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WWE Raw Results (10/24) Minneapolis, Minnesota

WWE Raw Results (10/24) Minneapolis, Minnesota



- Enzo Amore def. Karl Anderson

- Cesaro and Sheamus def. New Day

- Bayley vs Dana Brooke - Armwrestling

- Bo Dallas def. Curtis Axel

- Golden Truth def. Shining Stars

- Rich Swann def. Brian Kendrick

- Seth Rollins def. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho



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Raw Intro

Welcome to Monday Night Raw and Raw this week comes to us from Minneapolis, Minnesota and tonight Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar will respond to Goldberg as well as a Triple Threat Match with Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho

We kick things off with Chris Jericho making his way to the ring. Jericho asks for silence saying he has terrible news. The scheduled Triple Threat Match for tonight has been cancelled until further notice. The reasons for this are catastrophic and so unfathomable it could change the course of WWE. Someone has stolen the List Of Jericho which elicits a chant of "No" from the crowd

Jericho says he will not have anything to do with WWE until he gets his list back and he's not leaving the ring and will stay here all night if he has to. Kevin Owens comes out. The fans start chanting "Where's The List?" Jericho asks Owens if he has the list

Owens says no and he doesn't care about the list. He knows Jericho cares and he cares about Jericho so he'll help him find the list but only after they take care of Seth Rollins tonight. They need to get on the same page. Jericho says there is no match. That list is his property.

Stephanie McMahon comes out. Stephanie says she doesn't have Jericho's list but will do everything in her power to make sure the List Of Jericho is returned to Jericho but until then he needs to listen to Owens. He has a triple threat match with Kevin Owens against Seth Rollins. Stephanie tells him to stop being ridiculous

Jericho says this is the List and there is no match. Seth Rollins is out holding the List behind his back and Jericho spots it saying it's in Rollins' hand and calls him a stupid idiot

Stephanie orders Rollins to bring the list down to the ring now. Rollins reads off the list. Rollins says Jericho put Stephanie on the list. Owens orders Rollins to give Jericho his stupid list back. Owens is also on the list and Jericho says Rollins has taken it a step too far and his best friend would never be on the list and neither would Stephanie.

Rollins is making a list for Kevin Owens made up of parts of him that will never be the same again after stepping into Hell In A Cell with Rollins. Owens has never been inside Hell In A Cell but Rollins has and he thrives on it

Rollins says he will pedigree Owens Sunday and send a message to Stephanie and Triple H that he will stop at nothing to burn their establishment down and tells Jericho if he wants The List to come get it

Tonight: Sasha Banks-Charlotte Contract signing

Up Next: Enzo Amore vs Karl Anderson



Anderson with a high elbow to Enzo. Anderson unloads on Enzo but Enzo turns it around unloading with right hands. Enzo with the wind up delivers a right hand. Gallows causes interference as Enzo gets caught by Anderson who delivers a spinebuster as Raw goes to break


Back from break, Anderson connects with a high kick and another boot to the side of the skull. Anderson connects with a third boot out of the corner

Chinlock on Enzo and Enzo creates separation. Enzo in the corner gets his boots up looking to turn things around. Crossbody onto Anderson. Irish whip into the corner. Enzo looks to rush into the corner but is stopped by the referee.

Anderson with a roll up and Cass on the apron arguing with the referee. Gallows is on the ring apron and Cass begins to argue with the referee. The referee turns his atention to Gallows and Cass connects with a big boot allowing Enzo to pick up the three count

The winner of the match: Enzo Amore


Rusev says sometimes he has trouble sleeping at night but last night he slept great because he woke up knowing Roman Reigns' stranglehold on the United States Championship is coming to an end.

He's done despicable things to Rusev and Lana and this Sunday Rusev will do despicable things to him. Sunday, Reigns will walk in as champion but will walk out CRUSHED



Cesaro with an uppercut and backbreaker. Sheamus tags in irish whipping Kingston into the corner. Another irish whip. Kingston catches Sheamus with a pair of boots. Crossbody onto Sheamus

Big E and Kingston unload with the Unicorn Stomp. Sheamus slides out of the ring. A frustrated Sheamus kicks the barricades while Cesaro tries to calm him down as Raw goes to break


Cesaro and Sheamus in control as Raw comes back from break trying to 1 up each other with uppercuts to Kingston. Sheamus with a clothesline and chinlock.

Sheamus looks for the Ten Beats Of The Bohdran. Sheamus looks for a suplex but Kingston counters into a roll up. Big knee by Sheamus. Cesaro in gets sent into the ringpost

Big E with series of belly to belly suplexes. Sheamus with a backbreaker off the irish whip. High running knee to Big E. Vertical suplex by Cesaro. Cesaro looks for the Giant Swing but Kingston counters. The Uppercut Express leaves the station but it's Kingston countering with an SOS

Big Ending countered as Cesaro looks for the Giant Swing on Big E. Kingston off the top rope but Cesaro side steps. Cesaro and Sheamus on the outside and Kingston gets launched over the ropes but gets caught with an uppercut and Sheamus connects with a Brogue Kick for the three count

The winners of the match: Cesaro and Sheamus

Video: Goldberg's Return

Backstage: Chris Jericho is shown looking for his list and asks The Shining Stars, Titus O'Neil and Jinder Mahal



Dana defeats Bayley right handed. Then left handed, Dana attacks Bayley


Curtis Axel comes out to the ring and says he thought Bo was his friend. After last week however, he had to re-evaluate that friendship and ackowledges his family roots and bloodline which run deep in Minneapolis


Right hand by Axel and Axel unloads on Dallas. Irish whip, Dallas counters and Dallas attacks from behind. Perfect-plex by Axel sends Dallas to the outside

Dallas trips Axel up. Dallas with a chinlock on Axel. Axel fights back. Irish whip into the corner and Axel unloads with xlotheslines. Back elbow and snapmare to Dallas. Nearfall by Axel.

