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WWE Smackdown Live Results (10/18) Denver, Colorado

WWE Smackdown Live Results (10/18) Denver, Colorado


- Randy Orton vs Luke Harper: No winner

- Alexa Bliss def. Naomi

- Miz and Spirit Squad def. Dolph Ziggler and Beauty and The Man Beast

- Baron Corbin def. Jack Swagger

- James Ellsworth def. AJ Styles by DQ



SmackDown starts off tonight with 'The Viper' Randy Orton. Orton starts his promo by saying Bray Wyatt is more evil than anything he's experienced before, comparing it to quicksand. He warns Bray that he's coming. Wyatt and Harper appear on the titantron with Wyatt appearing to cut his promo from inside a coffin. Wyatt sends Harper out to face Orton



This one kicks off with a flurry from Orton, looking to take his revenge. As Orton went for a Superplex the lights go out just a few seconds in. Wyatt appears and is carried out to ringside in a casket as we head into the break.

Orton is on the floor outside the ring as we come back from commercial. Randy just avoids the 10 count and gets back into the ring as Luke Harper delivers a Michinoku Driver. Harper tries to get Orton into the casket but Orton counters and powerslams Harper.

Wyatt interferes! Wyatt and Harper beat down Orton and Wyatt goes to open the coffin to put Orton inside. However, the demon Kane is inside the casket! He attacks Wyatt and the lights go out. When it comes back on, Wyatt and Harper are gone.

The winner of the match: None



Naomi and Alexa lock up and Alexa is backed into the ropes before the referee breaks things up. Alexa and Naomi shove each other.Alexa stalling the match using the ropes. Alexa with a knee. Alexa picks Naomi up and Naomi with a series of kicks finishes with a standing dropkick. Naomi on the apron connects with a springboard crossbody

Front facelock by Naomi. Snapmmare to Alexa and a low clothesline. Legdrop by Naomi for a nearfall and Naomi with a chinlock

Alexa in control once more as she picks Naomi up but Naomi with a drop toehold sends Alexa face first into the turbnuckle. Alexa rolls out to the floor as Smackdown goes to break


Back from break Naomi hits a series of dropkicks. Naomi with a moonsault onto Alexa. Naomi back to the top rope and Alexa cuts her off. Alexa pulls Naomi down and goes to the top rope herself. Splash onto Naomi for the three count

The winner of the match: Alexa Bliss


Carmella comes out and talks about the first time she heard Nikki's music and doesn't get all the hype. Nikki comes out and tells Carmella anything she has to say she can say to Nikki's face.

Carmella says there she goes again Nikki trying to steal the spotlight and how she can do whatever the hell she wants because of her relationship with John Cena

Nikki tells Carmella she reminds her of every internet bully she's had to deal with. Carmella says she's just trying to expose Nikki for who she really is a whiny, needy, golddigger. Nikki says she's impressed with the editing and what Carmella doesn't know is she's paved her own way and fights her own battles. Nikki says there's a reason she wears the word fearless on her shirt because she's not afraid of anything

Carmella says Nikki may be fearless but she tells the truth and Nikki used her looks, sister and boyfriend to get her foot in the door

Backstage: James Ellsworth says he'd be lying if he didn't say he wasn't nervous about his championship match tonight



Rhyno with a side headlock on Mikey. Mikey reverses it. Shoulder tackle by Rhyno. Chops to Mikey. Mikey fights out of the corner. Kenny in the ring now

Kenny gets caught with a belly to belly suplex. Double elbow by Slater and Rhyno. Slater with an armdrag. Ziggler in with a right hand to Mikey. Mikey with a leaping back elbow and Miz tags in.

Dropkick by Ziggler, stinger splash and Miz turns the tables as Ziggler gets caught in the wrong corner fighting off The Spirit Squad. Slater, Rhyno and Ziggler clear the ring as Miz and Spirit Squad re-group


The Miz takes control after Maryse distracts Ziggler. Miz tags Kenny back in as the crowd chants "We want Slater". Mikey gets tagged back in and Ziggler counters a vertical suplex looking for a tag. The Miz gets tagged back in just in time and he stops Ziggler who delivers a Superkick.

Ziggler finally makes the tag as Heath Slater cleans house. Rhyno delivers a devastating 'gore' to Mikey. Slater rolls up Kenny but he gets a cheap shot by The Miz as Kenny rolls him up for the three count

The winners of the match: Miz and Spirit Squad



Swagger unloads on Corbin. Corbin misses with a clothesline and Swagger connects with one of his own sending Corbin to the outside. Corbin quickly turns the match around sending Swagger crashing from the apron into the barricades

Series forearms to the head by Corbin. Corbin with a knee to Swagger and hits the End Of Days for the three count

The winner of the match: Baron Corbin



Ellsworth with an irish whip and Styles counters into an abdominal stretch. Dean Ambrose orders the match stopped as they have to take a time out and with that Smackdown goes to break


Back from break, Styles is in control of the match connecting with a dropkick off the irish whip. Styles with an elbow to the back of the neck

Snap suplex into the corner by Styles and Styles slides out of the ring to argue with Ambrose. Back in the ring Styles has Ellsworth on the top turnbuckle.

Styles hooks Ellsworth up and Ambrose with further distractions. Ellsworth misses with a dropkick and roundhouse kick by Styles.

Styles picks Ellsworth up bouncing his head off the turnbuckle. Ellsworth gets thrown to the outside. Styles and Ambrose take turns throwing Ellsworth in and out of the ring

Styles on the top turnbuckle and Ellsworth trips him up. Ellsworth with a superkick and a nearfall on Styles. Styles with a spinebuster. Styles unloads with punches. Styles unloads with kicks

Styles unloading with elbows on Ellsworth and the referee reaches the 5 count resulting in a disqualification

The winner of the match: James Ellsworth



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