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TJ Perkins Discusses Working With Triple H And When He Knew It Was For A Title

TJ Perkins Discusses Working With Triple H And When He Knew It Was For A Title

TJ Perkins won the brand spanking new Cruiserweight title in the CWC finals the other night, and he has went on to explain how it was like working with Triple H, then when he found out it was for a title. 

Brian Fritz of SportingNews.com got the chance to do an interview with Perkins. 

Triple H has been such an influence for so many with NXT and with the Cruiserweight Classic as well as helping put it together. Did you have a moment with him?

Yeah. It's been such a pleasant experience being here as a professional. I've had such great open and casual and professional interaction with all of the office and administration, all of my peers and everything. What I was stressing to a lot of the guys — and it's weird because I'm young but I'm one of the senior members in the locker room already — I would stress to a lot of the guys that, I've been everywhere, I mean, everywhere, and you go places and you have a wonderful locker room and just a nightmare of an office. Or you have a wonderful office but a nightmare locker room. I've never been in a place, until now, where you have both. This is the first place I've even been where it's across the board that everything's so wonderful. Everybody is so supportive; it's a family atmosphere. Everyone is so helpful and approachable. Triple H, everybody has been really wonderful.

I was able to speak with him the first week we were here for the first round. I spoke to him in the span of five days more times than I spoke with any other person of administration or boss I've ever had anywhere else in the span of five years. I spoke with him more within five days. That's how engaged he is and how passionate he is about it. He encourages that in everybody and I think that's a healthy atmosphere. That's the way it should be. He's a workaholic and I think he respects when other people are, too.

When did you find out that the finals match was not just going to decide the winner of the tournament but was the cruiserweight champion?

Pretty much when everybody saw the belt along with me in front of everybody. I didn't get a chance to see it or understand that that was what the stakes are. You get a feeling that a lot of this stuff is going to be correlated and, definitely, winning the tournament is going to mean something, but until everyone has a chance to see it ... I found out like everyone else (laughs).

 Check out the full interview with Perkins right here




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