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Jim Ross Reveals What He Thinks Should Happen For The WWE Brand Split

Jim Ross Reveals What He Thinks Should Happen For The WWE Brand Split

Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at JRsBarBQ.com and below are some highlights regarding the upcoming WWE brand split:

"I’d suggest the two broadcast teams need to be entirely different as well which could see Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton manning the RAW side while Mauro Ranallo, Jerry Lawler and Cory Graves could do the same on Smackdown.

The two separate announce teams would help add a competitive element to the process that could include competition from two, separate creative teams as well and the rosters if the proposed brand split comes to pass as expected.

Same goes for the two, separate talent rosters as they will also develop a competitive element especially as Smackdown attempts to narrow the gap between the perception of their show and the flagship of WWE TV, Monday Night RAW.

The WWE Title can be made to be even more special if the top dog appears occasionally on both shows but not over exposed on either. Obviously, another primary title can be reinstituted as it was in the past in the form of the ‘World Title’ but that would not be my preference at this time. By default, if that scenario was utilized then the top two, weekly featured titles would be the IC and US Titles respectively on each brand. That does not offend me.

My primary hope is that the brand separation will be ‘pure’ and not feature ‘intermingling’ of talents other than perhaps ‘rookie tryouts’ and appearances by selected champions such as the WWE World Champion and/or the WWE Tag Champions.

Fans will likely no doubt be upset to varying degrees regarding certain aspects the brand separation including where some of their favorite talents will hang their respective ‘shingles.’ As a fan, I’m curious and motivated to see who goes where,what traveling arrangements will be disrupted, what new rivalries are established, etc of the new dynamics that these moves will create."


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