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WWE Roadblock Results (3/12) Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Posted By: Elio C. on Mar 12, 2016

WWE Roadblock Results (3/12) Toronto, Ontario, Canada


- New Day def. League Of Nations

- Chris Jericho def. Jack Swagger 

- The Revival def. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady

- Charlotte def. Natalya

- Brock Lesnar def. Luke Harper

- Sami Zayn def. Stardust

- Triple H def. Dean Ambrose




Welcome to WWE Roadblock and we are live from the RICOH Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and we kick things off with Tag Team action


New Day come out and they cut a promo on positivity and how everyone should eat their Booty-o's which elicits a "Booty-o" chant from the crowd. They then go through each member of The League Of Nations and why they should eat their Booty-o's.

Waistlock by Kingston but Sheamus with a snapmare. Kingston with a headscissors takedown and Kingston on the top rope celebrating as Woods works the trombone. Sheamus with uppercuts to Kingston. Barrett in and a double elbow off the irish whip. Barrett bounces Kingston's hed off the turnbuckle and stomps away athim.

Jawbreaker to Barrett. Big E in misses with a clothesline but picks Barrett up and delivers a knee to the spine. Kingston and Big E taking turns stomping away at Barrett.

Barrett with a Winds Of Change to Kingston. Sheamus in delivers an Irish Curse backbreaker, Barrett back in with the kneestrikes and Sheamus tags delivering the Ten Beats Of The Bohdran. Sheamus with a shoulder tackle off the top rope. Barrett back in with a chinlock on Kingston

Kingston gets to his feeting fighting back. Kingston with a headscissors in the corner and Barrett with a kick to the ribs. Sheamus again on the top rope is met with a dropkick from Kingston

Big E delivers a series of belly to belly suplexes to Barrett. Barrett on the top turnbuckle is met by Big who sets up for a suplex but Barrett delivers one of his own. Sheamus tags in, misses with a right hand. Crossbody by Kingston. Sheamus with shoulderblock to Kingston and high running knee.

Sheamus counters Trouble In Paradise and locks in The Cloverleaf. Big E runs Barrett into the ringpost. Kingston rolls through for a nearfall. Kingston with the SOS on Sheamus. Big E in, picks Sheamus up for The Big Ending but Sheamus counters and pushes Big E into the corner as Kingston lands hard from the top rope. Sheamus throws Kingston to the outside. Suplex by Sheamus, Barrett in with a kick to the jaw. Nearfall on Big E, and Woods jumps up on the apron arguing with the referee. Sheamus chases Woods around the ringside area and Kingston takes out Sheamus as Big E hits The Big Ending on Barrett for the three count

The winners of the match: The New Day

Backstage: Paul Heyman introduces himself and says he is here to christen Toronto, Ontario, Canada as the new capital of Suplex City. Lesnar warned Bray Wyatt that at his convenience, when it was time and when he felt like it. And then, Brock Lesnar would take his revenge on Bray Wyatt and that happens tonight. Heyman says Bray Wyatt, tonight, is going down

Video: Y2AJ vs The New Day from last Monday's Raw and The Highlight Reel from Thursday's Smackdown

Chris Jericho comes out to the ring and tells the fans to shut their mouth. They had their chance to chant for Jericho for months. Instead, they chanted for AJ Styles and if they want to chant for AJ Styles then they can go to hell and says he's the greatest icon. We get a "We Want Bret" to which Jericho says they're never getting him again and he's so ashamed that he moved years ago and it was the smartest decision he ever made. We get an "A*hole" chant from the crowd. Jericho runs down how the fans always cheer for the flavour of the month. He says he's not the flavour of the month, he's not the next big thing, he's the only thing that matters and is the best in the world at what he does. Jericho is then interrupted by his opponent


Jericho slaps Swagger and Swagger with a right hand and irish whips Jericho who slides to the outside. Swagger chases him around the ring. Big elbow by Swagger. Swagger unloads with punches. Jericho with a cheap shot and Jericho in control of the match as he stomps away on Swagger,

Baseball slide by Jericho sends Swagger to the outside. The crowd starts an "AJ Styles" chant. Jericho sends Swagger shoulder first into the barricade. Swagger sent back into the ring. Kick by Jericho and a nearfall. Chinlock on Swagger. Swagger fights back with a right hand and Jericho connects with a dropkick

Swagger mounts a comeback. Jericho with a bulldog but Swagger counters it and unloads with clotheslines. Swagger goes for the Swagger Bomb but Jericho gets a knee up. Running bulldog to Swagger. Jericho misses with the Lionsault. Swagger hits the Swagger Bomb the second time around. Jericho looks for The Walls but Swagger counters going for The Patriot Lock. Jericho counters and connects with an enziguri.

