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WWE SmackDown Live Results (12/13) Washington D.C.

WWE SmackDown Live Results (12/13) Washington D.C.

Ric Serrano III from The Wrestling POV Podcast here with your SmackDown Live, Live Coverage



- Carmella def Natalya via pinfall

- The Hype Bros Win Tag Team Battle Royal

- Becky Lynch def Alexa Bliss via count out

- Dolph Ziggler def The Miz, Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose. NEW #1 Contender for WWE CHAMPIONSHIP


SmackDown Live- December 13, 2016

Welcome to SmackDown Live. We open up with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan watching the end of the Main Event Last Week on SmackDown Live. Shane tells Ellsworth he can't do things like getting involved in matches, especially title matches. Ellsworth is sneezing and coughing. Daniel Bryan says Ellsworth is in no shape to fight for the WWE Title tonight and to go home. Shane and Daniel say they will need to find a New #1 contender.

Miz TV with AJ Styles

Crowd chanting AJ Styles. AJ says looks like Ellsworth came down with "CHIN-fluenza" and that he will beat Ellsworth down, down the line. Miz compliments AJ Styles hair and asks him what's next for AJ Styles? AJ responds with I've beat up John Cena, Dean Ambrose and I will destroy James Ellsworth, who's on my level? Miz says he's above AJ's level and maybe it's time he made the WWE Championship Legendary. They square up and Dean Ambrose interrupts. AJ/Miz stand on the apron. Dolph Ziggler interrupts. Dolph calls them paper champs who can't win a match without cheating. Dolph attacks Miz but Miz gets the best of him by hitting a Skull Crushing Finale. Dean Ambrose hits a Dirty Deeds on Miz. AJ leaves with Dean staring him down. Dean turns and hits the Dirty Deeds on Dolph. The Lights Go Out and Luke Harper appears and hits the Discuss Clothesline on Dean Ambrose and he stares down AJ Styles.

Tag Team Battle Royal for #1 Contender for Tag Titles Later Tonight


Daniel Bryan/Shane McMahon backstage

AJ Styles says he needs protection there's too many guys coming after him. Shane says since his title match is off for tonight, there will be a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match to determine the #1 Contender for WWE Championship. Dean Ambrose vs Miz vs Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper if anyone comes to interfere whoever they represent will be eliminated. The Title match will be on the December 27th episode of SmackDown Live.


Nikki Bella on commentary. Natalya tells Nikki she didn't attack her. Natalya double leg takedown. Carmella escapes ring. Natalya with a ground and pound. Carmella leaves ring.


Natalya with a snap suplex and corner attacks while calling Carmella a liar and pathetic. Carmella with a clothesline and corner stomps. Carmella calls Natalya the liar and hits a Bronco-Buster. Carmella with a body scissor submission, screaming she's a liar. Nikki says she can't believe her good friend Natalya could do that to her. Carmella with a guillotine submission. Natalya picks up Carmella and hits a Michinoku Driver. Natalya goes for the sharpshooter and Carmella escapes to outside. Nikki stands in Natalyas face. Natalya pushes Nikki out of the way and clotheslined an attacking Carmella. Natalya throws Carmella in the ring and tells Nikki she didn't do it. Carmella with a roll up pin for the win.

Winner of the match by pinfall: Carmella


 A look back at John Cena hosting Saturday Night Live. John Cena Returns to SmackDown Live in 2 Weeks in Chicago.

Gabriel Iglesias is backstage and talks with Apollo Crews. Maryse calls for quiet as Miz needs to concentrate for his match. Maryse calls Gabriel's shirt ugly and Gabriel says where did you get your suit from Miz, Uranus? Miz calls them immature and he doesn't have time for Creed or a Fluffy piece of...Apollo shushes Miz. Miz says he doesn't have time for this and leaves.




