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WWE Fastlane Resullts (2/22/15) Memphis, Tennessee

Posted By: Elio C. on Feb 22, 2015

WWE Fastlane Resullts (2/22/15) Memphis, Tennessee


WWE Fast Lane

WWE Intro

FastLane Opening

Welcome to WWE FastLane and we are live from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee and we kick things off with Six Man Tag Team Action

Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan & Ryback vs The Authority

Side headlock by Rollins on Ziggler. Ziggler with the irish whip and Rollins hits a shoulderblock. Leapfrog by Ziggler. Ziggler looking for the powerbomb but Ziggler counters into a pin. Rollins slides to the outside. Rollins back in as the crowd starts chanting "You Sold Out". Rollins stomping on Ziggler. Irish whip and Ziggler hits a dropkick. Rowan in looking for a bulldog but Rollins rams him into the corner. Wristlock by Rowan. Rollins misses with the high kick and Rowan into a pumphandle slam transitioning into a backbreaker. Kane in delivering right hands to Rowan. Kane off the ropes and Rowan with a slam and legdrop. Another bulldog attempt but Kane counters. Rowan with a shoulderblock to Kane. Show in with right hands and a headbutt. Show runs into a boot and Rowan unloads on Show. Show sidesteps Rowan sending him to the outside. Rowan looking for a spinning heel kick misses and hits the ringpost. Show rolls Rowan back into the ring working on the leg and a slam to Rowan. Show back to work on the injured leg. Kane back in with a boot to the head. Kane unloads on Rowan. Rollins taking over as the crowd starts chanting for Erick Rowan.Rollins slams Rowan's head down hard. Rollins holds Rowan in place as Show lands a boot to the face. Show with a submission on Rowan. Rowan Rowan hits a DDT to Show. Rollins takes out Ziggler. Rowan hits Rollins with the injured leg. Ryback with the tag unloads on Rollins connecting with the big splash and powerbomb. Ryback sets up for the Meat Hook. Ryback with the clothesline to Kane. J & J with the distraction as Ryback goes for Shell Shocked. Rollins with a roll up. Rollins with a kick to the side of the head, misses with the Curb Stomp. Ryback picks Rollins up turning a vertical suplex into the Shell Shocked. Show breaks up a pin and splashes Ryback, Ziggler in with Kane as he pushes Kane into Show knocking Show off the apron. DDT to Kane. Ziggler misses the Famouser on Kane. Superkick to Kane. Famouser to Rollins. Ziggler with a splash in the corner unloading on Kane. Show from the outside hits the KO Punch to Ziggler as Kane covers him for the three count

The winners of the match: The Authority

Post Match: Rollins hits The Curb Stomp on Ziggler. Ryback and Rowan re-enter but get the same treatment as Ziggler. Rowan hit with The Curb Stomp. Ryback being laid out setting up for The Curb Stomp but Randy Orton runs out and clears the ring

Wrestlemania 31 Commercial: 35 Days Away

Backstage: Dusty Rhodes is with Goldust and asks him to try not to hurt Cody. No matter what happens at the end they both mean alot to him and Goldust remembers when he and Cody would go to the matches and watch their father do what he does and he knew thats what he wanted to to do. Goldust says tonight he's not facing Cody, he's facing Stardust and tonight he's n ot leaving the ring until he brings Cody home.

Goldust vs Stardust

Goldust backs Stardust into the corner. Stardust shoves Goldust and backs him into the corner. Right hand by Goldust. Side headlock by Goldust. Shoulderblock to Stardust. Armdrag to Stardust. Stardust with a hiptoss and still trying to find an opening in the early goings of this match. The fans chanting "Cody" as he tells them to shut up. Stardust with a kick. Inverted atomic drop by Goldut. Series of reversals between Goldust and Stardust. Goldust going for the Directors Cut but Stardust slides out of the ring. Goldust with right hands. An irish whp reversed by Stardust. Goldust with a backbreaker to Stardust and a clothesline sends Stardust to the outside. Stardust back in. Goldust with a right hand Goldust sets Stardust up for the Shattered Dreams but Stardust frees himself. Stardust with a boot to the ribcage and Stardust unloads on Goldust. Stardust with a bodyscissors on Goldust. Goldust with a roll up. Stardust with a front suplex. Hard irish whip into the corner as Stardust asks Goldust "Who's Your Daddy". Goldust with a snapmare into a roll up for the three count

The winner of the match: Goldust

Video: John Stewart calls out Seth Rollins and Rollins tells Stewart he'll be waitinf for him either at FastLane or Raw

Backstage: Goldust tells Dusty he tried not to hurt Stardust. Stardust walks in and attacks Goldust. Dusty Rhodes calls him Cody and Stardust says Dusty Rhodes killed Cody and that he's not living in Dusty's shadows. Dusty is living in his.

