“Both companies were considered ‘the Devil,’” Styles said. “Especially because nobody knew at the end that WWE was actually an investor in ECW. People talked about raiding the ECW locker room. I’m sorry but if you’re getting paid $500 a night to work for ECW four or six times a month and Eric Bischoff and WCW offers you $500,000, yeah, you’re going to take that offer. I was in a position where I could turn away offers because of my job at News Corp got to be a pretty big deal. I wound up being the VP of sales. I was pretty young. I was 29. It wasn’t my living to be in wrestling. For those people that were I never saw them as sell outs for moving on. Maybe because I was a businessman but absolutely looking at you, WCW and the big companies that were looked at as the enemy was Paul motivating the locker room. The funny part is if you look at ECW everybody that deserved a chance to have a career on the big stage did. In the end you can consider these companies “the enemy” but a lot of people made a lot of money working for those two companies. Including myself.”