Axel delivering series of knees to Dallas. Dallas counters a kneelift and rolls Axel up for the three count

The winner of the match; Bo Dallas

Backstage: Jericho finds his  List in the hands of Braun Strowman who asks where Sami Zayn's name is and Jericho says it's on page 4 and adds Strowman to the list


Video: Rich Swann Highlight


Shoulder block to Epico. Kick and open hand to Epico. Inverted atomic drop and Goldust goes to work on the arm. Dropkick to Goldust.

Primo unloads with punches and tags in Epico. Epico with a knee on the back of the neck. Epico picks Goldust up. Irish whip, Goldust goes for a sunset flip. Epico tags in. Low dropkick by Primo and Epico with a nearfall

Chinlock on Goldust. Goldust fighting out of it. Epico with an irish whip. Titus O'Neil tries to run interference but Mark Henry as Goldust and Truth hit their big move to pick up the three count

The winners of the match: Golden Truth



Mick Foley introduces both Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Foley says since they first showed up at the Performance Centre they've shattered the glass ceiling and some may say Hell In A Cell is too barbaric for women but this is a new era where women can accomplish anything

Foley has the contracts and says there is no turning back. This match will happen. Sasha says she's never been more ready in her life. Charlotte asks where to sign so the title can come back home on the shoulder of the Queen

Foley says neither of them have any idea what they're getting themselves into. Sasha says she has studied every Hell In A Cell match on the Network. Foley then explains to them what Hell In A Cell is really all about saying it will haunt them, it will make them cry.

Charlotte says she was the first woman to put their hands on the title and will go to hell and back and risk it all to get it back and when it's over Sasha will know the meaning of the word respect and wil learn to respect her queen

Sasha says there is no queen but there is a boss and Charlotte may be the first but Sasha will go down as the best and she may have to crawl back up the ramp broken it won't matter the only thing that matters is the Women's Championship.

Foley gives his powerful speech after which Charlotte signs and tells Sasha she'll see her in Boston. Sasha signs and tells Charlotte she'll see her in hell.

Up Next: Rich Swann vs Brian Kendrick



High-flying segment to start us off from Swann and dropkick with Swann hitting Kendrick with a dropkick. He follows it up with a modified twisting plancha to the outside as we head into a commercial break.


We return from the break to see Kendrick back in control but Swann hits back with punches to the gut. Swan fought out and hit Kendrick with multiple clotheslines followed by a spin kick.

With Kendrick in the corner Swann goes for a splash but Kendrick kicked hi in the face and headed for the middle-rope. Swann hit back with a sweet hurracanrana followed by a Tiger Bomb but he could only get the nearfall.
Kendrick wouldn't be kept down by this however and managed to wrestle back control. He then tried to finish Swann off with the Sliced Bread No. 2 but Swann rolled him up and got the surprise win.

The winner of the match: Rich Swann

Backstage: Kevin Owens says he doesn't care what anyone thinks all that matters is the Universal Championship and this Sunday he and Rollins are going to hell. The only difference is he's coming back


Backstage: Brian Kendrick is with his former friend and current Cruiserweight champion TJ Perkins. Kendrick asks Perkins to lose against him on Sunday as this is his last chance and it is do or die for him. Perkins walks off in disgust.


Lesnar along with his advocate Paul Heyman make their way to the ring and unsurprisingly it is Heyman who has the mic. Boooring. Heyman insists that Goldberg chants have started to piss Brock off before adding that The Myth will be like Humpty Dumpty after he is victimised by Lesnar.

'Suplex City' chants ring around the arena. And now 'Goldberg sucks' start to reverberate. Even Lesnar is laughing. Brock Lesnar didn't say a word and both him and Heyman make their way back.

Backstage: Chris Jericho is happy he found his list. Kevin Owens asks if he's ready for their match. Jericho says he is and he overheard what Owens said earlier but knows he didn't mean to say nothing means more to him and that's why Owens isn't on the list and he says no matter what happens tonight they're still best friends



Rollins controlling the match early on but Owens takes over landing a running clothesline in the corner. Cannonball misses its mark. Rollins from the apron hits a landing knee.

Rollins goes to the top rope. Rollins climbs down and hits a running forearm. Pedigree attempt on Rollins but Jericho returns. Jericho counters a pedigree looking for the Walls Of Jericho.

Lionsault attempt but Rollins gets the knees up. Owens shoves Rollins to the mat yelling that Rollins doesn't pedigree Jericho and Jeri-KO put the boots to Rollins

Senton on Rollins. On the outside, Owens whips Rollins into Jericho who hits a clothesline. Rollins is sent back into the ring. Kick by Owens.

Again 2 on 1 assault on Rollins. Rollins holds the ropes down sending Owens to the outside. Jericho gets laid out and Rollins hits a suicida to Owens on the outside

Rollins on the top rope misses with the frogsplash. Codebreaker by Jericho. Jericho irish whips Owens as Owens connects with the cannonball.

Jeri-KO seat Rollins on the top rope but Rollins counters and pins both OWens and Rollins for the three count

The winner of the match: Seth Rollins

Post Match: Jericho and Owens attack Rollins. Officials are helping Rollins up but Rollins fights them off and goes after Owens as Security tries to separate Owens and Rollins. Owens picks Rollins up and powerbombs him spine first into the apron



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