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Mick Foley Shares His DDP Yoga Video

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Oct 02, 2016

Mick Foley Shares His DDP Yoga Video

Mick Foley shared the video of him with Diamond Dallas Page, who does a program designed to help you lose weight and fix back problems and much more.  Foley, who admits he has been struggling with weight loss issues most of his life, asked for help from DDP.  Below is the status he posted on his Facebook page.


This video just might choke you up a little bit. It choked me up – even though it's about me – it might even change your life a little!

Losing weight when you have a history of being heavy is always an uphill struggle – and there are no guarantees that I'll keep that weight off, but when you have a proponent on your side like DDP YOGA, it certainly helps!

Let me hear from some of you who have tended to be heavy most of your life. Life can be really tough when you're predisposed to being heavy, and the world seems to point fingers at you. Maybe I can stick up for the big guys, and the larger women too - and also show you that change is possible!


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