Swagger counters the Codebreaker and delivers a powerslam. Off the ropes, Swagger catches Jericho and locks in the Patriot Lock. Jericho reaches the ropes and Swagger is forced to break the hold. Swagger goes head first into the turnbuckle and Jericho locks The Walls Of Jericho in for the submission

The winner of the match by submission: Chris Jericho

Video: Wrestlemania 32 promo

Video: The Revival-Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady feud


Amore and Dash start things off and Dash unloads on Amore off the distraction from Dawson. Hurricanrana sends Dash flying. Amore taking out both members of The Revival. Big Cass in now and a forearm across the back.

Right hand to the midsection by Cass. Sidewalk slam to Dash. Cass working over the arm. Dawson tags himself in but the referee doesnt see it and back body drop by Cass to Dash and a right hand to Dawson. Cass launches Amore into Dawson. Dawson clotheslined over the top rope and Amore and Cassady clear the ring

Cass launches Amore again over the top rope as he lands on Dash and Dawson. The crowd erupts into a chant of "NXT". Amore with a roll up. Dash sends Amore into the ring post shoulder first. Dawson picks Amore up and works over the arm

Dawson working over Amore. Dawson preventing the tag. Dawson hangs Amore in the tree of woe. Knee right to the gut by Dash. Dawson misses with a clothesline. Dawson shoulder tackles Amore out of the ring. Dawson charges at Amore. Amore side steps and and Dawson hits the ring post. Cass unloads on Dawson and Dash. Empire elbow to Dawson, splash to Dash. Dawson sent over the top rope and Dash with a roll up for two count. Big boot to Dash and Dawson. East River Crossing to Dash. Dawson trips up Amore.

Amore on the top rope headbutts Dawson. Amore takes out Dash. Roll up to Dawson. Dawson picks up Amore and Dash off the ropes with double knees to the face for the three count

The winners of the match: The Revival

Earlier Today: Natalya says she is dedicating tonight's match to her uncle Bret "The Hitman" Hart. 


Side headlock takedown by Natalya. Natalya with a nearfall and Natalya with a hammerlock. Charlotte reverses it and Natalya grabs a leg taking Charlotte down. Charlotte with a leg scissors looking for a submission. Exchange of submission holds between Charlotte and Natalya.

Charlotte pie faces Natalya and Natalya with a chop to Charlotte. Natalya takes Charlotte down face first. Surfboard by Natalya. Dropkick to Charlotte. Natalya going for the Sharpshooter and Charlotte slides out of the ring. Natalya with a baseball slide. Natalya back in grabs Charlotte by the hair and Charlotte pulls Natalya to the outside . Both women back in and Charlotte stomps away at Natalya

Figure four headlock by Charlotte. Charlotte with a clothesline to Natalya. Charlotte runs into an elbow. Spinning discus clothesline countered by a neckbreaker. Charlotte goes for the figure eight but Natalya with a small package. Natalya hits the top turnbuckle face first

Charlotte chop blocks Natalya's knee. Knee to the leg of Natalya and Charlotte pulls Natalya to the ring post slamming her leg into the post. Natalya kicks Charlotte awayx

Chops and forearms being traded between Charlotte and Natalya. Side russian legsweep by Natalya and the spinning discus clothesline connects. Natalya looks for the Sharpshooter but Charlotte counters and rolls Natalya up. Big boot to Natalya. Charlotte locks the figure cour in, looking to bridge into the figure eight.

Charlotte falls out of the ring and the referee breaks the hold. Charlotte with the Natural Selection on Natalya. Suplex by Charlotte. Charlotte to the top rope but Natalya catches her and delivers a sit out powerbomb. Natalya looks for the Sharpshooter. Charlotte counters and goes for the Figure Eight. Natalya fights back and locks in the Sharpshooter. Flair with the distraction, Natalya slaps Flair away and Charlotte from behind with a roll up for the three count

The winner of the match: Charlotte

Video: Brock Lesnar- Bray Wyatt rivalry


Lesnar backs Harper in the corner delivering shoulderblocks. German suplex sends Harper to the outside. Harper rolled back into the ring and Harper with a dive through the ropes taking out Lesnar. Harper unloads with right hands and it's Harper driving shoulders into the midsection of Lesnar

