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Backstage Speculation on Daniel Bryan's WWE Contract And His Future

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Aug 25, 2016

Backstage Speculation on Daniel Bryan's WWE Contract And His Future

In the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer commented on Daniel Bryan's WWE contract and the fact he may be able to make big money wrestling elsewhere when his deal is up. The Miz recently called Bryan out on his love of wrestling, suggesting he should go back to the indies if he loves it so much on Tuesday's Smack Talk on the WWE Network.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion was forced to retire in February when WWE doctors wouldn't medically clear him to return to the ring. Bryan recently admitted that being unable to wrestle led mental breakdown.

Now that Bryan is the company's SmackDown Live General Manager his contract will continue to tick over until such a time when he is able to leave if he wishes. Meltzer noted in his report that Bryan could potentially make a lot more money main eventing for NJPW than he would for his GM role with WWE. He would also be able to make more money on merchandise outside the company than the small percentage makes within.

Bryan had a number of different opinions from Doctors before he retired, he ultimately went with the decision of the WWE medical team but that doesn't mean he couldn't explore other advice once his contract is up.

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