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Hulk Hogan Talks About Bray Wyatt

Posted By: Simon Mills on Nov 05, 2014

Hulk Hogan Talks About Bray Wyatt

Hulk Hogan appeared on CBS Radio Washington and was asked about Bray Wyatt. Hogan was full of praise for the Eater of Worlds. He is quoted as saying.

“He fits in that grey area, and I’m gonna put myself over, that I started when I turned bad guy, Hollywood Hogan and people cheered me. It just showed the fans, whether you’re good guy or bad guy, they’re gonna cheer who they love and like to watch perform and I think he kinda broke down that barrier again. At first I was like ‘Oh man what is this guy doing,’ and then I started watching him and with the mind games and the rap and basically how good he was in the ring. I remember one pay-per-view he wrestled Daniel Bryan in the opening match, was like a year or so ago, nobody could follow that match. It was the first match of the pay-per-view and they tore it down. Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt. And I said this guy’s gonna be red-hot.” With such high praise from one of the industry's biggest legends, Bray Wyatt does have the tools to go all the way to the top and have a long career. Do you see Bray Wyatt having a hall of fame career?

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