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TNA Bound For Glory 2015 Results (10/4)

Posted By: Elio C. on Oct 04, 2015

TNA Bound For Glory 2015 Results (10/4)


1. Tigre Uno def. Mannix, DJ Z & Andrew Everett

2. Tyrus won The Gauntlet Match to become the #1 Contender for the TNA World Championship

3. The Wolves def. Brian Myers and Trevor Lee

4. Bobby Roode def Lashley

5. Kurt Angle def Eric Young

6. Matt Hardy def. Drew Galloway and EC3





Tigre Uno being stomped on in the corner. Everett with a dropkick taking out DJ Z and Mannix. Mannix with a waistlock on Tigre Uno. Tilt O Whirl by Tigre Uno

Irish whip reversed by Tigre Uno. Mannix and Everett taken out by Tigre Uno. Spinning heel kick to Tigre Uno. Dropkick by Tigre Uno sends Mannix to the outside

DJ Z back in diving over the ropes to the outside taking out Mannix and Everett. Tigre Uno takes out Mannix and DJ Z with a corkscrew. Everett back in. Springboard Shooting Star Press takes out all three and Everett scales the structure but Mannix kicks him down and a suplex to Everett.

Facebuster to Tigre Uno and Mannix and DJ Z both climbing to the centre of the ring. DJ Z kicks Mannix down. Mannix brings DJ Z down. Everett back in and a backbreaker by DJ Z. Tigre Uno with a modified stunner to DJ Z

Tigre Uno scales the structure making his way down to the centre of the ring and it's Mannix taking Tigre Uno down. Moonsault by Everett misses its mark.  Tigre Uno to the top rope tripped up by DJ Z

DJ Z and Everett scaling the structure. DJ Z knocked down by Everett. On the opposite side, Tigre Uno with a 450 splash to DJ Z. Everett gliding down the the structure as is Mannix. Mannix knocked down and Tigre Uno ziplines is his way to the centre of the ring. Everett falls and Tigre Uno unhooks the X Division Championship to retain

The winner of the match and still X Division Champion: Tigre Uno

Post Match: Gregory Helms comes out and congratulates Tigre Uno

EC3 comes out and says heere he stands the TNA World Champion. He calls himself a conquering hero in enemy territory and the only thing he can feel is the conspiracy against him and his title match. What he's talking about his the main event that was supposed to be a single match turning into a triple threat match.  Carter says he will win tonight. He will not lose ever. His opponents tonight Drew Galloway and Matt Hardy. One fights for wrestling the other fights for family but tonight their title aspirations will die because tonight he fights for the greatest cause of all. Himself. He says he debuted two years ago at Bound For Glory but he is not Bound For Glory he is Beyond Greatness.


Clothesline by Andersona nd a hiptoss. Armdrag and a slam and Godderz backing off. Godderz on the offense now as he picks Anderson up and dops him face first on the mat.

Anderson with a poke to the eyes and clothesline. Neckbreaker to Godderz.

Eli Drake comes out next and goes after Anderson delivering a neckbreaker. Drake trying to eliminate Anderson and Godderz joining in but Anderson delivers elbows left and right

Al Snow is out fourth and he goes after Drake and Godderz. Slam to Drake. Slam to Godderz. Kneelift to Drake and Godderz driving a series of knees into Snow. Irish whip but Snow catches him and delivers a series of headbutts. Neckbreaker by Drake.

Godderz with a kick to the head. Anderson with a dropkick to Godderz. Snow and Anderson clothesline Godderz and Drake. Aiden O'Shea is out next and he pulls Snow towards the ringpost. O Shea with a series of punches. Drake inn trouble now. O'Shea with a headbutt.

Anderson fires away with punches on O'Shea. Robbie E is the next participant out next and he goes right after Godderz. Drake taken out. Boot to O'Shea.  Double backdrop by Snow and Robbie E. Drake from behind takes out Snow.  Eli Drake is the first elimination courtesy of Al Snow and Head

Mahabali Sheera makes his way out next and takes out Anderson and Snow. Clotheslien after clothesline and Snow, Sheera and Anderson, Robbie E all begin to dance as does Godderz and O'Shea.

O'Shea goes after Sheera. O'Shea is next eliminated by Sheera. Tyrus comes out and floors everyone. T bone suplex to Robbie E. Another T bone suplex to Anderson. Snow tossed out of the corner by Tyrus.

