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WWE Clash of Champions (09/25)

Posted By: TJ Clair on Sep 25, 2016

WWE Clash of Champions (09/25)

Hey wrestling fans, 


I am TJ Clair and will provide to you the play by play of Clash of Champions, beginning with the pre-show.
I will only discuss the match(es) of the pre-show and not any of the video packages unless something noteworthy occur, as they are mostly repeats of what happened on Raw, and about the matches. 

The preshow begins at 7PM EST, and the main show begins at 8PM EST. 


Kick-off Show

The show begins with the usual panel of Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry "The King" Lawler and Lita. 
We go to Tom Phillips who tells us that Sami Zayn will join him later to answer some questions. 

Discussion and video package of the United States Championship match between Champion Rusev and Roman Reigns. Up next is Alicia Fox and the WWE Women's Championship Tripel Threat match between Champion Charlotte, Bailey and Sasha banks. 

(Commercial Break)

Back fro mbreak, Sasha is interviewed, and says it is not Bailey's night, it is hers and that she is getting her revenge on Charlotte. Dana shows up and says she will be put back on the injury list. Sasha hits back by saying that Dana is a slave to Charlotte and leaves.

Video package of the WWE Women's Championship match. The panel discusses the match, and Booker T calls his Shucky Ducky Quack Quack call, and says Charlotte will retain. 

**There was a network error so I missed the rest of the WWE Women's Championship match discussion**

Discussion and video package of the 7th and final match of the Best of 7 series between Sheamus and Cesaro. 
The panel quickly cover the 6 first matches, and Sheamus joins the panel for this discussion. Sheamus says that other than Daniel Bryan, Cesaro is the toughest opponent he has faced, but he is not worried about coming on top. He says he knows Cesaro is hurt and he is not afraid to use that to his advantage. He says he fell off the ladder but he makes no excuses, but tonight he climbs back up. He promises a heavy-hitting match. 

The discussion switches over to The Cruiserwight Classics finals, and the crowning of the New Champion, TJ Perkins. They then recap of the match from Raw to determine the new number one contender t the Cruiserweights Championship. Up next, Sami Zayn answers your questions.

(Commercial Break)

 A recap of Sami Zayn talking trash to Chris Jericho two weeks ago on Raw, when Chris hits him with his cell phone and hits the Codebreaker on Zayn. The panel discuss the match. We go to Zayn and Phillips.

Question 1: Highlight of his career?
Answer: Getting to WWE, his first year on the main roster; beating Kevin Owens; the rest hasn't happen yet.

Question 2: How does he like the fans singing his song?
Answer: He says he loves and appreciates it cause the music always followed him.

Question 3: Thoughts on Chris Jericho and "The Gift of Jericho"?
Answer: he says he wants the Jericho that used to be the first Undisputed Champion.He says he will have to beat him up. 

We go back to the panel. They finish discussing this match and then move onto the next match which is for the WWE Tag Team Championship between Champions The New Day and The Club. We then go to ringside for our kick-off match. The recap how this match came to be. 

Alicia Fox vs. Nia Jax

Nia takes control early on. She puts on pressure with a half nelson rear chin lock. Alicia tries hard to fight out of it, but Nia uses her strength to throw Alicia away. Alicia dodges a turnbuckle splash fights back but Nia continues to overpower her. Alicia hits a flying cross body off the top rope. She hits the Scissors kick and goes for a pinfall. Nia kicks out at two. She rushes Nia but Nia takes her down. Runniing Rump and hits a Samoan Drop. She gets the three count.

Your Winner: Nia Jax

Back from break, the panel discuss the match that just occured. We go to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, the panel discuss the main event WWE Universal Championship match between Champion Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. The show ends with a video package for the Unviersal Championship match.

Clash of Champions

The begins with a video package of all the matches and every championships on the line. We go to arena for the opening pyro show. We get the entrance of the Tag Team Champions The New Day making their way out. Michael announces it has been 399 days since New Day won the Championships. Big E welcomes everyone to Clash of Champions. Kofi Kingston says they are married to the champions since they have been champions for 399 days, but Gallows and Anderson wants to break them up like Brangelina. They say no one wants Gallows and Anderson as champions because they are bad people that do bad things like give raisins on Halloween, or fart in a crowd elevator. They do their usual speech before Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson make their way out.