A kick drops Lesnar to a knee and Harper connects with the clothesline. A crossface on Lesnar into a sleeper as Lesnar gets to his feet. Lesnar goes for another suplex but Harper connects with a series of kicks. Harper goes for another clothesline but Lesnar hits two more german suplexes, Lesnar picks up Luke Harper and delivers an F5 for the three count

The winner of the match: Brock Lesnar


Wrist lock by Stardust and Zayn tries to counter it. Zayn with an armbar on Stardust. Deep armdrags to Stardust and Zayn back to the armbar. Stardust backs zayn into the corner. Irish whip and Zayn with a shoulderblock but Stardust with a forearm to Zayn.

Stardust stomps on Zayn. Right hand to Zayn and Stardust unloads on Zayn. Kneedrop by Stardust. Front suplex to Zayn. Waistlock by Stardust. and Zayn backs Stardust in the corner. Starust with a right hand and a kick.

Stardust back to the waistlock. Zayn runs into a knee. Stardust with a nearfall. Zayn fighting back and Stardust with a clothesline. Boston Crab by Stardust. Stardust runs into an elbow. Stardust plants Zayn. Zayn with a small package. Stardust stomps away on Zayn

Stardust sits Zayn on the top rope. Superplex blocked as Zayn fights back. Stardust falls off the top rope. Stardust back up on the top rope delivers a superplex.

Zayn with cloeshltines. Zayn in the corner unlloads with punches. Stardust plants Zayn. Stardust gets sent to the outside and Zayn dives over the top rope. Blue Thunder Bomb by Zayn.

Queen Crossbow countered by Zayn who hits a anapmare. Disaster Kick by Stardust. Zayn plants Stardust in the corner and delivers the Helluva Kick for the three count

The winner of the match: Sami Zayn

Video: Triple H-Dean Ambrose rivalry


Side headlock takedown by Triple H and a shoulderblock floors Ambrose. Punch by Triple H to Ambrose. Triple H goes to work on the arm. Ambrose counters with a side headlock takedown. Triple H with a shoulder tackle.

Hip toss by Ambrose aand an armdrag into an armbar. Ambrose with a side headlock and Ambrose grabs hold of Triple H's nose. jab by Ambrose and a series of armdrags into an armbar. Ambrose looking to break Triple H's fingers.

Triple H backs Ambrose into the corner. Right hand by Triple H. Ambrose and Triple H exchange punches and it's Triple H who takes control unloading with punches. Crossbody by Ambrose off the irish whip and Triple H gets clotheslined over the ropes. Rebound clothesline by Ambrose.

Ambrose targest the back of the knee. Dropkick into the knee by Ambrose. Ambrose off the top rope with a punch to the back of the knee and Triple H limps around at ringside. Ambrose counters the pedigree but gets sent into the ring steps. Ambrose gets hung out to dry on the barricade.

Ambrose beats the count. Triple H with a nearfall. Front suplex by Triple H. Elbow drop across the back by Triple H. The Crossface on Ambrose. Ambrose fighting back and Triple H hits a spinebuster. Ambrose and Triple H on the top rope and Ambrose knocks Triple H to the mat. Ambrose with an elbow drop. Right hand to Ambrose and Ambrose and Triple H again exchange punches.

Triple H knocked down repeatedly and bulldog by Ambrose to Triple H. Ambrose unloads with punches. Ambrose counters The Pedigree. Triple H counters Dirty Deeds. Facebuster by Triple H and Ambrose with a rebound clothesline.

Triple H hits a clothesline. Triple H gets sent to the outside and Ambrose off the ropes runs into a right hand. Triple H and Ambrose back in the ring an again Ambrose counters the pedigree and locks in the figure four. Triple H breaks the figure four. Ambrose goes for the Sharpshooter and locks it in.

Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds for the three count however the referee waves it off as Ambrose's leg was under the bottom rope. Roll up by Triple H as Ambrose argues with the referee. Ambrose sends Triple H to the outside. Suicide dive takes Triple H out

Ambrose lays Triple H out on the announce table and rains down on him with punches. Ambrose back in to break the count. Ambrose on the barricade goes for an elbow drop but Triple H rolls out of the way. Triple H makes it back in the ring. Ambrose, beats the ten count and slides back in where Triple H is waiting. Triple H grabs Ambrose and delivers a pedigree for the three count

The winner of the match: Triple H



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