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ROH 13th Anniversary: Winner Takes All Results & Review (1/3/2015) Las Vegas, NV

Posted By: Jason Patrick on Mar 01, 2015

ROH 13th Anniversary: Winner Takes All Results & Review (1/3/2015) Las Vegas, NV

After an opening video of all the stars of ROH talking about cashing their chips in here in Las Vegas, we go to the arena and it’s extremely loud crowd as Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino run down tonight’s card before sending us to the ring for our opening match…

Matt Sydal vs Cedric Alexander

They have a tense handshake as they follow the code of honor, then they tie up and Cedric backs Sydal to the corner. Sydal high fives him on the break, but Cedric doesn’t seem to appreciate that. They come back together and Sydal easily outmaneuvers Cedric, sending him out to the floor and coming off the apron with a running Meteora. They go back inside and Sydal works on Cedric’s leg, kicking at the knee and then catching him in a half crab. Cedric gets out and drills Sydal with a leaping enziguiri, then dishes out a couple of hard chops and a dropkick to the ear for 2. Cedric is getting pretty aggressive with the right hands and catches some heat from the crowd for that, but Sydal uses his agility to turn things around quickly, dumping Cedric into the corner and hitting a cannonball. Cedric rolls Sydal up as he goes for a standing moonsault, but Sydal is out at 2 and he immediately hits the standing moonsault on the second try. Cedric counters Sydal’s stepover legdrop to a cradle for 2, but Sydal hits the Randy Orton neckbreaker and the Here It Is Driver for 2. Cedric avoids a high flying move and drills Sydal with another leaping enziguiri and a BIG blue thunder driver for 2. They trade chops in the middle of the ring until Cedric hits the lumbar check out of nowhere, but Sydal again kicks out at 2. Cedric is in shock and is taking way too long to follow up, then he goes for another lumbar check and Sydal counters to another Meteora for 2. Sydal dodges the IED and hits a shooting star press for the win.

Winner: Matt Sydal

GREAT opener! Hell of a match to get the crowd going, and a nice win that Sydal really needed to get some momentum back. Cedric is visibly frustrated, and even though he follows the Code of Honor, it’s very tensely and he storms off right away.

We see a video package of Moose destroying people and then go to a promo of Mark Briscoe saying that while Moose was in the NFL, he was wrestling. He’s spent plenty of time hunting, but tonight it’s Moose season.

Mark Briscoe vs Moose

Mark wastes no time going right after Moose, and takes him off his feet with a running clothesline. Mark goes for a monkey flip, but Moose casually sits Mark on the corner and DROPKICKS HIM TO THE FLOOR. Holy crap! Moose goes out after Mark and giant swings him back and forth into the barricade. Moose hits a couple of running headbutts, then a leaping headbutt for 2. Mark tries a dive at Moose, but Moose catches Mark and gives him a fallaway slam into the barricade. Moose flattens Mark with a pop-up clothesline, goes for another fallaway slam, but Mark slips out the back, dropkicks Moose out to the floor, and hits a baseball slide and a blockbuster off the apron. Mark with a Cactus elbow off the apron, but they go back inside and Moose spears Mark into next week and covers forthe win.

Winner: Moose

This was an almost complete squash, and Moose really showed me something tonight. This was the first time I relly saw him show more than just generic big muscle guy wrestling, and he impressed me for sure.

Okay, Doc Gallows is stranded at the airport in Michigan and we already know he’s missing tonight’s show, so Karl Anderson comes out and says he pregamed pretty well at the bar last night and he doesn’t need a partner, so he’s flying solo tonight. The Kingdom jumps him, so he beats them both up and tosses them out of the ring to kick start our next match…

The Addiction vs Michael Bennett & Matt Taven vs Karl Anderson

With the Kingdom cowering in fear on the floor, Anderson gets in the ring and goes at it with Kazarian, but then Bennett tags himself in and winds up on the receiving end of some slick double teaming by the Addiction. Taven comes in and he and Bennett hit a double dropkick on Daniels to take control. Anderson tags in and goes to work on Daniels, then comes off the apron with a double kneestrike to Taven, then Daniels hits an Arabian press to the outside on Anderson. Everyone keeps hitting moves to the outside until Daniels eventually winds up back where he started, in trouble in the control of the Kingdom. Daniels finally makes a hot tag to Anderson, who comes in and cleans house on the Kingdom. Now all heck is breaking loose with everyone coming in and hitting big moves. The Kingdom winds up on the outside and Daniels takes them out with a dive as Kazarian slingshots Anderson into the ring and hits an Ace Crusher as Anderson sails into the ring. Anderson quickly comes back with an F5 for 2, but the Kingdom gets rid of him and hits the Twist of Fate/Swanton combo on Kazarian for 2. More heck breaking loose ends with all five guys down, then more heck breaking loose, then the Kingdom hits a spike piledriver on Anderson for the win.