WWE World Tag Team Championship match: (c) The New Day vs. Gallows & Anderson

As the bell rings, Gallows attack Big E at ringside, while Karl hits a running sitdown Powerbomb and gets a two count. Gallows jumps Xavier Woods. In the ring, both Luke and Karl double team Kofi while the rest are down outside the ring.  

Big E gets back on the ring apron. He finally gets the hot tag, and hits belly to belly suplex to Anderson, but is distracted by Gallows. He throws Gallows out, but Gallows hits back with a knee threw the ropes. Big E rushes Karl, but Karl hits a running jump front kick and gets a two count. Gallows gets in and hits a big boot to Big E. They hit with a double team Fireman's Carry into a dropkick. Two count interupted by Kofi. Kofi gets the tag, but is quickly taken down. He hits a huge Chokeslam by Gallows. They try to go for the Magic Killer, but Kofi kicks himself out. He hits the Trouble in Paradise on Karl and hits the Big Ending. Two count interupted by gallows, who pulled Big E out of the ring. Kofi flies backwards over the tope. Xavier hits Karl with Francesca 2, and Kofi and Big E hit their finisher on Karl and get the three count. 

Your Winners (And still champions): The New Day

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, they announce a new episode of Ride Along with Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton. Then, they discuss the Cruiserweight Classics and new Champion TJ Perkins. A video package airs.

Tom Phillips interviews TJ Perkins. He says he Bryan Kendrick might be the favorite in the match even if he is the champion. TJ says he worked hard to get here, but he admits he is nervous. He says he does have confidence in himself that he will retain. He leaves, as Brian makes his way out to the ring. Champion TJ Perkins makes his way out. Anyone who hasn't seen his entrance needs to. 

WWE Cruiserweight Championship match: (c) TJ Perkins vs. Brian Kendrick

TJ offers his hand to shake with Brian, Brian refuses and walks away. The bell rings. Brian takes down TJ. Spinning headscissors from TJ, and a second time. He gets a two count. TJ tries to go for the knee bar, but Brian gets to the ropes immediately. TJ goes to fly to the outside, but Brian uses the ringside banner to catch TJ and beats down on him before sending him back to the ring. He grabs Brian into a Boston Crab and holding the hands of Brian. He switches into an inverted double leg lock. Brian grabs the ropes and then sends TJ out of the ring. He sends him back into the ring and gets a two count. 

Brian holds a straightjacket hold on TJ. TJ bridges himself out and is thrown to the ropes but he catches himself and sends Brian out. Once back in, TJ hits a high kick, but Brian hits a monkey flip and gets a two count. He puts on a surfboard hold with his foot on the neck of TJ. TJ hits a mule kick. Running Hurricanrana. Brian throws him to the turnbuckle but TJ hits and misses a neckbreaker. He then hits a double chicken wing into a double knee buster. He follows with a double back suplex. He goes to the top rope, but Brian interupts him and goes for a second rope suplex, but TJ throws him off. Top rope jump Hurricanrana over the ropes to the outside. Both fell a bit awkwardly. They both get in at the 9 count. Brian goes for the Sliced Bread but TJ hits a dropkick to the back, and a running jump dropkick to the face of Brian. Brian tries to get the Captain's Hook, but TJ reverses and attempt the Knee Bar. Brian gets out before he locks and hits the Sliced Bread. He only gets a two count.

Brian caught him into that neckbreaker into the Captains Hook, but TJ rolled out quickly and hits a Fireman's carry into a High kick to the head. He catches the Knee Bar, and Brian taps out. 

Your Winner (And still Champion): TJ Perkins

Post-match, they attempt to interview TJ, but Brian walks up to TJ and shakes his hand and hugs him, but then headbutts him and limps away. 

(Commercial Break) **They air the new WWE 2K17 commercial which is a good one

Back from break, Tom Phillips interview Cesaro. He says he proved to be mentally tougher and he will earn his championship opportunity. He says tonight he rewards the Cesaro section with a win against Sheamus. The announcers recap the first 6 matches of the Best of 7 Series. Sheamus makes his way out. Out next is Cesaro.

7th Match of the Best of 7 Series: Cesaro vs. Sheamus

Sheamus takes control early, but Cesaro turns it around with an europeen uppercut and a dropkick that sends Sheamus out. Sheamus tries to go for his over the rope pummeling, but Cesaro hits another Europeen uppercut. Cesaro goes out of the ring and his his running uppercuts. Cesaro catches Cesaro and hits him in the lower back on his way in. 