Sleeperhold by Robbie E on Tyrus. Tyrus with the Electric Chair and the next competitor out is Chris Melendez. Full Nelson Slam by Melendez. Melendez goes after Tyrus. Full Nelson Slam to Robbie E

Al Snow and Chris Melendez eliminated by Tyrus. Mahabali Sheera eliminated next and The Innovator Of Violence Tommy Dreamer comes out next and the crowd starts chanting "ECW" Neckbreaker/DDT combination by Dreamer. Bulldog to Robbie E

Tyrus and Dreamer stand face to face as the crowd chants for Dreamer. Dreamer with a series of punches. Crossbody block to Tyrus.. Godderz almost elminated by Robbie E. Abyss is out next.

Abyss with clotheslines to Dreamer and Godderz. Robbie E planted by Abyss and it's Abyss and Tyrus. Pope then leaves the commentary table to enter the match. Tyrus and Abyss both turn to face him and he exits and climbs down off the apron eliminating himself

Dreamer is eliminated and we're down to the final 3. Anderson with the Mic Check to Godderz and Godderz eliminated  and we are down to 2. Tyrus and Anderson

Anderson unloads on Tyrus. Tyrus with a right hand and a nearfall. Anderson trying to fight back. Tyrus misses with a splash. Anderson picks Tyrus up and delivers a rolling senton

Anderson with a senton from the top rope and he tries to eliminate Tyrus but Tyrus falls into him and covers him for the three count

The winner of the match: Tyrus

Post Match: Tyrus says he's going after only one title and that's the TNA World Championship

Video Flashback: GFW cashes in and steals the World Tag Team Titles


Dropkick by Lee. Myers in with a snapmare and nearfall. The Wolves with the double team sending Lee to the outside. Edwards working over the arms of Myers. Richards in off the top rope and a double stomp on the arm

Myers fights back and Lee back in. Lee misses with the clothesline. nearfall and Edwards caught with the inside out. Richards in the wrong corner as Lee unloads on Richards.

Myers with a back suplex. Lee with a stomp on Richards and an elbow across the back. Elbow by Myers. Richards gets the tag and Edwards unloads on both Myers and Lee.

Backpack stunner to Myers. Myers counters a suplex. The Wolves with the double team on Myers. Richards sent crashing into the barricades. Lee with an irish whip to Edwards, /Myers with a chinlock on Edwards. Lee runs into a pair of boots. Edwards takes out Myers and Lee

Double hurricanrana by Edwards. Richards in unloading on Myers and Lee. Richards with kicks to Lee. Richards misses with the stomp and rolls through. T bone suplex by Richards. Myers trips Richards

Double suplex by Edwards saves Richards and they clear the ring. The Wolves dive through taking out Myers and Lee. Dropkick to Lee. Richards with the stomp

Edwards goes for the powerbomb but Lee rolls through. German Suplex to Edwards. Lee pushes Richards down. Edwards with a hurricanrana to Myers Superplex to Lee and the cover for the three count

The winners of the match and still tag team champions: The Wolves

Backstage: Drew Galloway says he is wrestling's Chosen One and while he lead team TNA to victory against GFW, EC3 sat on the sidelines like a little bitch and he's been thrown obstacles all his life and tonight will be no different and says a triple threat is essentially a no disqualification match and he's willing to killl himself


Shoulderblock to Roode. Roode works over the arm. Lashley reverses it. Side headlock on Roode.Hiptoss by Roode. Roode with a side headlock. Clothesline by Lashley and a shoulder block into Roode. Lashley hooks Roode up for a suplex

Roode looking for the Roode Bomb. Waislock takedown by Lashley. German Suplex by Lashley. Roode with a kick to the head. Back elbow to Lashley. Roode with the blockbuster. Roode with a spinebuster. Lashley with a spinebuster of his own.

Lashley with a snap suplex. Irish whip to Roode and Lashley runs into an elbow. Roode on the top rope caught by Lashley who delivers a powerslam.  Spear by Lashley and a 2 count on Roode. Roode with the Roode Bomb and Lashley kicks out at 2

Roode with the crossface on Lashley. Lashley delivers a Roode Bomb. Roode countes a spear and connects with one of his own. Roode slammed off the top rope. Roode misses with the Roode Bomb and Lashley grabs the arm but Roode counters with the Roode Bomb for the three count

The winner of the match and stilll King Of The Mountain Champion: Bobby Roode

Backstage: Matt Hardy says growing up all he and his brother wanted to do was be the greatest tag teams and they acheved their goal of being tag team champions and then set ndividual goals for themselves. Jeff Hardy has been World Champion and tonight it's his turn and he's going to do it in front of his family and friends in his home town of North Carolina

Earl Hebner is introduced as the newest inductee into the TNA Hall Of Fame 2015


Kong overpowers Kim. Side headlock by Kim. Kim off the ropes and Kong with a shoulder block. Forearm across the back by Kong. A series of chops by Kong. Kong misses with the splash. Kim misses with a splash. Kong with a clothesline and slam to Kim.

