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WWE Smackdown Live Results (11/1) Newark, New Jersey

WWE Smackdown Live Results (11/1) Newark, New Jersey


- Randy Orton def. Kane

- Alexa Bliss and Carmella def. Nikki Bella and Becky Lynch

- American  Alpha def. Spirit Squad

- Dolph Ziggler def. Curt Hawkins

- The Usos def. The Headbangers

- Dean Ambrose def. AJ Styles



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Smackdown Live Intro

Welcome to WWE Smackdown Live and we are live from the Prudential Centre in Newark, new Jersey and Smackdown kicks off with a most unlikely beginning as James Ellsworth makes his way out to the ring

Ellsworth says he wants to take this opportunity to thank Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan for letting him come out to the ring on Smackdown Live to say goodbye

After his actions last week, he hasn't been able to eat or sleep. He won't be able to move on with his life until he can tell Dean Ambrose he is truly sorry and calls Ambrose out to make things right

Dean Ambrose comes out to the ring and says he's had a lot of time to think about ripping Ellsworth's head off with his bare hands but can't stay mad when Ellsworth looks at him and says it's his fault for bringing Ellsworth to ringside

Ellsworth says because of Ambrose he holds two victories over AJ Styles and repays Ambrose by costing him the WWE Championship and any man with two hands can make a mistake

Ambrose says it's okay but tells him to never get in his way again. Ellsworth says if he could he'd go back in time and change things but all he can do is look in Ambrose's eyes and say I'm Sorry

AJ Styles' music plays and out comes the WWE World Champion. Styles wonders if Ellsworth is seriously apologizing and why to Ambrose. The crowd starts an "AJ Styles" chant and Styles says Ellsworth has beeen used by Ambrose the last couple of weeks and Ambrose doesn't respect him.

Styles respects Ellsworth more than Ambrose. He was going to take it easy and make it as quick and painless as possible but it was Ambrose who egged Styles on to punch him harder. If Ellsworth should apologize to anyone it should be to Styles because he's the reason Ellsworth has his own merchandise and if Styles is being honest, Ellsworth owes Styles his career

Ambrose says he likes Ellsworth because he doesn't take the easy way out unlike Styles. Styles shoves Ellsworth into Ambrose and kicks Ambrose. Styles then throws Ellsworth out of the ring and hits Ambrose with the phenomenal elbow

Video: Kane vs Bray Wyatt from last tuesday's Smackdown when Randy Orton hit an RKO on Kane

Up Next: Randy Orton vs Kane - No Disqualification Match


Backstage: Daniel Bryan stops the bickering between Ellsworth and Ambrose and tells them to bring it down. Bryan says Ambrose gets another shot at AJ Styles tonight and if he wins he's #1 Contender but this is his last chance no matter what. Bryan tells Ellsworth not to say a word. He's allowed to stay in the back area and watch Smackdown Live but under no circumstances is he to go out to ringside


Orton quickly slides to the outside where he goes on the offence. Orton brings a chair into play early on but it's Kane with the interception bringing the chair down across Orton's back. Back in the ring, Orton turns the tables. Kane reverses an irish whip and lands a clothesline in the corner

Sidewalk slam to Orton and Kane is setting up for the chokeslam but the lights go out. The lights are back on and Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt appear at ringside. Kane blocks an RKO and connects with a boot.

Kane takes out the Wyatt Family and turns his attention back to Orton. Wyatt and Orton run back in and double team Kane allowing Orton to hit the RKO for the three count

The winner of the match: Randy Orton

Post Match: Luke Harper connects with the discus clothesline to Kane and Orton shoves Kane into a waiting Bray Wyatt who hits the Sister Abigail on The Big Red Machine.

Tonight: MizTV with special guest Daniel Bryan

Up Next: Alexa Bliss and Carmella vs Becky Lynch and Nikki Bella


Video: Baron Corbin Vigette


Carmella and Nikki start things off and Carmella quickly slides to the outside. Alexa tags in. Waistlock by Nikki and Alexa with an elbow. Cheap shot to Becky but she ducks and Nikki and Becky clear the ring. Double dropkick to both Alexa and Carmella as Smackdown goes to break


Becky unloads on Carmella. Fire arm by Becky and the Becksploder into a nearfall but Alexa breaks up the pin. Alexa in and Becky hooks her up nailing an inverted DDT

Right hand to Carmella sends her crashing off the apron. Alexa looks for a sleeper but Becky shakes her off. Alexa turns Becky around and nails a DDT for the three count

The winners of the match: Alexa Bliss and Carmella

Post Match: Alexa says now that they've beaten Nikki and Becky for the millionth time who is she looking forward to humiliating in Survivor Series. Carmella calls out Bayley and Charlotte and says not one woman on Raw can hang with the girls on Smackdown. Carmella says Nikki better know her role at Survivor Series and follow the princess of Staten Island's lead. Alexa says and for Becky next week won't be any different when she takes Becky's women championship

Backstage: Daniel and Shane tell Naomi she's made the women's Survivor Series team. Natalya walks in and again petitions to be the coach for the women's team. This time she quotes Aretha Franklin's 'Respect'. Bryan finally agrees and names her the coach

Tonight: AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose



Kenny caught Gable with a right hand after a distraction by Mikey. Moonsault by Mikey for a one-count. Both men hit the ropes and apparently there was a headbutt somewhere as they connected, though it showed so much light I’m not sure who was actually supposed to have hit the move. Jason Jordan tagged in and worked over both cheerleaders. Jordan missed a shoulder charge in the corner. Kenny rolled him up for two. After Kenny was taken out, Alpha hit Grand Amplitude for the win

The winners of the match: American Alpha



Maryse introduces The Miz and Miz welcomes everyone to Miz TV. Miz introduces his special guest Daniel Bryan. Miz says it's nice sitting here like two colleagues not ripping each other's heads off. He runs a tight ship unlike Daniel and his crew at Talking Smack.