Sheamus takes control and keeps targeting the lower back by hitting a backbreaker, and a second one. Cesaro gets out of a headlock and gets another uppercut, but Sheamus sends him to the turnbuckle and hits a running spinning leg kick, which is different from Sheamus. He hits a clothesline on Cesaro. Sheamus tried to hit the Celtic Cross, but Cesaro reverses into a sunset flip and gets a two count. Sheamus stops the momentum once more and brings him to turnbuckle and his own uppercuts and sends him to the other turnbuckle. Sheamus rushes to him, but Xesaro moves and Sheamus hits hits the post shoulder first. A big uppercut to the back of the head by Cesaro. Cesaro hits the Uppercut train, and hits a tornado DDT. He gets a two count. Cesaro trips Sheamus on the ropes and hits a 619, (Michael Cole saiud he took it from Rey Mysterio) Cesaro hit a top rope body press and gets a two count. 

Cesaro runs to the rope and gets that twisting uppercut. Sheamus got a schoolboy pin for a two count. He hits an Irish Curse backbreaker and gets another two count. He holds onto Cesaro and hits two more Irish Curse on him and gets another pinfall, but Cesaro kicks out. Sheamus locks in the Texas Cloverleaf. Cesaro rolls back and gets a two count. Another type of backbreaker from Sheamus. Another two count. 

Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick, but Cesaro ducked and grabbed him and hits the Swing, and ties in the Sharpshooter. Sheamus reaches the rope. Sheamus is on the apron and Cesaro on the second rope. He tries to get a suplex but he can't. Sheamus grabs him to go for the White Noise but Cesaro kicked him and sends him down to the floor. Cesaro hits a Suicide Dive and lands and lands directly on his head and neck. 

Sheamus gets to the ring first, Cesaro follows and runs into a Brogue Kick. Cesaro kicks out of a two count. Sheamus shows frustrations and dropping knees to Sheamus's neck and shoulder. Sheamus looked away, and turns around into a big boot from Cesaro. He hits a clothesline, and suddenly grabs Sheamus and hits the Neutralizer on Sheamus, but he only gets a two count. 

Cesaro cracks his neck and his Sheamus. Sheamus talks trash, they exchange blows, with Cesaro hitting Sheamus on the chest. Cesaro runs into a double boot from the turnbuckle. Sheamus goes to the top rope, but Cesaro stops him and hits a high dropkick. Cesaro tries to hit that second rope suplex again, but to send him to the floor. Sheamus pushes him down to the floor and goes to jump off the top rope to the floor, but Cesaro hits him with another uppercut. Sheamus hits the White Noise on the floor. Cesaro pushes Sheamus into the post and then a clothesline over the bannister. The medics check on both men. The ref calls for the bell. Both men trying to fight back up and Cesaro saying he can fight with one arm. The referee tries to help Sheamus but Sheamus fights back some more as he stumbles threw the floor chairs. Cesaro rolls back into the ring and tells Sheamus to come back. The ref and medics and trying to hold him back, and he walks to the back. Cesaro's music hits.

No Winner

(Commercial Break)

Back from break, Bailey is getting ready when Charlotte shows up and says Bailey weaseled her way into the title match. Charlotte says no matter how you got her shot, or how loveable she is, she will not win tonight. Bailey says she can and she will. Charlotte ends by saying she can't even beat Sasha banks. Back at the arena, Michael Cole explains Connor's Cure. Sami Zayn makes his way out to the ring. A recap of his recent struggle with Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho makes his way out next.

Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho

The crows sings "Oley" while Jericho tells them to shut up, before Sami jumps Chris. Chris cheap shots Sami and his some chops and punches on Sami. He continues to trash talk Sami, before Sami hits some arm drags and a dropkick on Chris. He hits some chops on his own, before Jericho catches the ropes and goes tot he outside. Sami follows and hits a running clothesline. Chris reverses a throw to the barricades but Sami jumps on top of it and hits a moonsault onto Chris. Aamy sends Chris back into the ring, but Chris uses the ref to distract and hit a dropkick to Sami and falls to the floor. Chris goes back out to continue the assault on Sami. Chris sends him back in and goes to the top and hits a flying back elbow. He gets a pinfall but Sami kicks out. 

