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TNA Bound For Glory 2016 Results (10/2) Orlando, Florida

Posted By: Elio C. on Oct 02, 2016

TNA Bound For Glory 2016 Results (10/2) Orlando, Florida


- DJ Z def. Trevor Lee

- Eli Drake wins 10 Man Gauntlet

- Moose Ojinakka def. Mike Bennett

- Aron Rex def. Eddie Edwards

- Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero def. The Decay

- Gail Kin def. Maria Kanellis-Bennett

- Bobby Lashley def. ECIII



Welcome to TNA Bound for Glory 2016 and we kick things off with championship action as our opening match is an X-Division Championship match


Lee backs Ion into the corner. Right hand misses as DJ Z gets a waistlock, it's reversed by Lee who gets a side headlock and DJ Z in control as Lee slides to the outside to re-group

Lee with a kick to the face and a right hand. Uppercut by Lee has DJ Z staggering. DJ Z with a monkey flip and Lee with a kick. Lee off the ropes runs into a dropkick. DJ Z with deep armdrags into an armbar.

Lee gets back to his feet and DJ Z still in control working over the arm. Nearfall by DJ Z. DJ Z with a front facelock. DJ Z runs into an uppercut. Armdrag sends Lee across the ring and Lee with a neck snap off the top rope.

DJ Z with a dropkick. DJ Z rolls Lee back into the ring. Springboard move countered by Lee who connects with a boot to th eface sending DJ Z crashing to the floor. Lee misses with a running boot from the apron

Lee rolls DJ Z back into the ring for a nearfall. Lee choking DJ Z out on the ropes. DJ z looking to mount a comeback but Lee still in control working over the arm as he connects with an uppercut

DJ Z runs into a boot after irish whipping Lee into the corner. Lee off the top rope and DJ Z plants him face first trying to build momentum. Lee and DJ Z on the top rope and Lee with a hurricanrana

Running elbow into the corner by DJ Z. Clothesline to Lee and a springboard back elbow by DJ Z. DJ Z looking for a big spot but Lee slides to the outside. Swanton over the top rope onto Lee. Lee attempts a move of his own, flying headbutt to the outside onto DJ Z.

DJ Z with a suicide dive as both men are laid out. The crowd chanting "TNA'. Lee back in control but DJ Z with a superkick. German suplex to DJ Z and a nearfall. Lee with a double stomp onto DJ Z. Series of reversals ends with DJ Z connecting with the DDT for the three count

The winner of the match: DJ Z

Backstage: Drew Galloway says he's not feeling real good right now when doctors tell him he's out and he probably shouldn't even be here tonight and runs down his list of accomplishments and says he got hurt days before the biggest PPV of the year. He told them to let him fight but management told him no he's a liability. The only reason Billy Corgan is buying the company is because he's getting Drew Galloway and whoever wins the Bound For Gold match will not be recognized, sure as hell not by him


Godderz and Spund start off. Godderz with an atomic drop and a slam attempt but Spund counters missing with an enziguri. Godderz with a military press but Spund hits a low blow.

Few seconds away from the next entrant and it is Braxton Sutter going after Spud hitting clotheslines. Powerslam to Spund. Godderz and Sutter teaming up looking to eliminate Spud

Spud runs into Godderz and Sutter. Sutter and Godderz with a double stomp on Spud. The clock counts down and Eli Drake makes his way out and Drake nearly eliminated but not quite. Neckbreaker by Sutter. Spud with a sleeper on Godderz. Drake eliminates Sutter

Spud and Drake looking to eliminate Godderz and the other half of the Bro Mans Robbie E is out next. Shoulder tackle to Spud. Robbie drops Spud onto Drake and it's the Bro Man's standing tall. Robbie looking to eliminate Godderz. Godderz with a dropkick. Drake from behind unloads on Godderz while Spud works over Robbie

Baron Drax is out and Drax putting the boots to Godderz. Headbutt by Dax. Drake looking to eliminate Robbie. Drax helping Drake and Robbie almost not quite eliminated.

Grado coming out next and as fast as he arrives, he gets eliminated just as quickly. The Bro Mans plant Dax and hit a powerslam to Drake. Robbie is eliminated by Dax. The Tribunal is gone next and Tyrus is out sending Spud over the top rope

Mahabali Shera is out and stands face to face with Tyrus. Exchange of right hands between Tyrus and Shera and Shera gets nailed with an elbow. Shera unloads with right hands and Tyrus misses with a splash. Shera picks Tyrus up for a slam but Drake puts a stop to that. Drake pulls the top rope down sending a charging Shera flying over the top rope.

