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NXT TakeOver Toronto Results (11/19) *Live Coverage*

NXT TakeOver Toronto Results (11/19) *Live Coverage*


- NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura loses to Somoa Joe 

- NXT Women's Champion Auska def Mickie James

- NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival lose to #DIY (2 out of 3 Falls Match)

- TM61 lose to The Authors Of Pain (Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Final)

- Tye Dillinger loses to Bobby Roode




Both men engage in a battle of fists with Roode taunting the crowd. Roode controls most of the match as Dillinger doesn't have a counter for the onslaught of Bobby Roode. Dillinger goes to the outside and Roode drives him into the barricade.

Roode throws him back in the ring and continues the attack. Bobby Roode is systematically directing Dillinger. He continues the attack with the chops. Roode with the elbow to the back of Dillinger's neck. Roode kicks out off the backslide but he comes back with a neck breaker. The nasty streak of Roode is clearly showing in his attack on Dillinger. He comes back though with an atomic drop to Roode. Dillinger tries to build momentum with a knee and stop. The momentum of this match has clearly shifted in favour of Dillinger. 

Both men are now going back and forth but Roode hits the DDT for the win over Tye Dillinger. Dillinger makes to his feet with a standing ovation of respect from the NXT universe. However, tonight Bobby Roode proved that he was too much for Dillinger to handle. 


The cage is being brought down for Paul Ellerring. Both the authors of pain are on the outside with TM61. Rezar with the pin but doesn't get the three. Paul Ellerring is helpless in the cage above the ring. 16 teams began the tournament and we are down to two. Shane Thorn thrown across the ring. 

A tag is made to Nick Miller who is tossing around AOP with ease. Things are breaking down for AOP. Thorn and Miller have control. The pinning predicament is broken up. Ellerring drooped a chain from the cage. Cover. Kick out. Tag made to Akam. THE LAST CHAPTER CONNECTS!! The authors of pain win the Dusty tag team classic cup. Now with the Dusty cup and and Paul Ellerring, who can stop AOP. Triple H joins them to present them with the trophy along with the regal and goldust.  


DIY now face The Revival for the tag titles. We now are seeing a promo showing what happened when these two teams met at TakeOver Brooklyn. 

DIY make their way to the ring and the crowd is going wild. The Revival come to the ring and taunt the crowd. The bell rings as the crowd chants DIY. Gargano starts with Dawson. A pinning predicament follows resulting in a two count. Tie up followed by a chop from Dawson. Shoulder block by Dawson. Double drop kicks from DIY. Dawson now works the referees five count. 

Dash Wilder now comes in. Leg drop followed by a cover. This results in a two count. Gargano in and builds momentum. Tag made to Wilder and The Revival wins the first fall. We are now in the second fall. Gargano suffers a suplex followed by a cover but Gargano refuses to give up. Tag made to Dawson followed by a double team. Gargano is being worn down. Gory special applied by Dawson. The crowd trying to will DIY back into this match. Gargano is fighting back with heart and spirit. Tag made to Ciampa. The revival connect with the heart attack but Gargano kicks out. Ciampa with a knee but dawson survives. 

Dawson and Wilder set up for a double team, went for the pin but didn't get the three. Stereo kicks and DIY wins the second fall. We are tied up.

Wilder and Gargano going head to head with strikes in the third fall. Kick to the gut. DDT to Dawson but it didn't get the three. The crowd are going crazy. Tag made. Double team again, pinning attempt but its broken up by Ciampa. Small package by DIY didnt get the three. Gargano was looking for the kick but it was blocked with the tittle. Figure four leg lock by Dawson. Will Gargano tap? No he doesn't!!!!

FACE FIRST GOES WILDER BUT HE KICKS OUT!!!! WHAT A MATCH AT TAKEOVER!!!! We are seeing what both teams will do for the titles. Chop block to both legs of Gargano. Jackknife cover but no!!! Gargano and Ciampa with double submissions. The revival tap out!!!!! WE HAVE NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!!! 


For the first time in 6 years Mickie James is back but can she survive Auska. THE EMPRESS OF TOMORROW HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!! Auska has been undefeated since her debut. No one has found the cure to the reign of terror that Auska has brought to the Women's division. The bell rings we are underway. Tie up and both women looking to gain an advantage. Sportsmanship shown side headlock by Mickie attempting to neutralise Auska. Counter by Mickie and a dropkick. Auska retreating to the outside. Mickie inviting her back in. Hammerlock by Mickem which was countered by Auska. She now kicks Mickie who returns the favour. Auska with a hip attack sending Mickie to the outside. Hip attack one more time!! Mickie gets a boot up in the face of Auska. Auska his a German Suplex on the floor. She is now firmly in control with a glancing blow to the mid section of Mickie. It seems as if the back has now become the focal point of Auska's attack. She is now striking Mickie with those dangerous kicks. Single leg crab my Mickie who now has the advantage.  

Mickie James and Auska exchanging strikes and Mickie with the advantage. Face first goes Auska off the flapjack. Top rope, and down goes Auska. She didnt get the three of the pin. Armbar by Auska but Mickie countered with a kick. Cover!! Auska got her foot on the rope. Auska lock in deep and Mickie taps out!! Auska retains the title!!!!!! 

Both women back to their feet and they shake hands out of respect. Mickie came so close but on this night Auska prevails. 


Somoa Joe is in the ring and has one thing on his mind and that is to become NXT CHAMPION. Nakamura will do anything he can to get revenge on Joe and retain the title. Joe seems off his game due to the overwhelming support for Nakamura. These two unstoppable forces clash for the title. Who will emerge victorious? The bell rings and Nakamura begins with devastating kicks and punches. It is electric in Toronto!!!!!!! The onslaught from Nakamura causes Joe to take a break and both men now on the outside. Both men in the crowd and exchanging punches. 

Joe sent back into the ringside area. Joe sent back in the ring and Nakamura continues the offence until Joe counters. Nakamura fights back with knees but is caught by Joe planting Nakamura on the mat. Joe with the cover but doesn't get the three. Joe plants the knees of Nakamura into the mat taking out his kicks. Kneebar by Joe. Counter by Nakamura but Joe regains control. Joe taking out Nakamura with a huge dive. What is Joe thinking? Joe looking to regain the title and will do anything to get it back. Cover by Joe but the champion refuses to go down. Nakamura connects with a kick and builds momentum. Nakamura hits the running knee to Joe. Joe kicks out after a pin attempt. Nakamura with a front face lock on Joe. 

Joe with a crossface, will Nakamura tap? Joe could be champion. Powerslam by Joe but Nakamura kicks out of the pin. Frustration perhaps setting in for Joe. Nakamura with a knee to the face of Joe. Knee to the chin of Joe. Count of five but Joe gets back to his feet. Both men engage in open hand strikes. Down goes Joe. Joe going for a suplex but Nakamura countered with a German suplex. Joe with the clutch after withstanding the kinshasa. Dragon suplex by Joe but Nakamura kicked out. Kinshasa to the back of the head of Joe. He is out!!!!! Back first into the steps goes Nakamura. Muscle buster by Joe. SAMOA JOE IS ONCE AGAIN CHAMPION!!!!!!! As we leave you tonight the question is this: Who can stop Samoa Joe now that he is a two-time NXT champion??






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