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WWE Raw Results (10/3) Los Angeles, California

Posted By: Elio C. on Oct 03, 2016

WWE Raw Results (10/3) Los Angeles, California


- Brian Kendrick def. TJ Perkins

- Braun Strowman def. Chase Silver

- Sami Zayn def. Titus O'Neil

- The Club def, The Golden Truth

- New Day def. Jeri-KO

- Tony Neese def. Rich Swann

- Cesaro and Sheamus def. Enhancement Talent

- Sasha Banks def. Charlotte



Welcome to Monday Night Raw live from Los Angeles and Raw this week kicks off with United States Champion Roman Reigns making his way out to the ring. As Reigns makes his way down to the ring we take a look at footage from the Clash Of Champions match between Roman Reigns and then-US Champion Rusev

Roman Reigns takes the mic and says he comes out to the ring on a nightly basis and represents his family. Reigns, however, is interrupted by Lana. Lana says she is out here to talk to Reigns but Rusev doesn't know. Reigns says they're in the Staples Centre in L.A. there's cameras everywhere.

Lana says it's good to have a sense of humour in Hollywood when you're negotiating. Lana says life is a negotiation and she is here to negotiate with Reigns. Lana says Rusev is issuing Reigns a challenge for a rematch. Reigns says it sounds like Rusev is hiding behind Lana's skirt. Lana calls Rusev her family unlike Reigns who has no respect and knows nothing about family

Lana tells Reigns to wipe the smile off his face this is not a joke because Rusev will crush him in front of his friends and family. Reigns tells Lana to go back and take Rusev's bulgarian balls back to him and tell him to come out and challenge Reigns himself. Lana tells Reigns to shut up and go to hell

Rusev runs out and a brawl ensues between Reigns and Rusev. Reigns goes for a superman punch but Rusev drills Reigns into the corner delivering knee strikes. Reigns fights out of the corner and sends Rusev to the outside. Reigns goes for another superman punch but Rusev blocks it with a knee to the throat then throws Reigns into the ring steps

Rusev grabs the United States championship and raises it in the air before walking up the ramp with Lana. Rusev turns around and Reigns runs out from across the stage and strikes with a Superman Punch. Reigns says if Lana wants him to go to hell he's taking both her and Rusev with him but if they want a rematch it's going to be inside of Hell In A Cell

Video: TJ Perkins' Cruiserweight championship victory and rivalry with Brian Kendrick

Up Next: TJ  Perkins vs Brian Kendrick

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Kendrick extends his hand. Perkins accepts and dropkicks Kendrick out of the ring. Back bodydrop and uppercut by Perkins. Springboard crossbody by Perkins off the irish whip. Perkins sends Kendrick flying out of the ring. Baseball slide by Perkins and a corkscrew plancha

Perkins rolls Kendrick back into the ring. Kendrick with a boot to the face. Perkins is sent to the outside as Raw goes to break

-Commercial 8:25pm-

Back from break, Kendrick in control on the top rope but Perkins sends Kendrick flying with a hurricanrana. Reverse atomic drop and kick by Perkins. Perkins with another hurricanrana. Perkins looking for the Knee Bar and Kendrick makes it to the bottom rope forcing the break

Straight kick by Kendrick sending Perkins face first into the turnbuckle. Kendrick hits the Sliced Bread #2 and locks in the Captain's Hook looking for the submission. Perkins reverses into a nearfall.

Pair of boots connect with Kendrick. Drop toe hold and a wrecking ball dropkick to Kendrick. Captain's Hook locked in again for the submission

The winner of the match: Brian Kendrick

Up Next: Seth Rollins exclusive

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Seth Rollins says Kevin Owens was handed the championship and Rollins deserves a rematch. He cashed in his MITB briefcase no one handed him the championship. That was all him

Everyone knows Rollins can't be replaced and Owens is just a cog in the machine. He's been that cog and he sees things clearly and will tear that machine apart starting with Kevin Owens.

