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Kane Talks About WWE's Young Stars, His Mask, More

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Nov 22, 2014

Kane Talks About WWE's Young Stars, His Mask, More

WWE Superstar Kane recently spoke to TheTelegraph.com.

Kane on Survivor Series being in his hometown: “It’s always good to come back home, really St. Louis is home for me, where I became a fan, where I debuted, in my first ‘Hell in a Cell’ match. Certainly St. Louis has been a big part of my personal history with wrestling and WWE.

Kane on WWE’s young stars: “I think the upcoming talent is great. For awhile I was very worried about the future of WWE because I worried about where the stars would come from. But WWE has done a fabulous job in partnering with Full Sail University, for WWE’s training facility. Some of the guys are second and third generations, but the thing about WWE’s training, is they learn our system before going on the roster, it’s more seamless. WWE’s future is bright.”

Kane on the difference between WWE and the movies: “We have a live audience, we interact with them, they interact with us. There’s adrenaline, excitement — a sound stage is not like that at all. With WWE, of course, since it’s live we do one take, and that doesn’t happen in a movie either. We do millions of takes, it gets repetitive, but acting is a lot of fun.”

Kane on if he will ever wear his mask again: “At some point, we will see that again. In WWE never say never, but certainly I like what I’m doing now — Kane is Kane.”

Source: TheTelegraph.com Tags: #wwe #survivor series #kane

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