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Usos vs Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

The Usos looked strong early, working over Tyson Kidd. Cesaro tagged in and battled back and forth with Jimmy Usos before they were able to snap Uso's leg against the ropes. Tyson tied him up on the mat, trying to force a submission. The Cattitude Era took turns working over Jimmy and looked good.

Cesaro is caught with a spinkick and a running butt splash in the corner. Uso went to the top for a splash but was caught up on the ropes. Cesaro nailed his superplex and Kidd covered him for a two count. Jey Uso hit a dive to the outside on Cesaro but was kicked in the face by Kidd. Jey nailed a sliding kick and hit a brutal looking Samoan Drop into the ringside barricade.

Back in the ring, Kidd is able to turn Uso into a Sharpshooter and dragged him back to the center but Jey nailed a superkick to the head to break it up. Cesaro and Jey brawled in the ring and crashed to the floor. Jimmy, spent, draped an arm over Kidd, scoring a two count. Kidd caught Jey with a kick and nailed his finisher, scoring the pin.

The winners of the match and new WWE Tag Team Champions: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

Triple H says last week he was confronted by Ric Flair and tempers flared and things got heated and he pushed Ric and regrets that. He apologized to Flair but not for what he said and tonight he stands in this ring as the heartbeat of the WWE.The Game and The King Of Kings and he's waiting for Sting. The crowd starts a "We Want Sting" chant. Sting makes his way out to the ring. Triple H says he's going to assume they're past the point of pleasantries and knows why Sting's here. He's not mad but feels sorry for him and he backed the wrong horse. He calls Sting a loyal soldier for WCW and when the time came he went down with the ship and Triple H admires and respects that but it was guys like him who made that ship go down and his legacy is putting Sting's legacy out of business. He gets it eats away at Sting which is why he did what he did so he tried to put Triple H and Stephanie out of business because then WWE dies but Sting failed and at the end of the day failure is what Sting does. Triple H then says he can give Sting his legacy and power back if he walks out with his head high and they can do business. If he puts all this aside and walks away Triple H will ensure Sting's legacy lives on through WWE Network, DVDs, action figures and in 2015 Sting will be bigger than before and he'll even go far as down the line putting him in the hall of fame. OR he can continue to disrespect Triple H and Triple H can beat whatever legacy is left out of him and have him carried out like he never even existed. Triple H leaves the choice up to Sting but won't wait long. Triple H with a cheap shot but Sting blocks it and unloads with punches of his own. Triple H fires back and unloads on Sting. Triple H grabs the sledgehammer but Sting gets back to his feet bat in hand backing Triple H into the corner. Sting looks at the Wrestlemania sign.

WWE Diva's ChaPaige vs Nikki Bella

Paige unloads on Nikki. Nikki to the outside as Paige follows her. Paige going for the knee strikes int he ropes and Nikki knocks her off the apron. Paige driven back first into the apron. Chinlock on Paige. Paige fighting back. Alabama Slam by Nikki to Paige. Paige with a series fo clotheslines. Dropkick to Nikki. Nikki with a roll up. Kick to the face by Paige. Paige looking for the Rampaige. Nikki fights out of it. Paige with the kick to the face. 2 count on Nikki. Elbow by Nikki. Paige cuts Nikki off as she sits on the top rope. Nikki fighting back looking for a sunset flip and powerbomb to Paige. Paige looking to lock in the PTO but Paige crawls to the ropes forcing the break. Nikki trips Paige as Paige hits the turnbuckle face first. Nikki with the roll up and handful of tights for the three count

The winner of the match: Nikki Bella

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Dean Ambrose vs Wade Barrett

Barrett worked over Ambrose early on as the crowd sat quietly. They rallied behind Ambrose, but Barrett big-booted Dean out of the ring to the floor. BNB tried to toss Dean back into the ring, but Dean reversed momentum and clotheslined Barrett to the floor. Back in the ring, Dean hit a Tornado DDT that put both men on the mat.

Reset at 5:00 with an exchange of offense until Barrett hit Wasteland, but he only got a two count. Barrett argued with the ref, then prepared for the Bullhammer, but Dean ducked and rolled up Barrett for a two count. Ambrose then exploded off the ropes with a rebound lariat that rocked Ambrose. Dean then scooped up Barrett for Dirty Deeds, but BNB slipped out of the ring and demanded his title belt. Barrett said he's taking off, but Dean flew through the ropes with a suicide dive.