Clash of Champions, he had Owens beat but he's not stupid he knows how the game's played. He's crafty it's how he's gotten this far and Rollins would have done the same thing. Rollins says he is going to cancel the Kevin Owens Show and prove to the world he is still the man

Tonight; Kevin Owens responds to Seth Rollins

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Silver unloads with punches but Strowman bulldozes through him. Silver from behind with a forearm and Strowman connects with a boot. Big splash in the corner by Strowman and a shoulder tackle floors Silver again. Strowman picks Silver up on his shoulder delivering a powerslam for the three count

The winner of the match: Braun Strowman

Post Match: Strowman says he has the gift of destruction and it's being wasted and demands real competition next week otherwise there may not be a next week

Backstage: Sasha Banks and Bayley are talking about how Sasha and Charlotte are in the main event tonight calling it Lita and Trish territory and Sasha says Charlotte may have been born into this business but Sasha was born to be champion and tonight she will once again take control of the women's division

Up Next: Kevin Owens responds to Seth Rollins

-Commercial 8:54pm-

Chris Jericho accompanies Owens as they make their way out to the ring. The duo look pretty dapper in their suits but Jericho really needs to end the scarf gimmick. Jericho also has a clipboard with him so his list is clearly still incomplete.

Owens says that he just saw Rollins' interview with Michael Cole. Owens calls Rollins a stupid idiot for not sitting on the sideline while injured and demanding another title shot.

Owens also tells Rollins that if he wanted to see who beat him at Clash of Champions, he needs to look no further than Owens himself. Owens also tells the crowd that Jericho is standing next to him because of how close they are.

KO says that if Rollins manages to weasel himself into another title match then the guest referee should be Chris Jericho. Jericho says that after they beat Enzo and Cass last week, he thinks that they should challenge New Day for the Raw Tag-Team Championships.

Owens thinks that's a good idea but he laments the fact that Cesaro and Sheamus already have a title shot. When Owens plays down the idea, Jericho hints that he wants a shot at Owens' Universal Title. At this point, Owens finally agrees to face the New Day.

New Day's music hit and the threesome comes out to address JeriKO. Kofi says that Owens and Jericho might brag about their friendship but the New Day has the best friendship in the WWE. Jericho is incensed at this and adds Kofi to the list.

Big E adds that they've taken their challenge to account and will think about it in a champions huddle where Jericho isn't invited. At this point both Big E and Xavier Woods get added to Jericho's list.

Xavier Woods accepts JeriKO's challenge on New Day's behalf.



The match starts off quick and Sami is the overwhelming favourite so far. It's so clear that Sami Zayn is destined for greatness that even Titus' awful signing can't distract from it. Titus hits Zayn with a sitdown backbreak that looks vicious as Titus plays up to the crowd. As Titus non-chalantly runs at Zayn, Zayn hits him with a clothesline! He follows it up with a snap exploder suplex!!!! Zayn hits the Helluva Kick for the three count

The winner of the match: Sami Zayn



Golden Truth are in control early in this match as they work on Karl Anderson before Anderson powers Goldust into their corner and just kicks him in the head before tagging Gallows in. The big man has Goldust in a headlock before driving him into a corner and delivering a powerslam as Anderson and Truth get tagged in. The Club then hit the Magic Killer for the three count

The winners of the match: The Club


Enzo and Big Cass are in the ring to talk about WWE's partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation alongside breast cancer survivors and present each with a championship belt



Jericho in control early on tags Owens who lands a right hand and a slam on Woods. Owens misses the senton as Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson look on from commentary. Jeri-KO with the double team on Woods.

Jericho witn an irish whip runs into a boot. Clothesline by Woods. Owens tags in. Woods tags in Big E and Owens goes after Big E. Big E mows Owens down. Body shots to Owens. Irish whip by Big E and a running shoulder tackle in the corner. Once more and Owens side steps as Big E hits the ring post.

