave him the AA and eliminated him. Cena is dominating the match now. A TEN-KNUCKLE SHUFFLE on Styles and Bray Wyatt. Styles Clash on Cena! But Cena kicks out. AA on Styles but A.J. kicks out! Cena climbs up onto a pod and gives both Styles and Bray a Flying Crossbody. SISTER ABIGAIL ON JOHN CENA! CENA IS OUT! IT'S DOWN TO BRAY WYATT AND A.J. STYLES! Wyatt and Styles are going at it here. Styles knees Wyatt hard in the face. Springboard 450 Splash by Styles but Wyatt kicks out. A.J. Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm... SISTER ABIGAIL! BRAY WYATT WINS! BRAY WYATT WINS! BRAY WYATT IS THE WWE CHAMPION!

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