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ROH EPISODE #259 Results

Posted By: Manny Sehmi on Sep 06, 2016

ROH EPISODE #259 Results

This weeks ROH comes to you from Las Vegas, NV


Opening Segment 

Adam Cole the new ROH World Champion and the Bullet Club come out to open the show.  

Cole takes the mic and tells the fans how he promised he would become the ROH world champion, Cole talks about how he doesn't care who his next challenger is or whichever group decides to challenge the Bullet Club because he and the Bullet Club are the best group of professional wrestlers in the world. 

*Jay Lethal musics plays* 

Lethal walks out with a mic and says he's out here to state that his feud with Cole is not over, Cole mocks Lethal and says he will always be better than Jay Lethal. Cole says he knows Lethal wants to get his hands on him but its Cole's night off. Cole said if Lethal ever tries to come in the way of him, he will be messing with the Bullet Club. Lethal says he has friends as well, out come Naito and Evil ( The Los Ingobernables ) 


*Bullet Club vs Los Ingobernables & Lethal is announced for next weeks show by Nigel Guinness* 


Match 1 

Dalton Castle with the Boys Vs Caprice Coleman with the Cabinet - Both Wrestlers try to out headlock each other at the start, back and fourth sequence with boos for Coleman and cheers for Castle. The Boys start to get attacked by the cabinet on the outside, the referee sends the cabinet to the back. We cut to a break. 

Castle dominates as we come back from the break, big forearm followed by a big suplex by Castle. Coleman recovers with an STO and then hits a big hurricarana from the top rope on castle, cover attempt from Coleman but Castle bridges out and hits a German suplex into a cover but Coleman kicks out. Titus and King who were originally kicked out by the Referee from the match run back down, Castle is distracted. However, the boys run and hit a double flying dive on them. Castle then turns to Coleman and hits his finisher, the Bang-A-Rang. 1-2-3! 

Winner - Dalton Castle


*The addiction come out on top of a ladder after they accused Nigel McGuiness of doctoring footage as he showed what happened when ROH went off air last week as the Young Bucks attacked The Addiction with a ladder. The Addiction then begin to declare how they have beaten every team that they've faced in Ring Of Honor and New Japan as well as stating that every Tag Team is beneath them* 


Match 2 

Donovan Dijak vs Manny Lemons - Dijack just absolutely dominates Lemons in this squash match, as he throws Lemons outside to the ring and the overhead presses him back into the ring to display his strength. Dijack then hits his finisher ' Feast your eyes '. Dijack gets the cover 1-2-3. 

Winner - Dijack 

*After the match, Prince Nana declares how whoever the ROH TV champion is next week out of Bobby Fish vs Shibata that Dijack will beat them to become the new ROH TV Champion* 


Main Event 

Lio Rush and Jay White vs The IWGP Tag Team Champions, Mark and Jay Briscoe ( Briscoe Brothers) - Briscoe brothers dominate early as they hit running kicks into Jay White who was in the corner of the ring. We Cut to a break.

Back from the break, Rush hits a big diving suicide flip onto Jay Briscoe on the outside, however, Mark Briscoe hits a big flipped neck breaker type move onto Rush straight away. *This is awesome chants*. Match returns to the ring and Jay hits a big dropkick onto white as the Briscoes continue to dominate. Vertical Suplex from Jay Briscoe Rush is able to kick out at 2, Rush is whipped into the corner but begins fighting back. He manages to get in the hot tag to Jay White, Jay white dominates as he hits a running suplex onto Jay Briscoe, White hits a missile drop kick onto Jay Briscoe, 1-2-Kickout. We cut to another break. 

Back from the break. White hits a dropkick onto Jay Briscoe which then sets up Rush to a hit a big splash followed by a dive onto the outside to Mark Briscoe, White attempts to cover Jay Briscoe for the 3 count but is unsuccessful as Jay Briscoe kicks out at 2. White and Rush begin to both attack Jay in the ring, however, Mark pulls Whites leg and throws him under the rope to the outside, this allows Jay Briscoe to hit a massive clothesline onto Lio Rush, Mark is tagged in, FISHERMAN BUSTER! 1-2-KICKOUT, Rush kicks out at the very last second. This match is great. 

Mark Briscoe hits a froggy Bow onto Lio Rush but Jay White runs into the ring and forces Jay Briscoe onto Mark who has Rush in the pin which is broken up because of this. Crowd goes wild as more 'This is awesome' chants break out. White and Jay Briscoe exchange blows to one another but Mark sneaks up from behind and he and Jay hit double spinning back forearms onto White which sends him to the outside of the ring. The Briscoes hit Doomesday onto Lio Rush. 1-2-3! 

Winners - The Briscoe Brothers


*After the match, the camera cuts to Nigel Guinness who announces that The Addiction will face The Young Bucks and the Motor City Machine Guns at All Star Extravaganza in a ladder war*  



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