Jericho back in putting the boots to Big E. Big E in the wrong corner as Jericho taunts Woods. Right hands to Big E. Jericho off the second rope gets caught with a knee. Owens setting up hits the cannonball. Owens with a senton on Big E and Jeri-KO in control as Raw goes to break

-Commercial 9:56pm-

Woods with a knee to the face and Woods in control taking out both members of Jeri-KO. Owens with a gutbuster to Woods. Chinlock on Woods. Owens prevents the tag delivering a clothesline. Jericho with right hands, Woods tries to fight back, Jericho hooks Woods up and Woods plants Jericho face first. Crossbody onto Jericho

Owens in the ring and Seth Rollins makes his way out to the top of the rampway looking on. Enziguri by Woods. Big E with a belly to belly to Jericho. Jericho to the top rope gets caught into a third belly to belly Owens intercepts a big splash connecting with a superkick.

Woods takes out Owens meanwhile Big E has Jericho in trouble. Jericho with the Lion Tamer on Woods and Rollins runs down to ringside Big E gets the tag and hits the Midnight Hour for the three count

The winners of the match: New Day

Post Match: Rollins picks Jericho up and delivers a pedigree

Backstage: Charlotte says tonight she will prove that she has no equal and Sasha talks about making history but after tonight, she'll be history

Video: Profile on Rich Swann

-Commercial 10:13pm-


More cruiserweight divison action and this match should be great. Rich Swann takes on the 'Premier Athlete' Tony Nese as Swann toys with Nese in the opening stages. Nese hits back with a devastating combo of knees and strikes.

Swann irish whips Swann into the corner before the refree asks him to back off from Nese. Nese takes advantage and kicks Swann in the back of the head, nearly knocking him out.

The winner of the match: Tony Neese



Cesaro and Sheamus take on enhancement talent again and the duo look like a fantastic team even if they don't get along. They just can't stop arguing but their opponents are no match for them.

This storyline looks awesome. The duo fight amongst each others, try to outshine each other and still take it to their opponents. The spot at the end with Cesaro stepping on Sheamus' back to jump over him and deliver a DDT was beautiful. Sheamus followed it up with a Brogue Kick for an easy victory.

The winners of the match: Cesaro and Sheamus


The Queen reclaimed her throne at SummerSlam 2016, but The Boss is back tonight for her one-on-one rematch. Bayley and Dana have already had a scuffle backstage with Bayley sending Dana face first into some shipping crates.

The challenger, Sasha Banks, has already made her way into the ring but no Dana tonight for Charlotte. Dana's receiving medical attention backstage after what Bayley did to her.


Sasha starts out strong taking Charlotte out early on with a suicide dive to the outside as Raw goes to break


Back from break, surfboard on Sasha and Sasha tries to fight out of it but Charlotte yanks Sasha down to the mat with a handful of hair. Punches to the lower back and Charlotte with a nearfall. Charlotte places Sasha across her knee and Sasha fights out of it with kicks to the head.

Sasha fighting back and Charlotte with a backbreaker driving her into the corner. Charlotte with a series of chops and Sasha fighting back. Clotheslines to Charlotte and a dropkick. Sasha blocks the big boot and delivers one of her own. Double knees off the ropes by Sasha

Hurricanrana sends Charlotte to the outside. Baseball slide by Charlotte. Charlotte looks to drive Sasha spine first into the apron but tosses Sasha back into the ring. Figure Eight countered into a Bank Statement but Charlotte powers out.

Double knees to the gut. Sasha bounces Charlotte's head off the turnbuckle. Sasha on the top rope is cut off by Charlotte. Kick to the back and big boot by Charlotte. Nearfall on Sasha.

Charlotte picks Sasha up delivering chops in the corner. Charlotte sits Sasha on the top rope. Charlotte hooks Sasha up. Superplex blocked by Sasha who fights back and a headbutt drops Charlotte. Double knees off the top rope and a nearfall on Charlotte

Sasha with a backstabber but Charlotte grabs the ropes sending Sasha to the floor. Charlotte goes to the top rope and a corkscrew moonsault takes out Sasha. Sasha gets the shoulder up at 2 and a half.

Sasha fights back as Charlotte slaps Sasha yelling for her to stay down. Charlotte goes for a big move but Sasha turns it into the Bank Statement for the submission

The winner of the match and new Women's Champion: Sasha Banks





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