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Triple H Discusses Braun Strowman's Push, WWE's Reactivation Of Enhancement Matches

Triple H Discusses Braun Strowman's Push, WWE's Reactivation Of Enhancement Matches

During a recent interview with ESPN.com, Triple H discussed a few different subjects, including the recent decision to push Braun Strowman and the company's decision to reactivate enhancement matches. Below are highlights:

Braun Strowman's Push

"We're resetting Braun Strowman. We're resetting who he is, and resetting his character and his personality so that you can learn more about him and feel for him. It's the same thing with Nia Jax and any of these characters that we do those things with. When I write NXT, I never go, 'I just need to get so and so a match,' and give them an enhancement match. It's not what I want to do. I give it to them so I can see a different part of his personality. If I give Nakamura an enhancement match in NXT at this point, it's so I can get the entertainment side of him out that I can't get if he's out there and he's going to wrestle Samoa Joe. I want to see a different side of him, so I give him something that he can do that different side in and show me that personality."

WWE Reactivating Enhancement Matches

"Anytime you do a match, you're trying to get personalities over. Because for the most part, people appreciate great wrestling, but if they don't care about the performers and they don't care about the story between the two performers, they don't care about the match. They just don't. They'll get to the end of it and they'll go, 'Wow, that was really exciting and they did some crazy stuff when the one guy did the thing, you know, like I don't remember his name, but he did the crazy move.' The moves and the matches only are great when they're with great stories; when those stories are rich, and the characters are rich and you can get involved in them. And when the matches deliver that and you're invested in those characters -- that's when it's magic. Enhancement matches on the shows, to me, are designed to get personalities over. It's designed for one guy to go out there -- yeah, he beats up another guy, but what was he doing while he was doing that? He was establishing his moves, so I see what this guy does and see the kind of a style in which he wrestles? But if he just goes out there and just does a few moves with no personality and no charisma, I still don't care about him. I just know he's better than the other guy, who didn't look like he was very good in the first place."

To check out the full interview with Triple H in its entirety, click here.

Posted By: Kenny Williams on Aug 12, 2016 Source: ESPN.com Tags: #wwe #triple h

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