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Mick Foley Shares Fundraiser To Help Chyna's Mother Pay For Legal Fees

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Dec 09, 2016

Mick Foley Shares Fundraiser To Help Chyna's Mother Pay For Legal Fees

Chyna's mother, Janet, had to go through a lot to get the estate back from Chyna's former manager. Janet is asking for funds to help pay for legal fees and such other means to help move forward. 

Mick Foley, SmackDown's General Manager, shared a post on Facebook about this.

I had a nice talk with Joanie Laurer's mom yesterday. While Joanie had been estranged from her mother for much of her adult life, including the entirety of her WWE run, the two eventually made peace and had become quite close by the end of Joanie's life. Joanie's mom is attempting to gain control of her daughter's estate – but is trying to do it on a very limited budget, and the legal costs are more than she can handle.

Don't be fooled by the word "estate" - there is not a lot of money left, if any. But Chyna's mom is attempting to do the right thing by allowing whatever personal effects she did leave behind to stay with the family and not with her manager, so that her family may finally be at peace with her loss. Whatever help you can give will be much appreciated. 

A link to the fundraiser can be found here. Below is a small blurb from the fundraiser itself.

We the fans, are helping the late Chyna's mum Janet, to help raise funds to protect Chyna's rights. Chyna loved the fans and did her upmost to keep us happy. It's our turn to return the favour and help out the best we can.

Her mum Jan is trying her upmost hardest to protect her daughter's rights from her ex-manager. this will be a long tough ride and a costly one. this is Jan's request to reach out for support and the kindness of Chyna's fans to help raise some or all funds to help get through the journey of the legal road.
This is what Chyna have wanted and would make her proud. this is for Chyna and her family. please donate what you can no matter how little it all helps. thankyou

From Jan herself.
As Joanie's mother (the late Chyna) and am requesting help in a personal capacity to help with legal fees to help wrap up her affairs, and to help her rest in peace. This is not being done in an official estate capacity, but just merely personally as her mom

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