Elbow to Drake who is teetering on the apron but Drake falls backwards hanging upside down from the apron. Godderz caught by Tyrus who flattens him with a slam. Godderz almost eliminated and Godderz with a springboard elbow takes Tyrus down. Dropkick to Tyrus and Godderz looking for the elimination. Drake slides back in and looks for the double elimination and is the sole survivor in the gauntlet match

Thw winner of the match: Eli Drake


Moose with a dropkick but Bennett turns the tables sending him to the outside and Bennett in control. Bennett tries to fly but gets caught by Moose who sends him into the ring post.

Backdrop by Bennett as Moose lands on the steel steps. Moose is rolled back into the ring for a nearfall. Dropkick by Bennett. Bennett with a right hand and chops. Moose unloads with chops on Bennett and Bennett takes out the knee. Bennett works over the leg, Bennett looks for a suplex but it's blocked by Moose.

Bennett with a kick to the knee and Moose hits a suplex of his own. Moose unloads on Bennett hitting a series of clotheslines. Powerbomb by Moose. Bennett counters a second powerbomb and Moose hits a clothesline. Mosse sits Bennett on the top rope and Bennett with a tornado DDT. Piledriver to Moose.

Moose and Bennett trade right hands and it's Bennett with forearm after forearm to Moose. Moose with series of left hands. Mike Bennett counters a springboard and hits a counter. MIT countered by Moose who runs into a boot. Moose hits the Go To Hell. Another clothesline connects for the three count

The winner of the match: Quinn "Moose" Ojinakka



Rex and Edwards lock up. Rex backs Edwards into the corner. Lock up again and a leg trip by Rex into a side headlock. Edwards gets to his feet. Shoulderblock by Rex. Edwards with a hiptoss and Edwards works over the arm

Rex reverses it. Rex misses with a clothesline, Edwards connects with a dropkick. Kneelift by Rex. Edwards wirth a waistlock. Rex hangs on. Edwards with a hurricanrana.

Headbutt by Edwards. Side russian leg sweep and axehandles by Rex. Back suplex countered by Edwards who connects with a kick to the shoulder. Rex slides out and Dropkick by Edwards. Crossbody by Edwards, Rex gets clotheslined over the top rope. Suicide dive to the outside by Edwards

Edwards off the top rope with a missile dropkick. And Edwards unloads with punches in the closing seconds of the first round

Edwards 1

Rex 0


Rex with a chinlock on Edwards 1 minute into the 2nd round. Irish whip reversed by Edwards and Rex connects with a kick. Dropkick by Edwards. Rex takes over controlling the remainder of Round 2.

Edwards 1
Rex 1


Edwards with a nearfall on Rex. Edwards goes to the top rope and is caught by Rex. Rex with a series of right hands. Suplex attempt blocked by Edwards. Edwards misses with the ouble stomp. Edwards counters The Terminus. Rex seated on the top rope. Edwards gets shoved to the mat. The Honour Roll by Rex on Edwards. Slam by Edwards. Clothesline by Edwards, Shining Wizard to Rex. Rex and Edwards trade punches at the final bell

The winner by split decision and first ever Grand Champion: Aron Rex


Christy Hemme comes out to the ring and runs down Gail Kim's accomplishment of building a team and building the Knockouts Division and thanks her. Christy then introduces former Knockouts Champion Taryn Terell

Taryn calls Gail a career maker and says she's proud to call her a peer, role model and a friend. Out next is Awesome Kong. Kong says there aren't enough adjectives to describe how awesome Gail Kim is and that she's so proud of Gail and is loved by many but respected by all and Dixie Carter is out next and she says BFG is the biggest night of TNA and they are here to honour a woman who not only built the knockouts division but defines it.

Dixie introduces the 2016 TNA Hall Of Fame inductee Gail Kim. The crowd starts chanting "You Deserve It" as Dixie rolls a video highlighting Gail's career. 

Gail says she's eperienced a lot of highs and lows throughout her career and would not take a back a minute of it. She thanks everyone who's joined her on her journey up to this point and wrestling can be a very tough business for anybody but it has given her passion

She thanks everyone who has helped her become the wrestler she is today. The crew, production, make up and the entire roster.


Matt bounces Steve's head off the steps. Bally to belly suplex by Matt. Steve turns the tables meanwhile on the outside, Abyss chokes out Brother Nero. Steve and Rosemary on the apron hook Matt up for a suplex but Matt kicks Steve. Rosemary throws a garbage can into the ring

Steve brings the garbage can down across Matt's back. Steve holds the can in place as Rosemary hits the Coast to Coast. Steve and Matt are on the outside. Meanwhile, Abyss and Brother Nero are back in the ring and Abyss with staples to Brother Nero's forehead.