Jericho continues to hit Sami and slaps him in the back of the head, which leads Sami to hit back, but Chris blocks him and ends up crotching Sami on the rope, and shoves him back to the floor. He follows him out and hits a suplex onto the floor. Chris goes back in and continues to trash talk Sami. Sami rolls back in and Chris attacks him once more. He puts on a headlock and tells the ref to "ask him". Big boot to Sami, and attempts to hit his bulldog faceplant, but Sami pushes him into the turnbuckle. Sami hits a clothesline. They exchange blows, but Chris runs and Sami walks back and pulls the ropes down to send Chris over the top to the outside. Sami runs into the ropes and flies over the over the ropes onto Chris.

Back in the ring, Sami goes to the top and hits a Flying Body Press and gets a two count. Chris tries to run to the ropes to hit Sami, but Sami hits a Mitchinoku Driver on Chris. He goes to the top again, but Chris stops him and chops him in the chest. Chris attempts a Superplex, but Zayn counters and drops Chris onto the mat. He goes to fly but Chris dodges so Sami rolls but gets caught by Chris as he attempts the Walls of Jericho. Sami gets out of it, but Chris drops him and continues to hit and slap Sami. Sami slaps back, and hit multiple slaps. He runs into a back elbow. Chris goes for the Lionsault, but Zayn lifted his knees to counter. He gets a two count.

Sami was about to go for the Blue Thunder Bomb, but Chris got out. Sami was able to grab Chris by the hand to jump to the top rope and do that flying arm drag. He goes for the Helluva kick but Jericho goes to the outside. Sami follows and attempts his DDT through the ropes. They landed awkwardly but he connected. back in the ring, Sami tried to get the helluva kick again, but Chris dodged and tried to hit the Codebreaker, but Sami countered and hit his Capture suplex into the trunbuckle, and went for the Helluva kick for a third time. Chris moved again and this time caught Zayn in the Walls of Jericho. Sami was able to get out off it after a few seconds and attempted a pinfall but Chris kicked out. Chris goes to the top rope, and jumps off but Sami moved and caught Chris and hits the Blue Thunder Bomb. He got a two count. Chris was able to hit the Codebreaker out of nowhere, and gets the three count.

Your Winner: Chris Jericho

 (Commercial Break)

Back from break, we see Kevin Owens backstage and both Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley walks up to him and congratulates him on his first title defense on the first Raw PPV. Kevin asks if Mick is proud even though all the walls he has put in front of him. He says tonight, he will prove that giving Seth a match for the title is a mistake, his mistake. We then get a recap of the WWE Women's Championship match. Back to the ring, Bailey makes her way out. Sasha follows and then the Women's Champion Charlotte, accompanied by Dana Brooke.

WWE Women's Championship Triple Threat: (c) Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bailey

As the match began, Sasha went after Charlotte and caught her by the hair and they rolled out of the ring. Bailey takes advantage and dropkicks both through the ropes. She sends in Charlotte and tries to get the pinfall, but Charlotte kicks out quickly. Sasha goes after Charlotte again and then gets in Bailey's face saying its about her and Charlotte. They start fighting, but Charlotte catches Bailey by the hair and drops her before making her way back into the ring. All three stand, and Charlotte rushes them both but Bailey and Sasha takes her down, but Sasha hits Bailey. Charlotte gets back up and goes after Sasha. She hits a suplex on Sasha and kips up. Charlotte goes to the top rope to go for her moonsault, but Sasha drops her in tree of woe position and hits a running knee. Bailey catches Sasha in a body suplex. 

Sasha sends Bailey out of the ring and Charlotte hits a big kick in the back of Sasha. Charlotte continues to target Sasha's back with a surfboard hold. Bailey attempts to get back in the ring, but Charlotte tosses her back out. Charlotte continues to dominate over Sasha. She goes for a pinfall but Sasha kicks out. She hits a series of knees to the back of Sasha, and rips the tape off of Sasha's back. She wraps Sasha around the post. Bailey gets back up but Charlotte hits a big forearm to take her down again. Charlotte returns in the ring to continue her assault on Sasha, but Sasha fights back and hits a headscissor takedown. She hits some clotheslines on Charlotte, and tried to go for the Bank Statement, but Charlotte countered, and both girls got taken out of by bailey in a top rope body press. Bailey hits some running back elbows to both girls, but Sasha get Bailey in position for the double knees on the ropes, but caught Charlotte in a headscissor and dropped her head into Bailey's gut, and hit the double knee on both girls. Sasha went for a two count on Bailey.