Bryan calls Miz passive aggressive and asks if everyone would love to see MizTV get cancelled. Bryan is all set to make announcements. The first of which is there will be two more qualifying matches for the Smackdown Survivor Series tag team. miz says that's all well and good but he wants to know who will be on the Smackdown Men's Survivor Series team

Bryan says it will be Randy Orton, Baron Corbin, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose and....WWE World Champion AJ Styles. Miz asks a series of questions to which Bryan's answer is no. Miz says he is Bryan's only chance at survival but Bryan is too petty and Smackdown Live affords opportunities to anyone who's name isn't Miz

Bryan says Miz was considered but there were a lot of combustible elements and they need people who are willing to fight any time and last week Miz proved he was afraid to fight. Dolph Ziggler offered to fight Miz last week but he turned it down because it wasn't on Miz' term. Well, at Survivor Series he needs men who will fight on their terms

Miz says no it's on Bryan's terms. Miz isn't scared to fight, Bryan is scared. Bryan isn't good at his job or anything anymore and tells Bryan to go back to doing what he does best which is sit and mope around John Cena's house. Bryan throws a stool and says Miz isn't good at wrestling and tells him to leave the fighting to real superstars.

Miz turned down Ziggler last week. Meanwhile, there are a lot of guys in the back who would jump at the opportunity and Miz can sit back and watch as Ziggler defends his Intercontinental Championship in an open challenge match



Hawkins cuts a promo on Ziggler and Ziggler connects with a superkick for the quick three count

Post Match: Ziggler says last week Miz told the world Ziggler was not a fighting champion. The truth is he's been fighting for the intercontinental championship his whole life and says at Survivor Series fantasy warfare becomes reality. Last week, Ziggler gave Miz an opportunity but Miz said it's on his terms well now it's on Ziggler's terms and challenges anyone to come and take the title

Backstage: Dean Ambrose says he's confident he can beat Styles. Last week Ellworth cost him the title but it was Ambrose's fault for bringing him down to ringside. Ellsworth walks in and pleads with Ambrose to come down to ringside

Up Next: The Headbangers vs The Usos


Backstage: Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt are with Randy Orton and Wyatt says Orton is a snake and a snake represents treachery and some say the devil but with that quality he would be a welcome member in the Wyatt Family. Orton says he was born with the devil whispering in his ear and is done fighting it and says Bray Wyatt IS a god


Usos on the offence. Samoan Drop to Thrasher. Mosh unloads with clotheslines. Nearfall on Jimmy. Thrasher throws Jey to the outside meanwhile Jimmy rolls Mosh up for the three count to qualify for the Survivor Series

The winners of the match: The Usos

Backstage: AJ Styles says he's going to beat Dean Ambrose again and this time there won't be any excuses because he won't have his little buddy James Ellsworth out at ringside

Backstage: Ambrose and Ellsworth are standing by the exit door and Ambrose opens the door and shows Ellsworth the way out



Ambrose went after Styles right at the bell, fighting him outside the ring and throwing him over the announce desk. Styles flipped Ambrose into a roll-up for two. Ambrose tried a few of his own, to no avail. Butterfly suplex off the top by Ambrose, but only for two. Styles countered Ambrose into the Calf Crusher. Ambrose reached the ropes quickly. With a running start, Ambrose knocked Styles off the barricade with a forearm and into the timekeeper’s area. Blockbuster attempt by Ambrose missed, and he came up holding his knee. They went to break at 4:32 of the match.


Back from break, Ambrose with a dropkick sending Styles crashing from the apron to the floor. Ambrose to the top rope drops an elbow onto Styles

Styles counters Dirty Deeds. Ambrose with a series of clotheslines. Styles side steps Ambrose looking for the calf crusher. Styles blocks a suplex and connects with one of his own sending Ambrose into the corner

Ambrose with another clothesline and both Styles and Ambrose are down. James Ellsworth runs out through the crowd jumping over the barricades cheering Ambrose on

Nearfall by Styles. Security runs down and Ellsworth escapes through the crowd. Ambrose with a roll up and a count of 2. Right hand by Styles. Styles counters the rebound clothesline.

Counter after counter and calf crusher locked in on Ambrose. Ambrose reaches the ropes forcing the break. Ellsworth again back at ringside and being escorted by security. Styles takes out Ellsworth. Back in the ring, Ambrose picks Styles up and drops him with the Dirty Deeds for the three count

The winner of the match: Dean Ambrose



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