Another slam by Kong. Kim goes after the leg. Kim off the top rope takes Kong down and Kim with a series of right hands. Kong with a bearhug. Kim breaks the hold but Kong with a camel clutch.

Kong has the cross armbreaker locked in and nearfall by Kim. Kim escapes and goes to work on the legs. Front facelock by Kim. Kong lifts Kim up but Kim has the submission hold locked in. Kong powers out and drops Kim to the mat.

Kong on the second rope and Kim with a kick to the head. Kim misses with the hurricanarana. Kong with a chop and splash onto Kim. Kim sent to the outside. Kong picks up a chair. kim husband argues with Earl Hebner and Kong delivers the implant onto the chair,

Powerbomb countered by Kim into a hurricanrana. Kong counters Eat Defeat with a back fist. Kong seated on the top rope. and Kim with boots to the head. Kim with Eat Defeat, Kong still standing and Kim rolls her up for the three count

The winner of the match and still Knockout Champion: Gail Kim

Backstage: Jeff Hardy says Ethan Carter didn't have to fire him because he quit and Dixie brought him back to be the special referee for this match and tonight no one can save EC3


Eric Young takes the mic and gives Angle one last chance to back out of this match. Angle says he knows if anyone could end his career it's Young thats why they're not having a wrestling match. They're having a no holds barred.

The match begins and early on Young piledrives Angle sending him to the outside. Doctors check on him and call off the match saying Angle can't continue

Young attacks EMT's and the referee and picks Angle up dtagging him back in the ring. Brian Hebner pulls Young off. Young grabs a chair and cracks Angle over the head 

Angle thrown to the outside. Young removes the protective padding and throws Angle into the barricade. Young goes for another piledriver. Angle counters and delivers a german suplex. Young rolled back in and a nearfall

Young with a kneelift to Angle. Angle delivers the three amigos to Young. Angle Slam to Young. Young kicks out at 2. Young throws Angle shoulder first into the steel post.

Elbow drop to Angle. Young goes to the top rope and delivers a flying elbow drop. Angle counters the piledriver and rolls through locking in the Ankle Lock and Young taps out

The winner of the match: Kurt Angle


Hardy and Galloway unloading on Carter. Irish whip and double right hands. Carter gets sent to the outside. Roll up by Galloway on Hardy and Galloway with a chop to Hardy. Irish whip and Hardy nails him with an elbow. Side russian legsweep and Carter in preventing the 3 count. Galloway with a headbutt to Carter

Neckbreaker by Hardy. Hardy off the ropes with an elbow and Carter pulls HArdy off.. Hardy with a clothesline. Carter connects with a clothesline. Hardy sent into the barricades. Galloway punching Carter but Carter still has control as he delivers a chop. Galloway not fazed. Galloway turns it aroound lighting Carter up. Carter plants Galloway

Carter with a cravat on Galloway. Carter misses with a clothesline and mid ring collision as both Carter and Galloway go for a crossbody. Series of clothesline to Hardy and Galloway. Legdrop to Carter

Carter and Hardy both fall to the outside. Hardy and Carter trading right hands and Galloway over the ropes takes out Carter and Hardy. Carter throws Galloway into the barricade

Carter pulls out a table from under the ring and sets it up. Gallow drops Carter with a backpack onto the steps.  Hardy counters a slam and Hardy takes out both Galloway and Carter.

Hardy to the top rope connects with a moonsault. Twist of Fate and Galloway pushes Matt into Jeff. Side Effect to Carter. Hardy with a backslide on Galloway. Galloway with the Future Shock and Carter throws Galloway to the outside.

Carter lays Galloway on the table and climbs to the apron. Carter hooks Hary up and delivers a suplex through the table. TKO to Hardy. Carter goes for the 1%er but Galloway back in lays Carter out with a clothesline and unloads on Carter

Hardy with a clothesline to Galloway. Hardy goes to the top rope. Galloway cuts him off. Chops to Hardy by Gallowy. Galloway hooks Hardy up for a superplex but Hardy counters with headbutts. Galloway tied in the tree of woe and Carter unloads with chops on Galloway.

Carter to the top rope hooks Hardy up and Galloway sends them both to the mat. Hardy, Carter and Galloway trading punches and chops. Carter with a double 1%er

Carter with a low blow to Galloway demanding Jeff throws the match out and disqualifies him. Carter brings a chair into the ring. Jeff grabs the chair from Carter. Carter pie faces Jeff. Jeff can't take no more and strikes Carter as Matt delivers a Twist Of Fate for the three count

The winner of the match and new TNA World Champion: Matt Hardy


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