Winners: Michael Bennett & Matt Taven

Wow, that was an unexpectedly big win. Great match, and I liked the finish because it made sense that the guy by himself would lose the match.

BJ Whitmer vs Roderick Strong

They don’t waste time waiting for introductions and start tearing into each other as soon as Roddy hits the ring. Roderick clotheslines Whitmer out to the floor and then goes out after him and sends Whitmer smashing into the barricade. Jimmy Jacobs is on commentary and is taking a neutral stance as Strong kicks at Adam Page on the floor before going back to trading shots with Whitmer. Whitmer finally hits a spinebuster to take control, then chokes Strong on the bottom rope with his boot. Whitmer continues the offense with a snap powerslam for a 2 count while Jacobs and Corino discuss intentionally leaving Whitmer out of SCUM and how they brought people in from outside ROH while Jacobs doesn’t with the Decade. Whitmer goes to the second rope, which is like getting Austin Aries in a headscissors because Strong comes right in with the leaping enziguiri and hits a superplex. Strong mounts a comeback, drilling Whitmer with a dropkick and a Hacker Slam for 2. Whitmer suddenly drills Strong with a boot to the face and rolling fisherman’s suplexes for 2. Strong takes Page out with a baseball slide out of nowhere, then comes back in and catches Whitmer with the Sick Kick for 2. Strong goes for another superplex, but Whitmer counters to a second rope gourdbuster for 2. Whitmer gives Strong the kiss of death, but Strong comes back with a pair of leaping kneestrikes and the suplex backbreaker for the win

Winner: Roderick Strong

Hell of a fight, and I think the right guy won. Really intense one here, and Whitmer is smiling for some reason. WAZZUPWITDAT?

Maria Kanellis vs ODB

Before the match starts, Maria gets a mic and says that she met with the doctor and can’t wrestle tonight because she’s pregnant. But she’ll make it up to her by inviting her to the baby shower! While she’s doing this, Bennett comes out of nowhere and takes Mark Briscoe out, and Maria drills ODB with the fuzzy pink belt. The bell rings and Maria cover for 2, but Mark is up and takes Bennett out as ODB grabs Maria and gives her a fallaway slam into the barricade. Mark is watching Bennett while ODB takes Maria around ringside and chops her for all the fans. Maria tries a few shots of her own, but ODB no-sells her and fires right back. They go inside where ODB continues the offense, but Maris hits a superkick out of nowhere for 2. Maria holds ODB so Bennett can superkick her, but ODB moves and Bennett drills Maria. Mark takes Bennett out again as ODB covers, but only gets 2. Briscoe and Bennett are brawling as ODB presses Maria over her head and press slams her onto Bennett and Briscoe. Mark holds the Bennett Family so ODB can come off the top rope with a crossbody, then all four of them fight it out on the ring apron. Bennett fights Mark off and goes for a spear, but ODB moves and Bennett takes Maria out. Mark picks Bennett up on his shoulders so ODB can come off the apron with the Doomsday Device, then ODB dumps Maria back into the ring and hits BAM for the win.

Winner: ODB

That was great, I really really enjoyed that one. ODB gets ahold of the Title of Love and she and Mark tear all the pink fuzz off of it to bring it back to its original state. Mark and ODB have a drink after the match to a huge reaction from the crowd as Bennett carries his unconscious bride to the back.

AJ Styles vs ACH

ACH looks good, he looks like he’s added some muscle lately. Very fast paced start as they both catch a few near falls and AJ almost gets the Styles Clash. ACH hits a dropkick and then mocks AJ’s pose, then unloads with some chops in the corner. ACH gets too cute with the flippy dippy stuff and AJ knocks his teeth out with a dropkick to the face. AJ dumps ACH to the floor, then drags him back in and himself gets dumped to the floor by ACH, who goes for a dive but gets caught when AJ puts his weight on the ropes and causes them to jam into ACH’s ribs instead of allowing him to fly right on out. Very smart. AJ maintains control until trying a springboard move and getting shoved out to the floor where ACH takes him out with a dive. They go back inside and ACH keeps up the pressure, including hitting the Big Mac Attack for 2. AJ rolls out to the apron and ACH goes out after him and knocks him to the floor. ACH goes for a running kick, but AJ catches his foot and YANKS him down to the floor really hard. That looked like a sick bump. AJ sends ACH inside and drills him with the springboard forearm, then snap suplexes poor ACH into the corner. ACH catches AJ with a leaping dropkick when AJ goes to the top, then ACH goes up himself, avoids a pelle kick, and hits AJ with a double stomp to the back of the head. He goes backu up for a 450 splash, but AJ moves out of the way and gets ACH in the Calf Killer. ACH fights the hold and rolls AJ into a cradle for 2, but AJ comes right back with his implant DDT and the Styles Clash for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

