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Breaking: Brock Lesnar & Chris Jericho Get Into Heated Argument After SummerSlam, Details

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Aug 22, 2016

Breaking: Brock Lesnar & Chris Jericho Get Into Heated Argument After SummerSlam, Details

According to a report from The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the ending of the match between Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton last night at SummerSlam went pretty much according to plan, except for the fact that Randy Orton wasn't supposed to get cut open as bad as he did. It was NOT done intentionally by Brock Lesnar.

However, immediately after the match, when Orton and Lesnar got backstage, Chris Jericho was very concerned about Orton and reportedly asked WWE agent Michael Hayes if this was the plan for the match, and Hayes apparently wouldn't answer Jericho, for whatever reason. This led Jericho to believe that Lesnar had done it on purpose. According to one report, Jericho's exact words were, "That's bullshit."

Lesnar overheard Jericho's remarks and allegedly either called him a "pussy" and/or told him to "shut up." There are conflicting reports as to what exactly Lesnar said. But it resulted in Jericho getting in Lesnar's face and the two got into a heated argument. Lesnar allegedly then shoved Jericho and Jericho came back at him. According to one report, Lesnar then said something to Jericho to the effect of, "Either punch me or kiss me." WWE Chief Operating Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque separated the two of them but then they continued arguing and getting in each other's faces again, which led to WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon getting involved to tell Jericho that everything had gone according to plan and that Jericho was the one who was behaving unprofessionally.

Triple H then informed McMahon that Lesnar had actually touched Jericho first (when he shoved him back) and that Jericho was simply defending himself. When Jericho checked on Randy Orton again, Orton reassured Jericho that the match had gone according to plan and that he shouldn't be upset with Lesnar.

We'll have more on this story as it develops.


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter Tags: #wwe #summerslam #brock lesnar #chris jericho #randy orton

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