Brother Nero rolls to the outside where Steve unloads on him meanwhile Matt and Abyss fight up the ramp. The match spills from the ring to the backstage area. The match spills back into the impact zone only this time Brother Nero has been replaced by Willow. Willow gets sent into the steps. Steve with a cannonball into Willow

Steve goes to strike Willow with a chair only to find Willow is nowhere to be found. Matt and Abyss fighting their way back towards the impact zone. Suplex on the ramp by Abyss. Baseball slide by Jeff to Steve. Matt and Abyss are back in the ring. Clothesline by Matt, Poetry in Motion by Jeff. Twist of Fate by Matt. Jeff with the swanton. Double team on Steve and Abyss mows the Hardys down with a double clothesline. Twist of Fate countered by Steve and Brother Nero hits a clothesline.

Barb wire table comes into play courtesyo of Abyss. Tables and ladders then come into play as The Hardys turn the table and score the three count to emergr victorious as the new TNA Tag Team Champions

The winners of the match: Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero


Maria slaps Gail and Gail chases her around the ring. Gail pushes Allie out of the way. Clothesline by Maria who throws Gail into the ring

Nearfall on Gail and Maria bounces Gail's head off the mat. Maria throws Gail into the corner and then across the ring into the ring post. Maria with a boot on the throat

Another nearfall by Maria. Maria with a chinlock on Gail. Gail tries to break free but Maria hits a clothesline. Maria charges in the corner but misses. Gail does same but misses. Maria with a spinebuster

Maria runs into a pair of boots. Gail Kim goes to the top rope but rolls through. Maria with a clothesline and another nearfall. Maria asks Allie to throw her a foreign object. Allie throws it and Gail intercepts it throwing it to th emat before unloading on Maria

Gail on the outside pulls Maria through the ropes and locks in the figure four around the ring post. Slap by Gail and Eat Defeat to Maria for the three count

The winner of the match: Gail Kim

Post Match: Mike Bennett loses it and says this was not the way things were supposed to go down and he's going to do what should have been done long ago and he's shutting Bound For Glory down. The lights go out and Cody and Brandi Rhodes make their debut Maria gets in Cody's face and Brandi gets in Maria's face. Maria slaps Brandi and Brandi delivers a kneelift as Cody takes out Mike Bennett with the Beautiful Disaster


The referee was checking on ECIII on the outside, but he gets up and yells at the official to ring the bell.

ECIII hits the ring and they brawl with rapid-fire punches to start the match. ECIII spills to the outside and Lashley is in control. He slides ECIII back into the ring and hits a clothesline.

Lashley hits a snap suplex for a two count and then kicks ECIII in the gut. ECIII comes back with a clothesline and a splash into the corner before clotheslining Lashley over the top rope.

ECIII hits a suicide dive to the outside and then a suplex on the outside.

ECIII begins to chop at Lashley on the outside and then throws Lashley into the steps. Lashley is stumbling up the ramp. ECIII charges him and Lashley drops him with a spinebuster. Lashley throws ECIII into the railing and then rolls him back into the ring.

Lashley hits a neckbreaker as the match begins to slow down a bit. Lashley whips ECIII into the corners.

ECIII tries to mount some offense but Lashley hits back elbows and then a spear for a two count. Mathews wonders how ECIII kicked out of a second spear.

Lashley picks up ECIII for a torture rack but ECIII countered into a guillotine choke. ECII was trying to get his ankles around Lashley’s waist but he can’t. Lashley showed serious strength, sitting up, then standing and dumping ECIII.

ECIII hits a power bomb for a two count. ECIII appears to be bleeding a little from his mouth.

ECIII tries for a One Percenter but Lashley countered into a power slam for a two count.

Later, ECIII gets Lashley up for a TK3, but he’s too beaten up to roll over into a cover. Both men back up, ECIII hits an elbow and then a series of jabs. Out of nowhere, ECIII snapped Lashley with a sharp german suplex.

Lashley charged ECIII and ECIII hit a spear of his own for a two count.

ECIII grabbed Lashley and screamed, “you’re a piece of sh*t!” before picking him up on the steps and landing a TK3 on the steps.

Pope notes that ECIII needs to get Lashley in the ring or we’ll have a count-out.

ECIII misses an ECIII splash and Lashley hits a third spear out of that for a two count. Lashley grabs a chair on the outside and comes back in, smashing ECIII in the back three times with it.

Lashley grabs ECIII, who looks lifeless, and hits a side slam into a triangle choke. ECIII grabs the referee’s leg to show there is life right as Hebner was about to call for the bell. ECIII gets back to his feet and battles out of the hoke with elbows.

ECIII hits a clothesline. Lashley misses with a clothesline and ECIII hits three german suplexes in a row. ECIII hits a One Percenter for a two count.

ECIII sets up Lashley on the top rope and delivers a chop. ECIII goes for a top-rope One Percenter but gets tossed off. Lashley then leaps off the second rope for a flying spear and gets the win.

The winner of the match: Bobby Lashley


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