Barrett tried to run away again, but Ambrose caught up to him and tossed him back into the ring. Barrett tried to crawl away again, but Dean caught up to him and stomped away in the corner. The ref reprimanded Dean, then called for the bell. Dean continued to pound on Barrett as the announcers tried to figure out what happened. Ambrose then grabbed the title belt and taunted Barrett with the belt, asking why he's running. Cole relayed the official word that Ambrose has been DQ'ed.

Ambrose then scooped up Barrett and delivered Dirty Deeds. He decided not to leave just yet, as he took the title belt and left the ring. JBL told Lawler to call someone to fix this, as he was almost mayor of Memphis. Ambrose left with the belt as Barrett called out for his title.

The winner of the match by DQ: Dean Ambrose

The lights went out and Undertaker's music hit as the Druids wheeled a casket out to ringside. The lid opened and Bray Wyatt sat up and said Undertaker is nothing but a mere shell of his former self and at Wrestlemania he will claim Undertaker's soul and called himself the new face of fear

US Championship: John Cena vs Rusev

As the bell sounded, Lawler referenced Cena showing "reckless abandon" (instead of ruthless aggression) when he squared off with Kurt Angle on his first night in WWE, taking Cena back to the beginning for this feud story. Cena and Rusev circled the ring, then Cena struck Rusev in the face with a right hand. Cena slapped on a side headlock, but Rusev broke free and pounded Cena into the corner. Meanwhile, some of the crowd picked up a "Jerry, Jerry" chant. Rusev owned the non-match chant by pausing to yell at the crowd and stare at Jerry Lawler ringside.

Cena tried to fight back with elbows to the face, but Rusev did not take kindly to Cena audibly calling spots, so he smashed him in the corner and applied a modified Cobra Clutch. Cena came to his feet to escape the hold as JBL covered for Cena calling spots by saying he was talking to himself, shaken by Rusev.

Cena made his standard comeback, did the You Can't See Me hand wave to Lana, and ran into a standing kick from Rusev for a close two count. Rusev followed with a monstrous swinging bodyslam, but only got a two count. Rusev yelled at ref Charles Robinson, then ran into a corner boot from Cena, who followed with a Tornado DDT for a two count.

Cena and Rusev came to a standing position trading blows, then Rusev tried another swinging slam, but Cena grabbed Rusev and forced him to the mat. Cena called another spot as he wrenched on the STF and Cole excitedly said Rusev is going to tap out. But, Rusev impressively powered out of the hold and smashed Cena with an Alabama Slam. Rusev covered for a two count, then sold a neck/shoulder injury following the STF.

Reset at 14:00 with Rusev angrily targeting Cena's back before vowing to crush Cena. Rusev went for a big foot stomp, but Cena blocked and reapplied the STF. Cena again called a spot for Rusev to grab the ropes. Moments later, Rusev grabbed the bottom rope, taking the crowd down after thinking Cena was going to win. (It's mainly a pro-Cena/USA crowd tonight.)

At 15:30, Rusev charged Cena, who tried to answer with an AA, but Rusev escaped. Cena tried again and this time he dropped Cena with the AA, but Rusev kicked out in time. Cena got desperate and went for a top-rope guillotine drop, but Rusev stood up and dropped Cena to the mat. Rusev immediately slapped on The Accolade, popping the minority of anti-Cena fans. The pro-Cena fans tried to rally behind Cena, who teased breaking the hold. He tried again, but Rusev re-applied. On the third try, Cena powered to his feet.

Suddenly, Lana entered the ring with the U.S. Title belt, a rarity for a Rusev match. With the ref distracted by Lana, Rusev kicked Cena in the Oscars and applied The Accolade again. Rusev locked in the hold and leaned back as Cena faded out. Ref Robinson was forced to call for the bell. Eden Stiles announced Rusev as the winner via submission (they were going for Cena losing by passing out, not by traditional submission means of tapping out).

The winner of the match: Rusev

Post Match, Rusev exhaled and celebrated his victory as Lana proudly presented her champion. The Russian flag dropped from the ceiling, then Rusev posed over a fallen Cena. Medical staff hit the ring to check on Cena as Rusev and Lana made their way to the stage to continue celebrating. Rusev's music eventually played as Cena came to life and tried to make it out of the ring as Lawler noted Cena has the key to beat Rusev, but Lana interfered.

Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan

Quick lock-up as the crowd picked up a dueling chant of "Daniel Bryan / Roman Reigns." Less support for Reigns in the duel. Bryan drove Reigns to the corner, then backed away as Reigns sold not being affected by Bryan trying to out-wrestle him. Bryan slapped on a headlock, drove Reigns around the ring, maintained the headlock, absorbed an elbow to the gut, maintained the headlock, and Reigns reversed the headlock. Reigns then shoved down Bryan with a shoulder tackle to boos.