Hell of a match, I have to give ACH credit, he looked good in there and took some man-sized bumps.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match: reDRagon vs Young Bucks

Rocky Romero is on commentary, but we can’t hear what he’s saying as Nick and O’Reilly start off fast and furious. Now it’s Matt and Fish going at it, then all four are trading blows until the Bucks hit a couple of double teams to take control and knock O’Reilly to the floor. reDRagon goes to the floor for a break, but Nick takes them out with a dive and the match turns into a fight on the floor. The Bucks again take the advantage and hit stereo dives to the floor, but the MMA chick that reDRagon brought to the ring with them distracts the Bucks and allows reDRagon to nail the Bucks and take the advantage. Fish hits a rolling senton as Romero reveals that Trent Baretta is his new tag team partner, then we see the Knights of the Red Dawn in the crowd as Matt Jackson takes another hard drop out to the floor as reDRagon works Nick over in the ring. Nick outmaneuvers reDRagon and rolls to the corner to tag his brother in, and Matt cleans house on Fish and hits an unassisted Sliced Bread #2 on O’Reilly. The first superkick is received by Fish on the floor before Matt takes him out with a moonsault, but O’Reilly catches Matt in the ropes with an armbar. Nick superkicks O’Reilly’s face off, then the Bucks hit a double team Swanton on Fish for 2. Nick superkicks O’Reilly off the apron and allows Matt to powerbomb him into Fish against the barricade, then they go back inside and double team the crap out of Fish. Fish with a Samoan drop on Matt as O’Reilly and Nick go at it. Nick gets O’Reilly down and goes for a springboard move, but O’Reilly catches him in a triangle choke as he comes down. Fish and Matt take turns nailing Nick and O’Reilly with top rope moves until all four guys are down. Bucks double superkick Fish, O’Reilly double legdrags both Bucks, then the Bucks get O’Reilly on the floor and hit him with a double spike Tombstone on the floor. Fish is going it alone right now, and doesn’t have much luck as the Bucks hit Chasing the Dragon on Fish. Fish manages to kick out, so the Bucks hit More Bang For Your Buck, but the MMA chick drags the referee out of the ring before he counts 3. That does count as outside interference, by the way. The Bucks get in her face and she is begging them to come on, but O’Reilly comes out of nowhere with a double dropkick to both Bucks, then he brings Nick inside, hits a tornado DDT, and Fish hits a top rope falcon arrow suplex, and the champs finally hit Chasing the Dragon, but now Matt Jackson drags the referee out before he hits 3. reDRagon dishes out more hard double teams to Matt, then they hit Chasing the Dragon on Nick to pick up the win.

Winners: reDRagon

Awesome match, and a super hard fought win by what by now has to be considered one of the top 5 teams in ROH history.

ROH TV Title Match: Jay Lethal vs Alberto El Patron

Alberto takes out J. Diesel before the bell even rings, then he dumps Lethal out to the floor and takes him out as well with a dive. He rams Lethal into the barricade, then does it a second time. Lethal is hitting those barricades HARD. They go back inside and Alberto gets a quick 2 count before charging Lethal in the corner and getting dropped ding-ding first on the top rope. Lethal dropkicks Alberto to take control, then Truth Martini chokes him on the bottom rope before Lethal starts laying in chops. He dishes out one too many because Alberto catches him in an armbar over the top rope, but Diesel distracts Alberto again and allows Lethal to superplex him. Lethal takes a long time messing with the fans and Alberto gives him a full rotation back suplex off the top as the KRD comes back out to ringside. Alberto comes back with a series of clotheslines and a lungblower, but Lethal rolls him into a cross armbreaker and has him right in the middle of the ring. Alberto gets to his feet and manages to squirm his arm free, but Lethal drives Alberto to the floor and takes him out with the trio of dives. Lethal is going for a countout as Alberto takes a long time to get back in, but he finally makes it back in just in time and is immediately greeted by a flurry of stomps from Lethal. Alberto blocks a superplex attempt and comes off the top with a double stomp for 2. They trade blows in the middle of the ring and Lethal hits the Lethal Combination for 2. Lethal goes to the top, but Alberto nails him with the climbing enziguiri and then gets Truth Martini in an armbar when he tries getting in the ring. Lethal tries coming off the top with a headbutt, but Alberto gets him in a triangle choke as well as he comes down. Lethal uses the Book of Truth to break the hold and get a 2 count, and he goes for the Lethal Injection, but the damage Alberto did to his arm causes him to lose it halfway through. Alberto goes for an O’Connor roll, but Lethal kicks out at 2 and sends Alberto right into a shot from the Book of Truth by Truth Martini, allowing Lethal to hit the Lethal Injection on the second try for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Great win by Lethal, and it gives fuel to his claim as the REAL top champion in the company.

