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TNA Slammiversary 2016 Results (6/12)

Posted By: Elio C. on Jun 12, 2016

TNA Slammiversary 2016 Results (6/12)


- Eddie Edwards def. Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and DJ Zema Ion

- The Tribunal def. Grado and Mahabali Shera 

- Sienna def. Jade and Gail Kim

- James Storm def. Braxton Sutter

- Eli Drake def. Bram

- ECIII def. Mike Bennett

- Jeff Hardy def. Matt Hardy

- The Decay def. The Bro Mans

- Bobby Lashley def. Drew Galloway






The match built to Trevor and Andrew breaking down in their teamwork when Everett had Zema pinned, but Lee broke it up. So, Edwards landed a double dropkick as they argued. Lee then nailed Zema with a flying cross-body press for a two count. All four men battled in the ring with bodies flying everywhere. Edwards then smashed Lee with a superkick and covered him for a super-close two count. Edwards sold thinking he won the match.

All four men were down on the mat eight minutes into the match after a flurry of high-flying moves. Everett and D.Z. wiped each other at ringside, leaving Lee and Edwards to battle in the ring. Lee wanted his fisherman buster finisher, but Edwards countered with a quick small package for a three count to give Edwards the win.

The winner of the match: Eddie Edwards

Post Match: Lee sold shock over the loss while Edwards celebrated in the ring. A replay showed how Edwards surprised Lee for a quick three count to win. Back live, Edwards celebrated with the ringside fans.

Down at ringside: Josh Mathews and The Pope were shown on-camera to hype the rest of the show.

Backstage: TNA showed Drew Galloway and Bobby Lashley warming up for the TNA Title main event still to come.

Backstage: JB brought in Ethan Carter III to talk about facing Mike Bennett. ECIII said on this Sabbath, he shall not rest because tonight he ends his quest for redemption against Bennett. Carter said he needs to beat Bennett to be the best pro wrestler in this place. He called Bennett a false prophet who is going to get two fists and ten knuckles like Moses with the ten commandments. ECIII said he’s heading to church tonight.

Slammiversary 2012 flashback: TNA showed Dixie Carter introducing Sting as the first TNA Hall of Fame inductee. On commentary, Mathews said they will announce the latest HOF inductee this Tuesday on Impact.


Right hands to Shera and Shera trying to fight back but The Tribunal stomp Shera down in their corner and Al Snow with cheap shots from the outside. Snapmare to Shera

Barakka working over the neck and Baron Daxx in with a knee to the back of the neck and Barakka with a kick to the face. Shera trying to build a comeback but Dax with the tag to Barakka.

Grado not waiting for the tag as he takes the fight to The Tribunal. Shera back in on fire as he takes out The Tribunal. The Tribunal fight back and hit The Guillotine to pick up the three count

The winner of the match: The Tribunal

Video: The Gail Kim-Maria Kannellis feud

Maria comes out to the ring with her apprentice Ally and accuses Gail Kim of faking an injury and Maria shows her injured hand and says she didn't want this. She wanted to come out and kick Gail's ass. Gail tells Ally to shut up and says this is between her and Maria and calls Maria fake and a liar. Maria says she has proof but Gail says she doesn't care and Maria better get in the ring.

Impact Executive Billy Corgan comes out and confirms Maria's broken hand and turns everyone's attention to the big screen. The crowd starts a "bullsh--" chant. Gordon says the minute Maria is cleared, Gail will get her match.

Sienna has the championship match tonight against Jade however Corgan turns the knockout championship into a triple threat


Wheelbarrow suplex by Sienna to Jade and Sienna with a boot to the thorat and Gail goes to lift Sienna up but Sienna blocks it. Right hand to Jade and Sienna turns her attention back to Gail. Gail tied up in the tree of woe

Sienna working over Jade's neck. Gail fighting back and Sienna with an irish whip and Gail hits hard. Sienna delivers a doule Samoan Drop to Jade and Gail. A chant of "Let's Go Gail/Let's Go Jade" breaks out and all three knockouts back in the ring. Gail with right hands to Sienna. Sienna dumps Gail to the outside. Jade with open palm strikes and a DDT to Sienna

Gail breaks up the nearfall. Jade goes to the top rope and Gail climbs the top rope and grabs Jade and executes a top rope hurricanrana. Sienna with a clothesline to Gail and Jade with a hurricanrana to Sienna.

