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The Alternate Report: The Miz's Rant And What It Can Do

Posted By: Robert Graham on Aug 27, 2016

The Alternate Report: The Miz's Rant And What It Can Do

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last few days, you've probably heard about The Miz's rant on 'Talking Smack' after Daniel Bryan called him a coward. I don't want to talk about whether or not it was a work or if it just got out of control. Everyone has talked about that.

Instead I want to focus on what that rant has done for The Miz and what it could do. In my opinion The Miz is one of the only 'true' heels in the company right now and he's probably the best of the few, don't believe me? How many 'heels' get booed? Not a lot. John Cena gets more boos that the majority of the heels. We live in a weird time where people want to see the underdog, small babyface get the win, but they also want to see the bad ass anti-hero who kicks ass and looks cool doing it. This creates a weird contrast between the two types of wrestlers we cheer for.

The Miz isn't either of these wrestlers and I would say that The Miz could never pull off being a babyface. The style of wrestling implemented by The Miz is a huge reason people don't like him, and that's okay. I want to see cowardly heels in the company and I think that has to be represented in their style of wrestling.

That being said, the question is; What can that rant do for The Miz?

Well, first of all it cements him as the top heel in the company. If you go onto a show that is suppose to blur the lines between kayfabe and reality and verbally assault the top babyface in the company, the most liked man in the industry and an overall swell guy you can be one of the top heels in the company.

Now where does The Miz go from here? Well you can forget about him potentially dropping the title soon. After this resurgence of his career The Miz should definitely hold on to the IC Championship. This is simply because heel champions are always better than a babyface champion. A heel being the champion adds an interesting dynamic to the story being told. Of course with a great heel champion comes the even greater babyface challenger who knocks the champion of the podium and takes the gold. The longer the title reign the better the pop at the end of it, at least that's the theory. So who should win the gold at the end of The Miz's title reign and get the push as one of the biggest babyfaces in the company? Well first of all I have to close the question of; "What can that rant do for The Miz?" and open a new question; "What can that rant do?"

So first of all I would have The Miz hold onto the title until after Wrestlemania, yes we're thinking long term here. Have him defeat the top babyfaces on Smackdown Live by blatant cheating. Also what has to happen is one of those draft nights, remember it happened every night after Wrestlemania? So we bring those back and draft Roman Reigns over to Smackdown.

Yes, Roman Reigns. The Miz continues his cheating tactics against Roman Reigns but in the end Roman Reigns wins the IC title after chasing it for two or three PPVs.

From the most talked about rant this week I believe we have got the perfect way to get the fans behind Roman Reigns. This would be a long term story and in my opinion it would be better if Roman Reigns was off TV for a few months to make the angle work.

So to answer my question, that rant could possibly, in the long term do what the League of Nations could never do and put Roman Reigns over as a babyface with the fans. That rant could give WWE that huge babyface run they have been desperately been trying to give Roman Reigns since before he won the Royal Rumble. The Miz, not only could cement himself as a top heel but he could put Roman Reigns over.   

Thanks for reading.

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