Bryan came back with a drop toe hold, then flowed into a surfboard stretch, but Reigns dramatically powered out of the hold before Bryan could apply it. Reigns did a mad-face pose to show that he's the big dog in the match. Reigns delivered a big bodyslam, then clotheslined Bryan over the top rope to the floor. On the outside, Reigns ran Bryan into the barricade before rolling him back into the ring. But, Bryan caught Reigns with a kick to the back of the leg to begin working on Reigns's lower body. But, Reigns responded with power offense, including a high-impact clothesline for a two count. Lots of grunts from Reigns and the announcers said Bryan is out-wrestling Reigns, but Reigns is over-powering Bryan.

Reigns left the ring, then stalked Bryan for his leaping double-foot dropkick to Bryan's head. Reigns returned to the ring and cocked his fist for the Superman Punch, but Bryan emphatically kicked Reigns in the gut to block. Reigns sold losing his breath, so the ref checked on Reigns and pulled Bryan away. The ref asked Reigns if he wants to continue the match. Reigns waved him off, then Bryan went to work on Reigns's mid-section, targeting the area where Reigns had hernia surgery. Reigns sat down in the corner gasping for air as Bryan pushed the ref's limit striking Reigns, then delivering three consecutive running dropkicks in the corner. More Yes! kicks to the gut, then Bryan took Reigns to the top turnbuckle and tried a huracanrana, but Reigns blocked and delivered a top-rope powerbomb for a two count.

Reset at 11:00 with an injured Reigns stalking Bryan in the corner for forearm strikes. Reigns continued to sell gasping for air before he climbed to the top turnbuckle for a top-rope move, but Bryan slipped underneath and crotched him. Bryan pounded Reigns's back, then delivered a big top-rope suplex, but Reigns kicked out of a pin. Bryan then slapped on the Yes! Lock in the middle of the ring, but Reigns made it to the ropes for a break.

Reigns rolled to the outside as Bryan smiled, knowing Reigns is injured. Bryan delivered a suicide dive, then he ran back into the ring and delivered a second. Bryan wasn't done. He climbed back into the ring and went for a third dive, but Reigns caught him and delivered a big belly-to-belly suplex on the padding. Reigns tried to follow with a spear into the ring steps, but Bryan moved and Reigns crashed into the ring steps. Both men sold on the floor as the ref started a ten count. JBL played up the Draw/No Contest idea, wondering what happens if neither man wins. Bryan made it back into the ring at eight, Reigns got up at nine, and Reigns barely made it into the ring as ref Mike Chioda was warming up to count ten.

Reigns suddenly speared Bryan after recovering on the outside, but Bryan kicked out of a pin. Reigns then stalked Bryan for another spear, but Bryan countered with an inside cradle for a close two count. Kick to the face, then Bryan delivered his big running knee smash to the face, but Reigns kicked out of Bryan's finisher. Bryan, stunned, stared up at the WrestleMania sign wondering what he needs to do to win.

After a pause, Bryan went back on the attack with Yes! kicks to the chest. Over and over. Bryan wound up for the big win, but Reigns grabbed Bryan's leg. Uh-oh. But, Bryan slapped Reigns, then spun Reigns onto his back into an armbar submission. Bryan flowed into the Yes! Lock in the middle of the ring again. Reigns teased tapping out as the crowd sat quietly, not buying the possibility of Reigns booked to submit. Suddenly, Reigns spun over onto Bryan and pounded his face with big forearms, drawing boos. Bryan sold being limp, but he reached up and slapped on the submission. Only, Reigns lifted Bryan into the air and dropped him to the mat. Both men sold being KO'ed on the mat.

Reset at 19:30 with a big exchange on the mat. Bryan kicked Reigns over and over in the face, then delivered the big roundhouse kick to the top of Reigns's head. Bryan wanted another running knee smash, led the crowd in Yes! chants, charged Reigns, and ran right into a spear. Reigns covered and it was good for the pin and the win. WWE immediately cut to crowd shots - some people cheering, some people heading for the exits, and others unmoved.

The winner of the match: Roman Reigns

Post Match: WWE replayed the finish, then showed Bryan angrily collecting himself in the corner. Bryan then walked over to Reigns and spun him around. Bryan pushed Reigns in the chest with his finger, saying he better kick Brock Lesnar's ass. Bryan extended his hand and Reigns shook. Some of the crowd booed. Bryan, having done his work putting over Reigns and trying to give him the endorsement, left the ring. Cole said it's official - Reigns vs. Lesnar for the WWE World Title at WrestleMania. Reigns collected himself and left the ring as Cole and Co. hyped the WrestleMania card. The PPV ended just before the top of the hour,

-End Show-

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