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The Rock’s HBO Series “Ballers” Moves Filming Location

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Dec 02, 2016

The Rock’s HBO Series “Ballers” Moves Filming Location

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted the following about the future of his HBO series Ballers:

“I'm excited to bring our @HBO's#Ballers to California for SEASON 3.

Of course we wanted to keep production in Miami, but the rebate was no longer in our favor. West Coast is a great $business move for us and most importantly we'll create thousands of jobs for hard working locals, vendors, actors and crew.

Great to see the state of California be terrific partners, step up and level the tax credit playing field.

Now on our film side, the impact of shooting my big budget movies in California would be huge with the jobs and income we could generate for all the locals and crew. That'd be amazing for them. Lots of people feel shooting big budget movies in LA has become a crack pipe impossible dream, but I say never say never. There's already a California rebate (which proudly Ballers is getting) but we need to keep expanding it to allow for big studio films that I love making for you. Plus, it gives me something to do with my time so me and my partners will be working on this one.

This new move also opens our #Ballersstorylines to a whole new creative level and west coast dynamic and vibe.

Get ready West Coast.. its time to ball out.

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