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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Agrees Cesaro Needs a 'Bigger Push'

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Oct 27, 2014

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Agrees Cesaro Needs a 'Bigger Push'

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has agreed with a fan on Twitter that Cesaro needs a "bigger push" following his match against Dolph Ziggler Sunday night during the “Hell In a Cell” pay-per-view. 

Austin has been high on Cesaro for a while, noting the following on his podcast recently:

"I think they [WWE] will in a war of attrition. There’s so many injuries, the roster is so thin, you’ve got to give this guy a green light push and I think he was headed for a babyface run, then he kind of got off track. They put him with Paul Heyman. And just left to his own devices, I think his work is so strong that people will respect him and be drawn to him. That being said, he’s got to find a way to really identify with the people.”

He also noted Cesaro’s game is missing “one or two things,” but one are his in-ring work.

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