Charlotte it Sasha from out of the ring. She went back in and took Sasha. Bailey came back in and hit the Bailey to belly suplex on Charlotte and got a two count. Sasha stopped the pinfall. All three are on their knees whiel Charlotte hits some chops on both, but then Sasha and Bailey double team Charlotte with some punches and throws Charlotte into the ropes. Charlotte kicks Sasha and throws Bailey into the turnbuckle. Sasha hits some slaps to Charlotte and seats Charlotte on the turnbuckle, but Charlotte throws Sasha tothe mat. Bailey tried to go after Charlotte but Charlotte dropped her as well, but Bailey was able to drop Charlotte from the turnbuckle. She gets down, and hits a body slam on Bailey rigtht next to Sasha, and hits a top rope Moonsault on both. She goes for a pinfall on Sasha but kicks out and the same for Bailey. Charlotte hits the Natural Selection on Bailey, but Sasha catches Charlotte in the Bank Statement. Dana pulls Charlotte out. Back in, Charlotte and Sasha continue to fight, but Sasha is able to hit the backstabber and the Bank Statement oN Charlotte. Dana tries to interfere, but Sasha kicks her. Bailey stops the move and goes to hit the Bailey to belly suplex on Sasha, but Sasha reverses into another backstabber and Bailey to belly suplex. Charlotte stops it. Charlotte takes Sasha out of the ring, and throws her into the barricade. 

Charlotte goes back i nthe ring, and Bailey caught her in a pinfall, but Charlotte kicked out. Bailey tried to go for a sunset flip, but Charlotte held on Sasha's hair to prevent her from going down. back up, Charlotte Bailey with a big boot, that bumped Sasha off the apron, and hit a second big boot and gets the three count and the win over Bailey. 

Your Winner (And still champion): Charlotte

After the match, they recapped the match between Alicia Fox and Nia Jax from the pre-show. Next up is Roman Reigns vs. Rusev for the United States Championship. They air a video package. Once it ended, Lana was already in the ring to announce Rusev to the ring. He makes his way out. Roman Reigns made his way out after.

WWE United States Championship match: (c) Rusev vs. Roman Reigns

They tie up and both show power pushing each other around, before they exchange blows before Roman throws Rusev out of the ring. Rusev rushes back and Roman tries to go for a Samoan Drop but Rusev gets off of him and gets back to the outside. He gets back in and they circle each other before start fighting. Roman starts punching Rusev and Rusev hits a spinning kick. He continues to stomp on Roman. He gets on top of Roman and starts punching on him and goes for a pinfall, but Roman kicks out. Rusev continues the beatdown. He throws Roman into the turnbuckle hard. Loud chants from the crowd for and against Roman. Another hard punch from Rusev. Rusev continues to stalk Roman and punches him again once he gets up. He hits knees in the ribs of Roman. Roman hits an explosive clothesline to Rusev. He hits one more before being sent into the ropes and hits another big one, with Rusev falling awkwardly. Roman goes to rush him on the turnbuckle but Rusev moves out of the way and Roman hits the post and falls to the outside. 

Rusev follows him out and continues to fight on the outside, both exchanging blows. Roman is able to send Rusev back in the ring, but Rusev rolls out on the other side. Roman follows. They continue exchanging blows and Rusev is able to throw Roman into the steel steps, and then sends him back into the ring and goes for two pinfalls that Roman kicks out of, and Rusev puts on a bearhug from the mat. 

Roman powers out, but Rusev hits him in the ribs again to take control. Roman gets a hit on Rusev and goes to run through the ropes but Rusev hits a big dropkick. Rusev attempts a second rope headbutt but Roman rolls out of the way, and hits a Samoan Drop on Rusev. He gets a two count. Roman is now taking control and hits some turnbuckle clotheslines. Roman sends Rusev to the outside. He follows, and sends Rusev into the barricade, and then the steel steps. Roman returns Rusev to the ring. Roman sets up for the Superman punch, but Rusev hits Roman in the ribs, and then starts punching Roman again. Roman is able to do the same. The ref stops Roman, which gives Rusev the chance to lift Roman and drop hi min the ropes, and then hit a big kick. He gets another two count.