Package piledriver countered and Sienna picks Jade up and delivers the AK 47. Gail with Eat Defeat and Ally breaks up the pin. Gail goes after Ally and Gail stalks maria as Maria backs up. Ally slides the title to Sienna and Marti Bell slides into the ring and hits Jade from behind allowing Sienna to pick up the three count

The winner of the match: Sienna

Backstage: Lashley says there's only one way the main event match between he and Drew Galloway can end. Knockout or Tapout and says Galloway's making mistakes and he's been playing Galloway like a puppet. Galloway's been traveling around the world beating people up but now he's stepping into Lashley's world

In-ring: James Storm was introduced to the ring dressed to wrestle. Storm said he’s been part of every Slammiversary in TNA history. He went back to 14 years ago when one man gave punk kids like Abyss, A.J. Styles, and himself a chance. Storm talked up his character living how he wants to live by raising a lot of heck. He said he wants to sit at home 14 years from now watching someone else in this position, so he wants to give someone an opportunity. Storm told JB to introduce this man he’s about to give an opportunity to. Out came Braxton Sutter (Pepper Parks). JB called Sutter humble and desiring to be TNA Hvt. champion.


Even match to begin with the two men wrestling out of respect. Sutter then landed a snap suplex into the corner turnbuckles, drawing a close two count.

Sutter followed with a bicycle kick to the head, but Storm intercepted a charging attack to nail a Codebreaker. Storm called for the Last Call and he nailed him right in the mouth. Storm covered for the win.

The winner of the match: James Storm

Post Match:  Storm received a case of beers from the floor manager. Storm took out two beers and gave Sutter some encouragement before handing him a drink. Storm and Sutter posed in opposite corner of the ring, then embraced again in the middle of the ring. No heel turn from Sutter.

Backstage: JB brought in KOTM champion Eli Drake to discuss his King of the Mountain Title defense. JB said there will not be three title changes tonight. He said Bram might be crazy enough to put his life on the line to take this title from him, but it’s not happening. Eli said it’s a fact of life that he’s keeping the title. Eli sounds good on the mic, but he was all over the place here.

Slammiversary 2013 Flashback: Dixie Carter revealed Kurt Angle as the second TNA Hall of Famer.

In-ring: Bram was introduced to the ring as the KOTM challenger. Eli Drake was out next wearing the KOTM Title belt like a military weapon. Drake hit the ring and almost fell off the top rope posing in the corner. He played it up to the crowd before the bell sounded. From a face vs. face match to a heel vs. heel match…

ELI DRAKE VS BRAM — King of the Mountain Title match

Eli tried to duck a fight once the bell sounded and bailed to the floor to make Bram chase him around ringside. Eli then grabbed his title belt and bailed to the back. He stopped on the stage like “where is Bram to attack me from behind?” Bram eventually chased after him and took the belt away from Eli to hand it to ref Earl Hebner. The fight spilled back to ringside without a count-out situation.

Bram pulled back the ringside padding looking to slam Eli onto the concrete floor, but Eli countered with a back body drop onto the concrete floor. Eli returned to the ring and again almost fell off the top turnbuckle. Now Hebner started counting as Bram sold on the floor. Bram made it to his feet at eight, then returned to the ring at nine.

Bram made a comeback, then hit the Brighter Side of Suffering, but Eli smartly rolled out of the ring to the floor to avoid being pinned. Bram tried to follow up, but Eli nailed a big lariat to the face for the pin and the win.

The winner of the match: Eli Drake

Backstage: JB brought in Mike Bennett along with Maria to discuss his match against ECIII tonight. Bennett said he is The Miracle, claiming to be the best wrestler on the planet. He also ended ECIII’s unpinned streak, and now Carter gets his so-called redemption match. But, that’s not happening tonight. Bennett said the crowd will be honoring him, not Carter, after tonight.

In-ring: Mike Bennett’s music played to produce Maria for the second time tonight. Maria said she has one question for the audience – do you believe in The Miracle? Out came Mike Bennett dressed in a retro gold & black outfit. Ethan Carter III was out next to face Bennett. ECIII fired up the crowd in the face role after playing heel the previous two nights for EVOLVE.


