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Update Regarding Titus O'Neil's Suspension From WWE

Posted By: Kenny Williams on Feb 11, 2016

Update Regarding Titus O'Neil's Suspension From WWE

As has been widely reported, Titus O'Neil was recently suspended from WWE for grabbing Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon in what has been described as a "playful manner" during Daniel Bryan's farewell on Monday night's edition of Raw. McMahon was then seen to push O'Neil away, though in video of the incident, both men are seen to be laughing during the incident.

There are now further updates that have been made available regarding O'Neil's suspension according to The Wrestling Observer. Initially, O'Neil had been suspended for 90 days; however, his suspension has now reportedly been reduced to 60 days. Regardless, this will still force O'Neil to miss a significant amount of action, including the upcoming WrestleMania 32 event in Dallas, Texas, where it is said he would have been expected to be a participant in the annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Furthermore, the official reason being given for O'Neil's suspension according to many in WWE is "unprofessional conduct," though the company has not issued any kind of statement or press release regarding this. The Wrestling Observer further states that there are many in the company who believe that some other incident may have taken place backstage following what happened between O'Neil and McMahon on the entrance stage, though no one appears to be discussing whatever that may be.

The website also states that it appears that McMahon appears to be using the situation with O'Neil to "send an example" to the rest of the WWE roster regarding being professional, reminding them that they all need to follow the rules.

Ever since his suspension, O'Neil has not publicly blasted WWE for their decision.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Tags: #wwe #titus oneil

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