Rusev sets up for another the big kick before the Accolade, but Roman hits the Superman Punch instead. Both men are down, but Roman gets up first, revving himself up to go for the Spear. Lana distracted Roman enough for Rusev to hit his big Sidekick. Another two count. Rusev has a tamtrum in the ring with the referee. Rusev screams "Rusev Crush". He kicks Roman in the back three times, before going for the Accolade, but Roman slips out and hits the Spear. Lana pulls the referee out. The referee sends Lana to the back. 

This distracted Rusev, and Roman rolled Rusev for a tw count. Roman throws Rusev out, and hits a dropkick through the ropes on Rusev, and then hits the Driveby. He hits another Driveby landing on announcers table. He sends Rusev back into the ring, goes for another Spear, but Rusev hits another Sidekick, and then locks in the Accolade on Roman.Roman powers out of the Accolade, but Rusev hits Reigns in the eyes, and goes for another kick, but Reigns hits another Spear, and gets the three count.

Your Winner (And new champion): Roman Reigns

 (Commercial Break)

Back from break, Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon are backstage to congratulate Seth Rollins on tonight's match at the first Raw brand PPV. Seth says he doesn't believe what she says and to tell her husband that he bet on the wrong horse. We then get a video package of the Universal Championship match from Raw where Hunter turned on Seth Rollins. We then get the entrance of Seth Rollins. The champion, Kevin Owens, makes his way out. 

WWE Universal Championship match: (c) Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins

 Kevin Owens rolls out to the floor right from the bell. Seth goes to follow, but Kevin purposely rolls in at the same time. Seth catches his foot, but Owens showves him off. Kevin goes to the floor to fight, but Seth hits him and sends him back into the ring. He hits Owens a few times, but he goes back to the outside. Seth jumps off the apron with his high knee to the head. He sends Kevin back to the ring, and takes control of Kevin. He hits a stiff kick and goes for a pinfall. Kick out at 2. Seth continues to slap, chop and kick at Owens at the turnbuckle. Irish whip into the turnbuckle, but Kevin reverses but runs into a boot from Seth, and Seth hits a nice Blockbuster. Another two count. Seth attempted the Pedigree, but Owens sends him over the ropes, Seth lands on his feet and attempts a second knee but Kevin ducks. Seth hits some kicks, but Kevin catches the last one, kicked him in the back of the leg, and hits a planting DDT. Owens has control of this match now and trash talks Seth. Seth and Kevin now exchanges blows until Kevin hits a Bionic elbow to the head of Seth. Stiff kick to the back, and gets a 2 count.

Kevin continues to taunt Seth and hits him in the knee and hits a back body over the top rope to the outside. Kevin stands on the apron asking the referee if he is okay, pretending that he is worried, before jumping off and hitting a flying elbow. Owens rolls back in and poses to the crowd. Seth runs back in at the count of 6, and Owens attacks him once more, and hits the sunset flip, and putting a headlock on him.

Kevin continues to trash talk Seth while holding onto Seth in the headlock. Seth fights out of the headlock, but gets sent back into the turnbuckle hard. Another hard whip into the turnbuckle. He goes for another whip into the turnbuckle, but Seth flipped over and back to his feet and hits a running clothesline that spins Owens to the mat. They exchange blows. Seth hits the Slingblade on Kevin. Seth hits two running elbows to Owens at the turnbuckle, and then hits a backsuplex into a backbreaker and gets a two count.

Seth hits a running dropkick that sends Owens flying out of the ring. Seth follows and throws Kevin into the barricades around the ring. He looks at the Spanish announce table, and he starts dismantling the top with the intention to use it, so Kevin goes back into the ring. Kevin tries to get a suplex in, but it doesn't work, so he rolls Seth, and Seth hits a small superkick to Owens. Another two count. 

Seth goes to hit the Pedigree again, but Owens pulls up to throw Seth but lands on his feet and intends to rush at Owens at the turnbuckle, but Owens hits his knee flipping Seth down to the mat, and Owens continues with his running cannonball. Kevin attempts to hit the Small package piledriver, but Seth gets out of it, and they echange blows, from forearms, to Seth hitting a high knee, Kevni hitting a superkick, and Seth hitting Owerns with a backflip kick. Owens hits a running turnbuckle clothesline, and then attempts a second cannonball but Seth moves out of the way. Somehow, Kevin grabs Seth and hits his Fisherman knee buster, and gets another two count.