ECIII dominated early on as Bennett tried to get in some offense, but Carter eventually dumped him over the top rope to the floor. Carter lit up Bennett with hard chops to the chest, then tried a running attack, but Bennett sidestepped and sent Carter face-first into the turnbuckle.

Back in the ring, Bennett worked over Carter for a while as the crowd grew restless. Carter came back with a big lariat to draw an “E-C-Three!” chant. Carter followed up with the One-Percenter, but Bennett kicked out of the pin. The match moved to the ring apron, where ECIII nailed a TKO across the edge of the ring.

ECIII tried to fly back into the ring toward Bennett, who intercepted with a mid-air cutter. Bennett covered for a two count. Bennett then got caught in a Cobra Clutch, but Bennett pulled in referee Brian Hebner to deliver a mule kick to the groin. Bennett followed with a piledriver for a close two count.

Carter came back with the One-Percenter, but Maria slid a chair into the ring right where Hebner was going to make the count. That slowed down Hebner, who eventually counted a two count. ECIII then left the ring to intimidate Maria, who backed away as Hebner yelled at Carter to get back in the ring. Carter walked right into a TKO on the chair, Mathews said this is over and a travesty, and Carter kicked out. Carter followed with another One-Percenter for the pin and the win.

The winner of the match: Ethan Carter III

Somewhere in the building: The crazy madman composer Matt Hardy spoke in broken sentences about Jeff Hardy. Matt said he is the reason for Brother Nero’s success. Matt vowed to end Jeff tonight. This followed with a video package that ran on a loop on the PPV pre-show.

Back in the arena, Reby Sky spoke from the back. She emerged on-stage holding their child, Maxell. Reby cut a promo on the crowd and said Matt will delete Brother Nero from history tonight. The poor kid looked up at mom like “what’s going on?” Matt emerged to crazy composer piano music and kissed Maxell on the head before walking to the ring. Jeff Hardy’s music played and Matt met him in the entrance ramp to start the fight.

MATT HARDY VS JEFF HARDY — Full Metal Mayhem match

A wild brawl broke out ringside with Matt slamming Jeff face-first into the ringpost. Matt then picked up a ladder and rammed it over and over into Jeff’s stomach. Matt, with his hair frizzing out like he stuck his finger in a socket, proclaimed himself the best Hardy. Matt then scooped up Jeff, who sold a knee injury. Matt tried to send Jeff through a table, but Jeff countered with a suplex to the floor. Jeff followed with a big splash through the table for a close two count.

The match returned to the ring, where Jeff set up an extension ladder in the middle of the ring. Jeff dangled the ladder across the ring from one side to the other. Jeff delivered a Twist of Fate, then put Matt on top of the ladder. Jeff followed with a top-rope splash crashing through Matt and the ladder. But, it was only good for a two count. Jeff sold frustration with his inability to end Matt.

Jeff tried to follow with a top-rope Swanton Bomb, but Matt got knees up to block. Matt then bit Jeff’s ear/face, causing Jeff to scream in pain. Matt rolled Jeff to the ring apron, then gave him the Side Effect across the ring. Jeff sold being knocked out, then Matt went under the ring to retrieve a giant electronic keyboard. Matt placed the keyboard across a portion of the guardrail, then picked up Jeff and powerbombed him through the keyboard. But, Jeff kicked out of a pin on the floor.

Back in the ring, Jeff and Matt fought on a ladder and then knocked each other off the ladder into the ring ropes. Josh Mathews: “If you’re watching Impact for the first time, these two are brothers.” Great line. Matt still could not put Jeff away, then Jeff smashed Matt onto the table. Jeff followed with a giant Swanton Bomb through a table on the floor. Jeff covered Matt and a three count was rendered, ending the war.

The winner of the match: Jeff Hardy

Post Match: Jeff took a victory lap around ringside while Matt slowly got up in the background and disappeared to the back.

Video: Abyss spoke on behalf of The Decay that he is not a monster, but beautiful. Crazzy Steve said the future is full of warnings and chaos. Rosemary spoke last that The Decay is ever-changing like a corpse in the field. Speaking of corpses, the Bro-Mans died a long time ago. She said their gold might be tempting, but they stand no chance.

