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Lucha Underground Results & Review: 02/11/15

Posted By: Jason Hyde on Feb 12, 2015

Lucha Underground Results & Review: 02/11/15

We start with Alberto El Patron and Dario Cueto in his office. Dario says thank you for coming. Alberto asks Cueto what his key unlocks. Alberto says he needs to get something off his chest. Cueto says he respects that but the temple is for combat. Alberto says he knows but if Cueto grants his wish the Temple will never be the same. Alberto says the next time he comes to Cuetos office it will be for blood.

My View: A good opening segment leaving the fans intrigued to see what Alberto is going to say.

We are welcomed into the Temple by Matt striker with Vampiro. They talk about Alberto El Patron and his announcement tonight with an open microphone. Melissa Santos introduces Argenis already in the ring. His opponent is Fenix as he comes to the ring.

Argenis vs. Fenix

They start with a lock up in the center of the ring they botch a move and Striker tries to play it off as something new. Argenis hits a kick then a hurricanrana. Argenis takes flight to the outside taking out Fenix. Vampiro mentions Argenis is the younger brother of Mistico. Argenis goes to the top turnbuckle but Fenix gets in the ring and kicks him in the head knocking him to the outside. Fenix flies to the outside with a corkscrew and takes out Argenis. Fenix goes for a springboard cross body onto Argenis but Argenis catches him with a kick to the head and gets a two count. Argenis hits a hurricanrana on Fenix. After some back and forth Argenis hits a move I can’t explain and gets another two count. Fenix fights back and hits a springboard arm drag then a springboard kick and poses in the ring. Fenix hits a kick to the back of the head of Argenis. Fenix goes to the top but Argenis catches him. Fenix is being distracted by the presence of Catrina who has come to ringside. Both men are on the top turnbuckle and Argenis hits a hurricanrana and gets a two count. Argenis is knocked to the outside and Fenix hits a cross body to the outside. Striker says at risk of sounding like a pervert Catrina looks turned on by this action. Vampiro follows with saying at the risk of him sounding like a pervert he is turned on by this action. Back in the ring Fenix slaps Argenis then misses a kick in the corner. Argenis hits a small package power bomb and gets a two count. Argenis goes for a tombstone but Fenix reverses and hits a pile driver for the win.

Winner: Fenix

After the match Catrina enters the ring and licks Argenis as Fenix celebrates and leaves the ring.

My View: This was a good match with too many botched spots for these two talented men. They talked about Argenis being the little brother of Mistico in AAA; many American fans will remember Mistico as the original Sin Cara. Vampiro also mentioned how Konnan is one of the founders of AAA which is a good base for the fans to understand where this promotion came from. Matt Striker took what I perceived as a swipe at WWE and said “we won’t kill you with social media” and then promoted the Lucha Undergrounds social media accounts.

After the match they hype the Alberto Patron Segment as we go to a break.

Back from the break we see Catrina in the back with Mil Muertes. She says the power of 1000 lives is valuable and it’s that power that was too much for him. She then walks up to Mil Muertes and starts to say something but Mil Muertes hushes her and puts his hand on her throat and squeezes and picks her up and says he is Muertes and puts her back down as she looks pleased. Muertes is walking down the hall and comes face to face with Chavo Guerrero and they stare at each other. They have an altercation and Muertes says this week Chavo pays his debt.

My View: There has been some segments that I’ve asked what were they thinking but this one made me cringe. I find no place on any show where squeezing a woman’s throat and picking her up should be ok. The segment did nothing for Muertes but tell us he would be feuding with Chavo Guerrero.

We go to another video with Big Ryck behind a curtain. He says “forgive me father for I about to sin three Judas’s have betrayed me”. We see images of Mr. Cisco, Cortez Castro, and Bael and their attack on Ryck. Ryck says he promises that his hands will not shed innocent blood. He said Bael only cam around when the getting got good. He says Castro screwed up and Mr. Cisco is a rat and he is going to hold him to the same fire he held him to. He says it’s time for payback to go Old Testament as we go to a break.

My View: This was clearly done to set up his return the video was well done and the concept was pretty cool.

Back from the break Striker and Vampiro talk about King Cuerno and his hunting of Johnny Mundo. Melissa Santos introduces Son of Havoc with Ivelisse who are already in the ring. Havoc grabs the microphone and says Cueto has finally given him some real competition. He says he is dedicating tonight’s victory to the baddest bitch in the building and the love of his love Ivelisse. Out next is his opponent Johnny Mundo as Striker says trainers have been working on Mundo all day and his injured left leg.

Son of Havoc vs. Johnny Mundo

They start with a lock up Havoc switches into an arm bar and Mundo escapes and hits a shoulder tackle then a leg sweep and a standing senton bomb for the two count. Mundo kicks Havoc to the mid section but Havoc rolls him up for a two count. Havoc hits a handspring reverse splash in the corner. Havoc goes for a springboard cross body but Mundo avoids it as Havoc rolls to the outside of the ring. Mundo goes for a move to the outside but Havoc moves only to get taken out by a flying lariat on the outside by Mundo. Mundo picks Havoc up on his shoulder and goes to slam him into the ring post but Ivelisse gets involved and pulls havoc off and Mundo goes into the ring post. Havoc goes to the ring apron and hits a splash that’s hard to explain. Back in the ring Havoc goes to the top turnbuckle and jumps off but gets a drop kick from Mundo and Mundo gets a two count. Mundo tries a springboard but Ivelisse trips up his legs and he falls to the mat as Havoc covers and gets a two count. Havoc hits a flying elbow in the corner then a senton and gets a two count. Havoc wears Mundo down with a knee to the back submission. Mundo fights to his feet and hits a reverse kick. Mundo goes crazy and attacks Havoc in the corner but gets a kick in the head from Havoc. Havoc goes to the top rope and cartwheels off and Mundo hits a vicious clothesline and gets a two count. Mundo hits a knee to the face of havoc. Mundo misses a move and catches a kick to the head from Havoc. Havoc hits the double stomp from the top rope then a standing moonsault and gets a two count. They exchange some elbows and Mundo throws havoc into the ropes he springboards of with his chest and hits a reverse elbow. Havoc hits another standing shooting star and gets a two count. Havoc goes to the top rope but Mundo kicks him and goes up as well. Mundo goes for a hurricanrana but Havoc pushes him off and Mundo falls to the mat. Still on the top turnbuckle Havoc wastes too much time and Mundo gets his knees up for the flip from the top rope. Mundo drags him to the opposite corner and goes to the top turnbuckle. Mundo hits the “End of the World” and gets the three count for the win.