Kevin goes to the top rope, but Seth hits a high kick. Seth climbs the ropes, but Owens hits him to fall down. Seth goes back but Owens catches him and hits that Fireman's carry into the gutbuster off the top rope. Kevin immediately climbs back and hits the frog splash, and gets the two count. Seth Rollins roled to the outside. Kevin followed and hit him, approaching him to the announcers table. He continues to punch Rollins and lays him on the table, and breaks the 10 count, to go set up the other announcers' table. Kevin gets on top of it. Kevin does the crotch chop to the ref and to Seth and attempts the sentn, but Seth rolled out of the way. 

Seth rolls Kevin back in, and hits another high jump knee to the head. He goes back to the top rope and hits his own frog splash. He gets a two count as well. Chris Jericho makes his way out to distract Seth. Kevin hits a superkick to Seth and hits that small package into a slam, but only gets a two count. Jericho is yelling at Kevin to throw Seth to him, but Seth throw Kevin into Chris. Seth hits the Pedigree, and Chris places Kevin's foot on the rope to break the count. 

Seth is fuming and goes after Jericho. Jericho goes into the ring which sets up Kevin to try the Poo up powerbomb, but Seth jumps off of it, but hits the ref. He hits another Pedigree but no one to count. This lead Chris to jump Seth Rollins while Kevin rolls out of the ring. Seth sends Jericho flying, and flies out of the ring onto Jericho, and then onto Owens on the other side of the ring. The referee is still out on the outside of the ring. Seth sends Owens to the ring, and tries to wake up the ref, when Stephanie sends a second ref to replace, but once Seth gets back in the ring, Kevin hits his Pop up Powerbomb, and gets the three count. 

Your Winner (And still champion): Kevin Owens

Post-match, Chris Jericho tells the ref to raise his hand. Afterwards, he continues to yell out that Kevin is better, and siings "We are the champions" as the show end. 



While I was not eager for the card itself, the show delivered in terms of high quality matches. I thought every match on the main card delivered well and given enough time. I was surprised by some of the finishes, some that disappointed me a bit, but all in all, the show was much better than I anticipated. I will go into more details in my wins and fails.

- Sheamus vs. Cesaro: This will be on both lists, but as far as the match was, it was their best match by far. They got lots of time, lots of physicality, and lots of spots different from their other matches. This match and the main event tied as the best matches of the night. 
- TJ Perkins vs. Brian Kendrick: The very first Cruiserwieght match on a Raw Brand PPV, and the very first match of TJ Perkins on the main roster. In my opinion, TJ Perkins will be the future of the WWE, not just in the Cruiserweight division. I always liked Kendrick, although I am not a fan of his new finisher, the Captain's Hook, as it just looks like another headlock. At one point in the match, I thought he had put it on TJ, but Cole said he has him in a headlock, and I was thinking, it doesn't look different.
- WWE Universal Championship match: Owens proved tonight that he can deliver as the champion of the brand, if not the company. That was a physical match, and has such a presence in the ring. He and Seth delivered such a great match.  

- Sheamus vs. Cesaro: The finish was just dumb. After such a great match, and even after Cesaro nearly killed himself in the ill-worded Suicide Dive, if the match wasn't stopped there, why stop it after a clothesline over the barricade. We have seen that move thousands of time and they never stopped a match for that. It was my only gripe for that match. 
- Tag Team Championship Match: It was the only match I thought was disappointing. No offense to the New Day which I like, but they needed to lose tonight. The match started great in my opinion, with the attack on Big E on the outside before it started, but then, they still managed to finish and leave the ring like they didn't break a sweat. Karl and Luke needs to up their game as well. The comedy route is not for them. If they would have won that match after attacking both Big E and Xavier and hitting the Magic Killer within 30 seconds, I would have loved this match
- WWE Women's Championship: Compared to their match in NXT, and many other matches before, this one did not deliver. It felt liek it had no rhythm to it, and I felt it ended awkwardly. Not the best women's match they've had. 

Honorable mentions
Win: Zayn/Jericho on their great match
Fail: No Triple H yet. I was expecting him to show up

Well that is all for tonight!! Thanks for reading!

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