In-ring: The Bro-Mans along with Raquel were introduced to the ring for the forgotten TNA Tag Title match tonight. The Decay were out next to defend the titles.


Rosemary got in the ring a few minutes into the match, so Jessie lifted up Rosemary and press-slammed her onto the tag champs on the floor. Jessie rolled Abyss back into the ring, then wanted a springboard attack, but Steve yanked down Jessie from the floor. Jessie made a comeback, then tagged in Robbie E.

Robbie took out Crazzy, then tagged in Jessie looking for a double back body drop. But, they didn’t see Abyss coming with a double knock down clothesline. Suddenly, Rosemary tried to mist Robbie, but Robbie ducked and Abyss took the mist. Crazy tried to help out Abyss, but Abyss chokeslammed his tag partner. Jessie then nailed a springboard fist to Abyss’s face. Bro_mans followed with the Bro Down to Steve. Jessie then put Steve in a Boston Crab. Ref Stiffler basically fed his foot to the outside, where Abyss yanked him out of the floor. Abyss then accidentally misted the ref. Meanwhile, Steve tapped out to Jessie in the ring.

Chaos everywhere, including Raquel brawling with Rosemary. Steve then belt-shotted Jessie, a new ref showed up, and Jessie kicked out in time. Jessie came back with a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring, but Abyss broke it up. More chaos. Abyss then caught Jessie with a Black Hole Slam. Abyss powerbombed Steve on top of Jessie and Steve scored the pin for the win.

The winners of the match: The Decay

Backstage: TNA Hvt. champion Drew Galloway cut a promo on Bobby Lashley ahead of the main event. Galloway said he will never quit, so Lashley will have to knock him out to beat him. Galloway said he’s been defending this title in multiple companies and countries. He said he isn’t an underdog. “I tapped out Kurt Angle!” he said. “I sure can beat Bobby Lashley!”

In-ring: Bobby Lashley was introduced to the ring for the main event title match. Lashley was sporting a red headband on this occasion. Drew Galloway was out next to defend TNA’s top title. Galloway wore a traditional Scottish kilt for this battle. JB handled formal ring introductions before the main event started.


As soon as the bell sounded, Galloway charged the ring and smashed Lashley in the face with the Claymore Kick. Galloway did not follow up, though, and just stood over Lashley, allowing him to recover and return fire. The match then spilled to the floor to continue the battle.

Back in the ring, Galloway went for his Iron Maiden submission finisher, but Lashley quickly wiggled free to escape. With both men back on their feet, Lashley came back with a big spear in the middle of the ring.

Lashley continued the attack, but Galloway came back with a flying shoulder attack. Galloway followed with a big kick to the head rocking Lashley to the corner.

The fight moved to the floor, where Galloway caught Lashley and sent him flying into the ring steps. Galloway followed with a Celtic Cross on the ring steps. Lashley stayed in the match, then Galloway put him in a Sharpshooter on the ring steps. Big spot, but Lashley hung in there for the match to continue. So, Galloway retrieved a table and put Lashley on the wood. Big-man Drew Galloway went flying over the top rope with a flip dive, but Lashley moved and Galloway crashed through the table to the floor.

Lashley became incensed when Galloway showed signs of life, so he pounded him repeatedly in the face. Lashley demanded a 10-count start. Galloway dramatically got up at eight, though, and he was sporting blood on his forehead.

Galloway charged the ring, where Lashley put him in a submission. But, Drew hit his feet and smashed Lashley with a Tombstone Piledriver. Lashley answered a 10 count, so Galloway charged him for a Claymore, but Lashley side-stepped and put Drew in a neck vice submission. Drew sold losing consciousness, the ref checked Drew for signs of life, there was nothing from Drew, and the ref called for the bell. New champion.

The winner of the match: Bobby Lashley

Post Match: doctors immediately hit the ring to check on Drew while Lashley soaked in his title victory. Drew remained face-down on the mat selling the effects before finally waking up. They replayed the finish, then Lashley was shown leaving with the title belt. Lashley fell down on the entrance ramp clutching the title belt. Mathews said it’s a whole new world with Lashley as World champion.




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