Winner: Johnny Mundo

After the match King Cuerno enters and drop kicks Mundo and begins to attack Mundo. Mundo fights back but Cuerno hits another kick. Cuerno hits the “Thrill of the Hunt” and slithers out of the ring as we go to a break.

My View: This match was awesome I have said it before they are under utilizing Son of Havoc. Havoc is amazing in the ring and should be wrestling at the top.Mundo put on a good show and his feud with King Cuerno should be great. Striker seemed to have taken another shot at WWE when he said “our stars are made in the ring not out of it”.

Back from the break Striker talks about Pentagon Jr. and his master. In the ring Melissa Santos introduces Ricky Mandel. Vampiro says Mandel reeks of arrogance and that he was 15 years old when he won his first championship in Puerto Rico and is a former AWA Champion, Striker points out Vampiro is thinking of Ricky Martel not Ricky Mandel. Melissa Santos introduces his opponent as Pentagon Jr. Striker mentions he broke Famous B’s arm the last time out.

Pemtagon Jr. vs. Ricky Mandel

We start with some back and forth and Pentagon Jr. hits a back breaker then a back drop. Pentagon hits a huge kick to the back of Pentagon Jr. Pentagon Jr. hits a slap that was so loud it was heard over the fans. Mandel tries to fight back but Pentagon Jr. hits a double stomp. Mandel hits a flying head scissors then a drop kick. Pentagon Jr. hits a kick to the midsection of Mandel when he jumps off the top turnbuckle. Pentagon Jr. goes for the pin but he picks Mandel up at two. Pentagon Jr. hits a slingblade then a stomp to Mandels arm. Pentagon Jr. throws Mandel into the corner then a hits running drop kick in the corner. Pentagon Jr. puts on the arm bar submission and Mandel taps out.

Winner: Pentagon Jr.

After the match Pentagon holds onto the move and falls back with all his weight simulating he has broken Mandels arm as well. Pentagon Jr. gets a microphone and says today he has given another sacrifice for his master.

My View: This match was again to paint Pentagon Jr. as a vicious man willing to do anything for his master. The match served that purpose but Mandel is extremely talented I would of liked to see more from him. Vampiro called Mandel Ricky Martel at the opening of the match acting like he has confused the two. This was horrible comedy a nice plug for Rick Martel but horrible none the less.

Striker and Vampiro plug the fact Alberto El Patron is here and he is next with an open microphone as we go to a break.

Back from the break Melissa Santos introduces Alberto El Patron. Striker points out a couple months ago Alberto captured the AAA Heavyweight Championship and that is the title belt he has with him. On the way to the ring Alberto celebrates in the crowd. Striker calls Alberto Lucha Royalty.

In the ring Alberto gets a microphone as the crowd chants “El Patron”. Alberto says there are only friends here tonight. Alberto says he doesn’t have to impress anybody because they are his family, and he is finally there with all his friends in Lucha Underground (as he says this he takes of his suite jacket and tie). He says he comes from a Lucha Libre family. He mentions his father Dos Caras and how he is an inspiration. He says they taught him about respect and passion then in Spanish he says “like we Latinos say, it’s all about family’. He said he loved the name Dos Caras Jr. but there was a place he needed to conquer and that was the United States. He said it was here that he became a household name for his people. He said back there (WWE) they embraced him but when he turned around they stabbed him in the back and that’s why he left. He said in December he became the first Luchadore ever to hold every single major title in North America. He says he is at Lucha Underground because he wanted to work in a place where the word equal meant something, a place where they don’t have your back by the color of your skin. He says tonight the revolution begins. He is attacked from behind by a man identified as El Texano Jr. He attacked Alberto with a leather strap as Striker explained this was the man Alberto won the AAA Championship from. Striker says Alberto may be the future but his past just caught up with him. Texano leans over Alberto and says the title belongs to him and it will soon be back on his waste as we go off the air with striker saying “Alberto may be the future but his past just caught up with him” again.

My View: I know this was pre-taped but it aired nationally last night and this morning WWE headquarters should be a buzz with what Alberto had to say. He was clearly told he could say what he wanted and he did. Alberto was extremely passionate and you could see the emotion was all over his face. The claims he has made about racism come at a bad time for WWE with Darren Young an openly gay wrestler for WWE back in the news. Throw in morality issues with Seth Rollins and WWE most certainly didn’t need this interview to air. Alberto is still in the prime of his career and I can’t wait to see what he does here in Lucha Underground. This is the first wrestler that WWE has let go that could really hurt the company on a major level. I feel the introduction of El Texano Jr. could have waited one more week; this night should have been about Alberto El Patron.

Overall Show: Once again this was a great show full of surprises and impactful moments. They have the potential of changing the wrestling scene for a time to come. With their television audience getting bigger they are reaching more fans. If they can get more time and more television deals they will give TNA a legitimate run for the #2 company.

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