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Jim Ross: "Being a 100% Babyface or 100% Villain In Pro Wrestling Are Likely Over"

Jim Ross:

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog at JRsBarBq.com in which he says 100% pure heels and babyfaces in wrestling is over or likely ending soon. 

“The days of being a 100% babyface or 100% villain in pro wrestling are likely over and if not over certainly nearing an end and at best is on life support. Smart booking, in ring execution, creative tweaks, etc likely won’t change this trend that is society influenced more than it is wrestling influenced in my opinion. Something as straight forward as the broadcast of the NFL Draft and how the live audience responded over a three day period is certainly proof that our society is one of overt defiance and for being outspoken in essentially all forums which would have been unheard of just a few years ago. This is not a sign of the end times for pro wrestling but it does indicate that decision makers must create with these issues in mind and present their products more smartly and with today’s ticket buyer/TV viewer in mind more than ever. It will also affect how broadcasters present the product, too. Times they are a changing and this isn’t our granddaddy’s rasslin’ business any more.”


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