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Tommy Dreamer Speaks On How ECW Was A Precursor To AMC's The Walking Dead

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Oct 27, 2016

Tommy Dreamer Speaks On How ECW Was A Precursor To AMC's The Walking Dead

Tommy Dreamer will be on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling tomorrow, and along with that came some of the highlights from it, but the entire thing will be out online tomorrow.

 How was ECW possibly the precursor to The Walking Dead?

"I'm totally crazy but I have and I'm going to post it one day on my Facebook page. I have a huge analysis of how ECW was a precursor to The Walking Dead. People will talk about the Walking Dead television show for years because it is so good and they did a lot of things that we did with shock-value and amazing long story-lines and keeping every character pure to itself and when who were the bad guys and who were the good guys? At times we split it where you didn't see stuff coming and I can relate that to when the whole season they are looking for that little girl and she wound up being in the barn as a zombie and I sat there watching it and cried.

If you think about that psychology wise they turned the biggest bad guy, baby face. They turned the zombies baby face and stuff like that was so ground breaking and that is why ECW will be forever revered no matter what and even though we are still and I want to say WWE's red headed step-child or bastard son because they'll still play everything else or promote more stuff than they do still to this day of WCW but that is okay because we still have that underground feel to it and we always will. "

What characters would Tommy Dreamer and more specifically Paul Heyman be in The Walking Dead cast:

"For a while he (Heyman) was Herschel and also they have the same hairstyle. It is the use of the strength of women, the shock-value that when people would leave basically they would get killed off the show. For myself, Rick the cop. He was a normal dude put into an insane extreme circumstance but at the end of the day does the right thing. You got to see the metamorphosis of these characters and how they've changed and I watch everything through a wrestling eye and not just an ECW eye. But for us between Paul Heyman or myself when the fans did not think we could shock you enough, we would shock you.

The Dudleys are leaving and they are going to WWE and people are chanting "thank you" and "please don't go" we switched the titles there in shock and then Bubba says we will lay these down at the altar of Vince McMahon, "boo" and now they are hating them and throwing stuff and here comes Raven. Raven DDTs them and now Raven and Tommy Dreamer are the tag team champions and the people totally forget about the Dudleys. Now we have these two guys who used to be enemies and now have to co-exist. That to me was the first two seasons when the one guy (Rick) came back and his wife was with somebody else (Shane) and they had to deal with all that stuff."


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