We’re getting ready for the main event when…wait a minute, look who’s here! It’s Samoa Joe! The crowd gives Joe a welcome back chant, and he asks who says you can’t come home. He talks about how 13 years ago, true pro wrestlers came together in the worst part of Philly to bring the business back to true wrestling fans. He comes back many miles away to see that the revolution is still alive and well, and he can’t think of a better way to come back than to watch four men who are fighting for the title he once had strapped around his waist, four men who will give their souls and bodies to walk out with that title. But he wants everyone to know that whoever walks out with that title, their ass belongs to him because he is Samoa Joe, he is pro wrestling, and he will be the next ROH World Champion. Welcome home, champ!

And with that, it’s MAIN EVENT TIME!

ROH World Title Match: Jay Briscoe vs Michael Elgin vs Tommaso Ciampa vs Hanson

Everyone goes right after Jay as soon as the bell rings, then it’s every man for himself as Jay comes back against his three huge challengers. Jay goes through all three men, and hits a Cactus clothesline to Hanson that takes both men out of the ring. Jay takes a table out from under the ring, but Elgin launches him into the barricade as Ciampa smashes Hanson into the barricade as well. They turn their attention to each other, then come back inside as Elgin hits a somersault legdrop to the back of Elgin’s head as he comes through the ropes. Elgin gets ciampa in a delayed vertical suplex, Jay comes in and kicks him in the gut, then Elgin moves Ciampa into a fireman’s carry, catches Jay as he goes for a crossbody, and tosses both men before hitting a second rope double stomp to the back of Hanson. Elgin gets booted to the floor by Ciampa, then so does Hanson, then Ciampa puts Briscoe on the top rope and flattens him with a Flatliner for 2. Elgin hits Ciampa with a running boot and then Hanson smashes Elgin with a hard forearm before turning his attention to Briscoe. Hanson puts both Briscoe and Ciampa on the top rope and hammers them with forearms, then crushes Elgin with a bronco buster. Briscoe gives Hanson a Death Valley driver into Ciampa, and another DVD to Elgin for 2. Briscoe gives Elgin a Flatliner into the second turnbuckle, but Ciampa nails him when he goes to the top, takes out Hanson, then gives Jay a tope rope air raid crash for 2. Elgin just elevates Ciampa up with no effort at all and dumps him on top of Hanson, then takes Ciampa out to the floor and gives him an Awesome Bomb into the barricade. Jay takes the opening to wipe Elgin out with a dive, then Hanson comes out with a dive of his own that takes everyone out. The ref gets bumped big time as Hanson and Jay go at it, and Hanson takes Jay over with a vertical suplex and has Jay down for like 7 or 8 when the Knights of the Rising Dawn finally jump the rail, take Hanson out, then one gives Jay the Climax, another gives Ciampa the Twist of Fate, and the third gives Hanson some superkicks. Raymond Rowe comes in and dumps one of the Knights out of the ring and he chases them out through the crowd as the participants try to get things back in order. Elgin takes Jay to the ring apron and gives Jay a Jay Driller through a table at ringside, then he dumps Jay back inside for a cover, but still no ref. Elgin goes under the ring and gets a chair, chokes Ciampa with it, then brings it in the ring and goes for a one man conchairto on Briscoe. Nigel McGuinness jumps in the ring to stop Elgin from doing it, and Elgin briefly acts like he’s going to listen to him, then goes back after Jay with the chair, Nigel tries to stop him again, but Elgin tries to powerbomb him. Ciampa drags Nigel to safety, nails Elgin with a chair and goes for a cover, but still no ref. Nigel and Todd Sinclair are carried to the back, everyone goes at it in the ring, and Ciampa hits Project Ciampa on Elgin and makes a cover, but Jay breaks it up at 2. Ciampa hits Project ciampa on Jay, but Jay kicks out at 2. Elgin hits Ciampa with the sitout powerbomb, Jay breaks it up at 2, Elgin rolls Jay up with a handful of tights for 2, Hanson spinkicks Briscoe and gets dragged out of the ring by Elgin, but Jay lands on top of Ciampa and drapes an arm over him for the three count as new referee Paul Turner counts the fall.

Winner: Jay Briscoe

Kind of a funky way of getting there, but I’m happy with the finish. Match was great, you really didn’t know who was winning until it happened and there were a lot of really good false finishes. Samoa Joe comes out after the match, brushes past Elgin in the aisle, then gets the ROH World Title belt. He looks down at it for a moment, then shoves it at Jay, shakes his hand, and pulls him in. They go face to face and Jay holds the title belt up as we call it a night. Great finish to a top notch show.

Source: PWInsider.com
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