Mojo eliminates Simon Gotch (Bell rang and Mojo clotheslined Gotch to the outside)

Gable eliminates Viktor

Konnor eliminates Chad Gable

Heath Slate eliminates Rhyno (Rhyno on apron getting attacked by Fandango, Heath goes for Flying Lariat, Fandango dodges, hit Rhyno)


Fandango eliminates Mojo Rawley

Jason Jordan eliminates Aiden English (Vaudvillians Eliminated)

Heath Slater eliminates Fandango

Tyler Breeze eliminates Jason Jordan (American Alpha Eliminated)

Konnor eliminates Heath Slater (Heath/Rhyno Eliminated)

Konnor eliminates Tyler Breeze (Breezango Eliminated)

Zack Ryder eliminates Konnor (Ascension Eliminated)

Winners of the match and NEW Tag Team #1 Contenders: The Hype Bros


Alexa Bliss in action Up Next


Black and White Baron Corbin Vignette. Baron riding a motorcycle, snarling wolf, with Baron saying you couldn't beat me if you wanted to.

ALEXA BLISS VS Deonna Purrazzo

Alexa grabs mic and says unlike Becky Lynch she doesn't do charity cases. Who do you think you are Jane Ellsworth? It's just... attacks woman with microphone. Becky Lynch interrupts. Apologizes for last week because Alexa wasn't in gear but she is tonight. Asks for rematch right now. Alexa says fine you have your match just not tonight, leaves ring and says its on her terms. Shane McMahon interupts walks up to Alexa. Says that's not how we roll here and you have a Women's Championship right now.



Becky goes for disarmer, Alexa escapes. Becky with front waste lock, goes for pin gets 2 count. Becky with 2 arm drags, hits springboard corner kick. Alexa with kick to gut, grounds Becky and steps on her hair. Becky with rolling crucifix pin for 2 count. Becky hits flying corner firearm. Becky goes for disarmer, Alexa gets to the ropes goes to the outside. Becky jumps off steps and hits forearm. Alexa goes to the other side of the ring and starts limping. Alexa gets counted out.

Winner of Match by Count Out: Becky Lynch

After match Becky throws Alexa back in the ring. Alexa stomps Becky with "injured" leg. Becky goes for Disarmer and Alexa escapes still Champion and starts limping again.


Elimination Fatal 4 Way Up Next


A look at Randy Orton Guest Starring in "Shooter"



Participants make their entrance.


AJ Styles on Commentary

Harper dropkicks Dean to the outside. Harper tosses Dolph in the air hits him with an uppercut. Harper with a suicide dive to Dean. Miz looks scared, applauds Harper, extends hand. Harper hits Miz with an uppercut and hits him with a Michinoku Driver. Dolph dropkick to Harper, Dean with a front dropkick to Harper. Dolph and Dean double clothesline Harper to the outside. Dolph roll up pin on Miz for 2 count. Miz hits DDT on Dolph. Miz with Yes Kicks to Dolph. Miz corner dropkicks to Dolph. Dean hits running bulldog on Miz. Harper catches Dean's suicide dive attempt and Dean goes for Lunatic Lariat and Harper hits big boot. Harper with Argentine nack breaker on Dolph. Dean goes for Dirty Deeds and gets superkicked by Dolph and Dean hits Lunatic Lariat on Harper. Dean rolls up Miz for 3 count. Dean eliminates Miz via pinfall. Dolph hits Zig Zag on Harper. Dean hits standing elbow drop on Dolph. Harper with a black hole slam and 2 count on Dean. Harper with sit down powerbomb on Dolph for 2 count. Harper running corner elbows on both Dean and Dolph. Dolph superkicks Harper and Dean hits Harper with the Dirty Deeds and eliminates Harper via pinfall. Dolph small package pin for 2 count. Miz returns and Dolph chases after him. Dean suicide dive to Miz, Dolph hits him with superkick. Dean throws Dolph into turnbuckle and rolls Dolph into the ring. Miz grabs Deans foot and Dean throws him into barrier. Dolph hits superkick on Dean for the win via pinfall.

Winner of the match by pinfall: Dolph Ziggler




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